Crestron Network Stream Player

Crestron Network Stream Player
The All-in-One Solution
for Audio Streaming
The Network Stream Player (CEN-NSP-1) instantly streams music wirelessly or wired from
Apple® devices to a Crestron audio distribution system— from any room in the house.
Wireless streaming using AirPlay®
Listeners can use AirPlay to instantly connect with their own dedicated network stream player, turn on the home audio
system, and enjoy their favorite music from any app – all with just a single tap on the device in their hand. When integrated
with a whole house audio system, such as Sonnex®, the family member can use the Crestron app on their device (or a
Crestron touch screen) to direct that music to any room or every room in the house. This opens the door to literally any
Internet radio service with an iOS® app.
Plug in via USB
In addition to wireless AirPlay connectivity, the Network Stream Player enables connecting an iPhone® or iPod® to a player
via USB 2.0 using any Apple dock and/or cable. Wired connectivity opens up a world of possibilities with Crestron control
and Apple services, including seamless integration with iCloud® and iTunes Match®. One great application is an iPod touch®
connected to each CEN-NSP-1 in the rack, syncing to iCloud via Wi-Fi®. Now, your other iOS devices are free for personal
use while listening to iTunes® music. Use the phone or tablet instead for texting, emailing, browsing the internet, playing
games, or taking photos.
Browse, search, and select among songs, albums, artists, and playlists from either the Crestron app on the personal device
or Crestron touch screens. Since the content is on the wired device in the rack, clients don’t have to carry around their
personal device if they don’t want to, and the music never “drops out” due to inconsistent Wi-Fi connectivity or when the
phone rings. Try that with a wireless bridge!
Streams from “The Cloud”
Perhaps the most powerful benefit of wired USB connectivity is seamless integration with Apple services. Each iPod
touch connected to a Network Stream Player should be setup as normal with an Apple ID and an iCloud and iTunes Match
account. Then, whenever someone makes changes to their iTunes library, those changes show up on all devices on their
account, and are accessible from any Crestron touch screens. Create playlists and download content on vacation or on a
business trip; when you get home, it’s all there on the touch screens. Rip a CD on your home computer or laptop – it’s all
there, everywhere. Delete songs on your iPad – all gone – from your Crestron system too.
The all-in-one solution for audio streaming
Streaming for the whole family
The Network Stream Player gives each member of the family complete audio
freedom. Easy to install and integrate, the player provides both wired and
wireless options for streaming music from iPod, iPhone, or iPad to a Crestron
audio distribution system. Anyone in the home can access all their iTunes
music while controlling the listening experience with a Crestron app or touch
screen. With the new player, customers get the all-in-one streaming solution
they’ve been waiting for in a compact, budget-friendly package.
New Services Coming Soon
The CEN-NSP-1 will natively stream Internet radio sources—so the tunes
don’t stop every time the phone rings! This feature will be available soon,
requiring a simple -remote firmware upgrade as popular sources become
available. Traditional music and video servers require third-party management
and ongoing programming and GUI design updates. The Network Stream Player
takes care of all of that automatically, thanks to the Media Player SmartObject™.
There is no programming or GUI design work required. Once the firmware
is upgraded by the dealer, homeowners can sign into their accounts as they
normally do to activate the new services – right from the touch screen. We will
update you when new subscription services are ready for your customers.
Seamless Integration with Crestron Systems
The compact player simplifies integration with multi-zone audio systems
such as Sonnex. It significantly reduces the hardware, installation, and
configuration required by earlier solutions—say goodbye to tuner cards!
And with stereo and S/PDIF outputs, it supports both digital and analog
audio interconnection. Position multiple units throughout the home to
provide a modular, scalable solution with independently controlled
outputs—to accommodate every listener.
Learn More
Get full technical documentation and watch a video demo of the CEN-NSP-1 at
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Give your customers the integrated audio experience they have been waiting for with the
CEN-NSP-1. Contact or call 855-604-2127.
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