Proximity and smart keyfobs
Proximity and
smart keyfobs
with iButton® option
Features and benefits
Schlage’s keyfobs provide the convenience of either contactless smart card
technology or proximity technology in a form that can optionally include an iButton®
credential. This durable combination works well in environments that do not require
photo ID badging. The ability to attach the keyfob to a key ring ensures that personnel
will be less likely to forget or lose their access credential.
Smart keyfob features
ƒƒ 13.56 MHz frequency smart technology
The combination of either smart card technology or proximity technology with an
iButton® provides the ideal dual credential for organizations that have integrated
multiple credential technologies into their facilities. The iButton® provides a
registration number used for access control in legacy systems, and the proximity or
smart card technology enables future expansion with more advanced credentials.
The proximity keyfob incorporates the convenience of proximity technology with the
iButton®. The smart keyfob can support diverse applications such as access control,
biometrics, cashless vending, transit applications, and many more.
Factors affecting read range include installation conditions such as voltage, location of power supply and
mounting material.
Available with two memory and technology configurations
1K bit (8K byte) MIFARE® or a 4K bit
(32K byte) MIFARE DESFire™ EV11
Data transfer rates of up to 848 kbps
Proximity keyfob features
ƒƒ 125 kHz proximity technology
iButton® features
ƒƒ Durable stainless-steel packaging
Unique factory programmed 64-bit
registration number
Momentary contact initiates identification
Data transfer rate of up to 16.3 kbps
Keyfob specifications
Dimensions (at widest point)
2.24" x 1" x 0.60" (5.7 cm x 2.52 cm x 1.48 cm)
0.20 oz. (5.6 g)
Maximum read range1
Up to 4"
AD Series MT reader module up to 0.75"
AD Series MTK reader module up to 0.75"
125 KHz or 13.56 MHz (see below for part numbers)
Operating temperature
-50° to 160° F (-45° to 70° C)
Ordering information
Part Number2
ƒƒ IBF-110 - Combo iButton® keyfob with 125 KHz Prox
ƒƒ IBWB-110 - 125 KHz Prox keyfob without iButton®)
ƒƒ IBF-151 - Combo iButton® keyfob with 8K bit/1K byte MIFARE®
ƒƒ IBWB-151 - 8K bit/1K byte MIFARE® keyfob without iButton®
Factors affecting read range include installation conditions such as voltage, location of power supply and mounting material.
Standard part numbers. See ordering guide for more configurations and part numbers. Specifications subject to change without notice.
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