TCD quick start - Ness Corporation

TCD quick start - Ness Corporation
Send test alarms on both paths to Monitoring Centre to ensure
the system is fully activated and in service.
Advise the Monitoring Centre how the panel will report. i.e.
Dialler Cature-Contact ID or Serial Data using MCM Serial SIP
Connection to the Panel
Once the Monitoring Centre has entered the commands to
activate the system, press the Set button for 5 seconds.
Commission the panel
.. C A ..
or PA
Trigger an alarm with the network cable connected to test the IP route.
Once the TCD is activated …the Monitoring Centre needs to setup the TCDs mode of
connection to the panel. This is done by the Monitoring Centre sending a setup
command to the TCD. The Monitoring Centre can also setup Fixed IP Address, Subnet
Mask and Gateway if required.
Note: If you re-power the TCD you will need to repeat the Monitoring Centre
Commissioning process from step 4 above.
The User interface display alternates between: t 1 and 01, then C A (Completely
Activated) Alternate flashing decimal points indicates normal operation following a
successful commission. The GPRS and Ethernet path LEDs will change to green to
indicate that they are communicating with the Emizon Service Platform.
Note: For added security there is a time-out period of about 20min for Monitoring
Centre activation.
The Monitoring Centre will associate this TCD with the installation
on their system and enter a command to activate it.
Establishes IP connection to Emizon server and checks for any firmware updates. UC
appears when the update is complete. If r r displayed then a firmware update has
taken place and TCD will automatically reboot.
Flashing green GPRS activity LED (reducing from every 1 sec to every 2 secs)
Flickering light on the Ethernet activity LED.
Steady light on the red power status LED.
Check against diagram
Watch for
TCD serial number is printed on the front cover .
uC rr
Call Monitoring Centre
Contact Monitoring Centre with the TCD serial number.
Check for updates by pressing both Mode and Set buttons
together for 10 seconds.
IP path & software update check
Lights on the GPRS and Ethernet activity LEDs indicate that the
signalling paths are available and that the TCD is ready to be
Boot up
Power-up the TCD and wait 15 sec.
Connect the antenna,serial connections and power. Connect the
network cable from TCD to the router.
Fit the TCD in panel
Quick Start Guide
Connection Diagram
for Tecom Challenger, DAS Nx Series, Bosch 8/40
and other panels using MCMs serial STU protocol
RS232 Connection Diagram
for Concept, DSC, Ademco Sierra, Genesis,
and other RS232 panels using MCMs RS232 STU protocol
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