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Variometer Sensor
The Variometer sensor is only used with FrSky Two-Way
Way (telemetry) receivers that offer digital data-stream port
(Rx) and/or Smart Port.
Instruction Manual
Use provided cables to connect the Variometer sensor and other equipment(s).
NOTICE: All instructions, warranties and other collateral documents are subject to change at the sole discretion of
FrSky Electronic Co., Ltd. For further information please visit and click on the support tab for
this product.
Connect Variometer sensor to receiver D8R-ⅡPlus/D8R-XP
XP etc.:
Thanks for purchase FrSky’s Variometer sensor. This sensor, used in conjunction with a telemetry transmitter/receiver,
is used to indicate the altitude and altitude rate of the item to which it is attached.
d. To maximize your enjoyment, and to
ensure proper sensing, please read
d through this manual thoroughly. We also encourage you to retain the manual for
future reference should the need arise.
From Sensor
To receiver A2 pin
From Sensor
The Variometer sensor is designed for use with FrSky telemetry systems.
To receiver Rx pin
Attention: it is similar method to connect Variometer sensor to D4R-II receiver:
Variometer sensor
(Data Out)
Telemetry Port
Tx Port
DA port
Power supply Variometer sensor via “Data out” port or
“S.Port” from Receiver channel or separate battery.
Type: Variometer sensor
Measures: -700 ~ 10000m with 0.1m (high precision version)
1m (normal version) resolution
Operational Voltage: DC 4 -10 V
Connect Variometer sensor to FrSky sensor hub (FSH-01)
01) and Current sensor (FAS-100/FAS-40):
Operational Current:: 30 mA
Dimensions: 31.1 x 18.3 x6 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 3.1g
Units:: Metric or British units
The Variometer sensor calculates the altitude from atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure will get lower as you
go up in altitude, using this the sensor will estimate the altitude. An exact display cannot be performed if atmospheric
pressure changes in weather. The Variometer sensor also can output the Altitude Rate via DA port.
Altitude Rate formula: (Output DA Voltage – 1.65)/1.65=Altitude Rate speed/10.24.
What’s NEW!
The new Variometer sensor can act as “BRIDGE” between NON-S.Port FrSky telemetry sensor system and
*the Variometer sensor packing is not including all the cables which may be used
use in connections.
Absolute altitude &Relative
Relative altitude
The Variometer output both absolute altitude and relative altitude;
altitude please refer to the display equipment’s
instruction manual to switch between the two.
The relative altitude will start at 0m and it displays the altitude which changed from there.
Even if the altitude of your airfield is high, it will start at 0m and the altitude difference from the airfield is displayed.
S.Port system.
The S.Port (Smart Port) is designed for the 2 generation of FrSky system, which is a signal wire full duplex digital
transmission interface provided by FrSky Electronic Co., Ltd. S.Port makes RC components/device setup much easier
than conventional multi-wire looms. Any S.Port enabled devices (sensors, sound module, display module, user data
interface that in line with FrSky S.Port protocol etc.) can be plugged in optionally directly.
When Data In port of this sensor connected to FAS (FrSky Ampere Sensor) sensor or Sensor Hub
Hub; this sensor can
convert the data from FrSky Sensor Hub or FAS-100/40 to the S.Port system.
S.Port offers the superior ability with new high precision hub-less sensor and other dataset:
et: smaller, easier, and faster
(6 times more than conventional “hub system”).
FrSky V8 series and D series receivers DO NOT support Smart Port..
Failure to follow these safety precautions may result in severe injury to yourself and others.
To utilize the Variometer sensor, connect it to the digital data-stream
stream port of FrSky Two-Way
(telemetry) receivers or
with S.Port of other receiver(s).
Ensure that the unit is connected properly to the receiver. Failure to do so could result in damage to the sensor.
Ensure that the unit is mounted in an area that will eliminate exposure to fuel, water and vibration.
To ensure that the Variometer sensor is functioning as desired, please test accordingly.
Do not fly until inspection is complete.
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