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Product Data Sheet
Spirit 2K
DataCine® and High-Performance
Film Scanner with Bones
Spirit 2K Film Scanner/Bones Combination
Digital intermediate production – the motion picture
workflow in which film is handled only once for scanning and then processed with a high-resolution digital
clone that can be down-sampled to the appropriate output resolution – demands the highest resolution and the
highest precision scanning.
The combination of the Spirit 2K film scanner and
Bones system is ahead of its time, offering you the
choice of 2K scanning in real time (up to 30 frames per
second) depending on the selected packing format and
the receiving system’s capability. The Spirit 2K scanner
offers unrivalled image detail, capturing that indefinable
film look to perfection.
Spirit 2K DataCine
The Spirit 2K™ DataCine® and Film Scanner from DFT
Digital Film Technology is a high-performance, highspeed film scanning solution for Digital Intermediate,
Commercial, Telecine, Restoration, and Archiving applications.
With more than 350 systems shipped worldwide, in the
past decade, the Spirit system has become the undisputed preference for telecine and high-speed film
scanning applications. Now the Spirit 2K system offers
a higher level in performance with native 2K scanning
available in real time.
Through an internal spatial processor, the Spirit 2K DataCine supports all important digital HD/DTV and SD
standards also in 4:4:4, YUV, or RGB formats, so you
can rapidly output your material to tape or disk. In addition, you can upgrade the Spirit 2K DataCine at any
time with a Bones system to deliver image files to a
storage system.
Bones post production
workflow solution
The Spirit 2K system is available in two basic versions:
a film scanner connected to a DFT Bones open postproduction system via a high-speed Infiniband interface,
which can be upgraded to a full-featured system that includes interfaces for standard- and high-definition (SD
and HD) video; and a DataCine® which includes SD and
HD video outputs and which can be enhanced with a
Bones system, including 2K high-speed Infiniband data
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Product Data Sheet
Spirit 2K™
Key Features
• Multi-film format, high-resolution,
real-time film scanning
• FA 35 mm and ACA 35 mm 2-perf
/ 3-perf / 4-perf film formats
• Scanning head capable of native
2K scanning up to 30 fps
• Safe, continuous-motion film
transport including:
- Variable scanning speeds
- Visible search
• Eastman Kodak-designed, highresolution, advanced-imaging
- Diffuse, high-power xenon
illumination system to optically
suppress dust and scratches
- Custom precision optics
- Optical film matching for print,
negative, and intermediate
- Optical gain control
• Built-in 2K image processing
based on a 16-bit RGB data
stream for extended black definition (EBD):
- Automatic FPN and shading
- Logarithmic masking
- User-definable look-up tables
- RGB negative matching
- RGB primary color correction
with extended color-correction
- Aperture correction
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• Real-time scaling engine for sizing
and positioning up to 2K output
DataCine® and HighPerformance Film
Scanner with Bones
• Film Scanner version: High speed
optical Infiniband data output up
to 2k
- DPX file format
- Includes Bones Transfer application running on a Linux-based
- TV-gamma, linear, logarithmic,
user defined transfer characteristics in 10-bit quantization
- Image monitoring with selectable
display look-up tables and resolutions up to SXGA resolution
• DataCine version: Video output
supports all major digital HD and
SD formats
• TV-gamma, linear, and logarithmic
transfer characteristics
- Rotation
- Contour correction
• Upgrade path to Spirit 4K
Product Data Sheet
Spirit 2K™
4K Extension
The Spirit 2K DataCine, as well as the Spirit 2K film
scanner, can be upgraded in the field to scan images at
4K native RGB resolution and speeds up to 7.5 fps, depending on the selected packing format and the receiving system’s capability. This upgrade includes all the
features of the Spirit 4K basic system, including 16-bit
data output bit depth, and an illuminated Spirit 4K front
door logo. Current options such as film-grain reduction,
six-sector color correction, Infiniband data output, and
Vista Vision also support 4k data processing. This capability makes the Spirit 2K system a future-proof investment.
Unmatched Color Performance
At the heart of the Spirit 2K system is the proven concept of a broad spectrum light source with a precision
active-feedback loop to ensure consistency of image
output, not just from moment to moment but across
days, weeks, and months. Spirit DataCine users across
the world have demonstrated that a color decision list
can always be recalled with the confidence that it will
be reproduced.
The Spirit 2K system uses a long-life 700W xenon
lamp. Xenon illumination provides a broad and continuous spectrum of light across the entire visible area,
with an emphasis in the critical short-wavelength blue
area. The result is a consistently noise-free image right
The Spirit 2K
Optical Path
DataCine® and HighPerformance Film
Scanner with Bones
across the color spectrum, without problems in the blue
portion that trouble other film-scanning technologies.
Like the original Spirit DataCine system, the xenon
lamp output passes through an integration cylinder to
create a highly diffuse light source. This diffuse light
source has proved highly successful at minimizing the
visible effects of film scratches and even some small
dust particles.
In digital intermediate work, the normal practice is to
scan the original camera negative to capture the best
possible quality. The high blue content in the xenon
light source of the Spirit 2K system is a significant aid
in balancing out the orange mask of negative and intermediate stocks to achieve the most natural, most visually satisfying image quality.
The Spirit 2K system features new lens gate assemblies designed for Super 16 mm and full-aperture
line array
Developed in partnership with Eastman Kodak,
the Spirit 2K optical path uses a powerful
xenon lamp for wide spectrum illumination
that passes through an integration cylinder
for smooth diffuse light, reducing the visibility
of scratches and dirt.
RGB beam splitter
Effect filter holder
Filter Wheel
Condenser Lens
Projection lens
Xenon lamp
Film gate block
Fast aperture
Cold mirror
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Dmin filter
Product Data Sheet
Spirit 2K™
35 mm film that are capable of scanning the Standard
and Academy versions. The optical system also includes a filter drawer to allow the use of standard camera
filters for optical effects during scanning.
DataCine® and HighPerformance Film
Scanner with Bones
Effective Digital Intermediate Workflow
The Spirit 2K system brings an unmatched efficiency
in creating a digital intermediate (DI) from film. The
unsurpassed high scanning speeds are complimented
by features to support a smooth and fast scanning process.
The Spirit 2K platform includes a special set of scanner
menus for the graphical control panel (GCP). These
menus hide typical telecine controls and restrict control to those functions required for a DI transfer. This
capability reduces the risk of setting the wrong parameters during transfers, which are not supervised by
a colorist.
The AutoFocus option of the Spirit 2K system automates the focus adjustment process and centers the focus
corridor on the film emulsion. It offers a fast, easy, and
accurate way of focusing at the beginning of the scanning process.
The matching process can be automated by the
AutoDmin option of the Spirit 2K system. It automatically neutralizes the color differences in the most transparent part of the film (Dmin) and sets it to the correct
value for a DI transfer. In a current-settings mode the
AutoDmin correction is based on density range (Dmax)
settings taken from film stock or TK memories or from
a user-defined Matching Lift adjustment. In a densitiessettings mode you can preset the Dmax in a range of
0.1 to 3.5 densities.
The PrinterLights option of the Spirit 2K system allows
you to generate and store settings for numerous film
stocks. Based on these film stocks and a display calibrated to a print look, color correction can be performed
in printer light steps and respective feedback can be
given to a director of photography.
The PrinterLights option implements the functional part
of a digital Hazeltine into the Spirit 2K system. It includes the generation and storage of color-matching settings for various film stocks as a reference for the subsequent printer-lights definition in R, G, B, and master.
You can augment this special DI feature set with an
event-list option for scene-by-scene corrections and the
Bones system pull list support for list-controlled transfers based on frame count, timecode, or keycode.
2K Data
Application with Bones
Data Applications with Bones
Spirit 2K
Film Scanning and
Pre Processing
2K Data
Transfer Control,
Post Processing
and Delivery
Optical Pin
(UDP /
SVGA Preview
setup and
CXFS or StorNext
or SAN Storage
or local storage
GigE, FC,
2K Data
Ethernet (UDP / TCP-IP)
e.g. back to film
The combination of the Spirit 2K film scanner and Bones open post-production system scans film in 2K resolution,
which is then stored on disk using the Bones Transfer and Bones Mover applications. In the diagram below, the Spirit
2K system is set up with a graphical control panel (GCP), which is part of the basic scanner unit. The 2K data is then
post processed via the Bones system and formatted into the desired output format: data, SD, or HD.
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Product Data Sheet
Signal Processing
From the lens gate, the light modulated with the film
image goes to a beam splitter where it is divided optically into red, green, and blue components. Each
color path has its own CCD sensor with 2,048 pixels
for native 2K scanning.
Spirit 2K™
DataCine® and HighPerformance Film
Scanner with Bones
The output from the CCDs is passed through low-noise pre-amplifiers prior to analog-to-digital conversion.
After processing, the digital signal within the Spirit 2K
system is available in a 10-bit format at the video or
data outputs.
High-Speed Infiniband Interface
The internal spatial processor allows you to re-size and
crop an image as necessary.
The Spirit 2K system includes standard primary (RGB)
color correction which can be controlled with a DFT
GCP. As well, you can control a Spirit 2K system using,
for example, a DaVinci telecine controller. You can also
install a DFT Scream Plus Grain Manager and a 4K/2K
six-sector color processor in the internal signal path of
the Spirit 2K system for complete control over the texture and the color of the image output.
HD and SD Video outputs
Scanning film at 2K resolution requires a high-speed
data interface. With practical transfer rates in excess
of 500 MB/s, the Infiniband interface has no problem
handling real-time 2K resolution depending on the selected packing format and the receiving system’s capability.
In addition, the Infiniband interface comes with an
SXGA output that you can calibrate to monitor a highresolution scan without a dedicated workstation. The
Bones workstation provides an interface to external
graphics and compositing systems.
For quickly outputting film materials to video, the Spirit
2K DataCine system includes video output interfaces
(optional on the Spirit 2K film scanner and Bones system combination).
The system’s native 2K scan is converted to the selected video standard. You can then perform real-time
continuous X-Y pan and zoom, anamorphic unsqueeze
2:1, independent X and Y sizing, format presets, digital
output blanking, and continuous 360° image rotation.
You can add these processing functions to the combined Spirit 2K film scanner and Bones system to provide complete multi-format functionality.
Spirit 2K
DataCine Application
Spirit 2K
DataCine Multiformat Operation
Optical Pin
DataCine Control
Color Correction
and Editing
(UDP /
2K Data Infiniband
setup and
SVGA Preview
Ethernet (UDP / TCP-IP)
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Transfer Control,
Post Processing
and Delivery
e.g. back
to film
Spirit 2K
The Spirit 2K DataCine scans film in 2K resolution,
post processes and converts it into SD or HD output
signals, controlled by a GCP and/or by a telecine
controller. You can add processing such as six-sector color correction or grain reduction, as well as a
Bones system to make use of the Spirit 2K system’s
ability to scan to data.
Product Data Sheet
Spirit 2K™
Mechanical Dimensions
- Dimensions: 1,390 mm (54.73
in.) wide, 1,981 mm (78.00 in.)
high, 915 mm (36.03 in.) deep
- Weight: Approximately 550 kg
(1,212 Ibs.)
Electrical AC Power Supply
3-phase AC power recommended: 3X 400V at 50 Hz or 3X
208V at 60 Hz
Electrical Power Consumption
Approximately 3.5 kVA, typically
Film Size Format
- Full aperture (Super) 35 mm,
Academy 35 mm
- 2-perf, 3-perf, 4-perf
- 8-perf/VistaVision (option)
- S16 mm or 16 mm (option)
Film Transport
Direct servo-controlled capstan
Fixed Speeds
- 25, 12.5, 6.25 fps at 625
lines/50 Hz
- 29.97, 23.98, 17.98, 11.99,
5.99 fps at 525 lines/59.94 Hz
- 30, 24, 18, 12, 6 fps at HDTV/
60 Hz
- 29.97, 23.98, 17.98, 11.99,
5.99 fps at HDTV/59.94 Hz
- 25, 12.5, 6.25 fps at HDTV/50
Hz in forward and reverse
DataCine® and HighPerformance Film
Scanner with Bones
Digital Color Correction
- RGB matching
- Automatic Dmin (option)
- PrinterLights (option)
- RGB primary control (lift,
gamma, and gain)
Image Resolution
- 256 – 2048 horizontal pixels
- 256 – 1562 vertical lines (35
mm 4-perf)
- Adjustable and presets
2.00 to 30.00 fps in forward and
reverse, (35 mm 4-perf film)
Image Functions
Stop Mode
Frame accurate with full-quality
color processing in stop; single
frame step forward and reverse
with full resolution
Continuous image rotation
- 360° for 16mm and 2-/3-/4-perf
- 20° for 8-perf 35mm
Contour Correction
With full picture size:
- 16 mm 5 fps – 150 fps (upper
limit adjustable to 600 fps)
- 35 mm 4-perf 2 fps – 75 fps
(upper-limit adjustable to 240
- Spirit 2K DataCine or video
- 12 dB to +8 dB, at peaking
frequency, peak frequency
625/525 Functions (Spirit 2K DataCine or video option)
Variable Visible Search
Picture Stability
Better or equal ±10 µm (35 mm,
16mm) measured with DFT test
Framing Adjustment
±60% of total frame height
Film Capacity
- Up to 1200m (3,937 ft.) on
- Up to 900m (2,952 ft.) on
Control Interface
Ethernet UDP/IP or TCP/IP for
all Spirit 2K functions
Light Source
700W xenon lamp
Optical Matching Filters
Print, negative, and intermediate
- Remote manual mechanical
focus control
- Automatic mechanical focus
control (option)
CCD Pickup Device
Linear CCD sensor with RGB
beam splitter and 2K resolution
Scanned Pixel Size on
- ~12.17 μm x 12.17 μm (35
mm 4-perf)
- ~6.11 μm x 6.11 μm (16 mm)
White Shading
Automatic correction to ≤1% at
100% linear signal, static
Signal/Noise Ratio
Red, green, blue better than 55
dB (unweighted, CRT gamma)
Logarithmic (masking)
Aperture Correction
Horizontal and vertical -4 dB to
+12 dB at peaking frequency,
peak frequency adjustable
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TV standards
- 625/50, 525/59.94, 2:1 interlace CCIR 601, CCIR 656
- 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 or 8:4:4 10-bit
Display formats
4:3 and 16:9 full screen and
horizontal/vertical letterbox
Zoom range
Typical area magnification 0.1X
to 16X
625/525 resolution
35 mm: not more than 3 dB
down at 400 lines (5 MHz) in
center and corner (film losses
not taken into account)
Digital video out
- CCIR link A/B, serial 2x2 BNC
- TV gamma, logarithmic or
linear characteristic
HDTV Functions (Spirit 2K DataCine or video option)
TV standards/2:1 interlace
1920x1080/50, 60, and 59.94
TV standards/progressive
- 1280x720 / 60, 59.94 and
50 Hz
- 1920x1080 / 30, 29.97, 25, 24,
and 23.98 Hz
TV standards/segmented frame
1920x1080/24 and 23.98 Hz
Display formats:
16:9 full screen and horizontal/
vertical letterbox
X-Y zoom
Typical area magnification
0.05X to 9X
HDTV resolution
Not more than 3 dB down at
24 MHz in center and corner
for 35 mm 3-perf/4-perf and 16
mm (film losses not taken into
Product Data Sheet
Spirit 2K™
Specifications continued...
Digital video out
- CCIR Link A/B, serial 2x2 BNC
- 4:2:2 Y, Cb, Cr or 4:4:4 Y, Cb,
Cr, or R, G, B
- 10-bit per pixel
- TV gamma, logarithmic or
linear characteristic
External reference
BNC input for tri-level sync
Data Output Functions (Spirit 2K film scanner/Bones,
4K/2K Bones Data option)
File format
DPX according to SMPTE
Transfer characteristics
TV gamma, linear, logarithmic,
user defined output
Image monitoring
- Display characteristics selectable via display look-up tables
- Resolution presets up to
1280x1024 (SXGA)
- Connector mini D-sub 15-pin
Components and packing
- 3X 10-bit, RGB filled to 32-bit
with padding at bits 0 and 1
- 4X 8-bit, RGBA packed to 32bit, Alpha (A) = space (“0”)
- 3X 10-bit, Y-only filled to 32-bit
with padding at bits 30 and 31
Bones Workstation
The Bones workstation is offered with Infiniband data interface but
without any disk storage. For operation with the Bones Transfer
application at least one disk array is required. The Bones Workstation is supplied with Bones Framework, Bones Transfer, and Bones
Mover licenses.
DataCine® and HighPerformance Film
Scanner with Bones
Ordering Information
SFS 2101 B-IB
Spirit 2K Film Scanner/
Bones combination
High-resolution, fast 2K
film scanner with Bones
SDC 2100
Spirit 2K DataCine Highresolution, fast 2K film
scanner with digital HDTV
and SDTV interfaces
Spirit 2K to 4K upgrade
FH 7082.1
Power configuration
240V/400V for three-phase
power supply
FH 7081.1
Power configuration
115V/208V for three-phase
power supply
FH 7052.1
Power terminal unit
230V/1-P, 208V/2-P power
configuration either for
230V single phase or
FD 0709.1
Reel drive set (DIN specs.)
c/with spindles of 9 mm
diameter (EU)
FD 0708.1
Reel drive set (ANSI
specs.) c/with spindles of 8
mm diameter (US)
4K S16 LGA
Super 16 mm lens gate
assembly for scanning
of 16 mm and Super 16
mm film
4K 35 GB
35 mm film gate with Academy projection aperture
for format adaptation in
the FA 35 mm lens gate
4K 16 GB
16 mm film gate for 16 mm
film format adaptation in
the Super 16 mm lens gate
FH 7129
Audio scanner, Comopt
16/35 mm (Available for all
countries except European
4K/2K Bones data option,
optical data output, SXGA
preview output, Bones
workstation incl. display;
Framework, Transfer,
Mover software; and data
input interface.
Spirit 4K/2K/HD video
option, SDTV and HDTV
format processing incl.
rotation and digital outputs
VistaVision, 35 mm 8-perf
film format
System performance*
Related film speed
- Up to 24 frames/s at 2K
(2048x1556/3X 10-bit RGB
filled to 32 bits)
Waveform monitoring test points
Color signals at the output of
several processing stages
- Parade or superimposed
- Vector, image, and mixed
Signal format
1280x1024, SXGA/75 Hz
WFM controls
Test point, display, signal format
Mini D-sub 15-pin analog output
to a SXGA monitor (monitor not
*Note: The achievable data transfer speed depends on the overall
system performance and might be subject to variations. Parameters
such as the connected storage, the connections between storage
and host and the type of file system are of major impact.
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice
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Product Data Sheet
Spirit 2K™
4K/2K/HD six-sector color
Scream Plus Grain
Event list function for GCP
Spirit 2K/HD auto-focus
Spirit 2K/HD AutoDmins
Spirit 4K/2K/HD PrinterLights option
Spirit 4K2KHD Data Rotation Option
DataCine® and HighPerformance Film
Scanner with Bones
Technical Support Services & Training
Spirit HD/2K/4K on-site
StartPro commissioning
and brief product overview
Spirit HD/2K/4K Film Scanner/Bones on-site StartPro
3-day Spirit HD/2K/4K onsite operational training
Unparalleled Engineering and Quality
Technical Support Services & Training
The DFT Digital Film Technology engineering, research
and development, sales and support team is known for
their excellence in technology, design, quality, and customer service with products such as the SCANITY™
Film Scanner, Spirit DataCine and Scanner family,
Shadow telecine, Bones and Bones Dailies software
solutions, Scream Plus grain manager, as well as the
LUTher color space converter.
The DFT Digital Film Technology Technical Support
Services & Training team offers complete service solutions that enhance your return on DFT products and
global system solutions.
Advanced training and proactive support reduce down
time, and keep your equipment and staff performing at
optimum productivity.
The pre-packaged suite of DFT Services provides support throughout the entire process:
- Commissioning support
- On-site repair and maintenance services
- Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- Comprehensive software and hardware support
- Advanced exchange hardware support
- Hands-on training classes
The worldwide, experienced DFT Digital Film Technology Technical Support Services & Training experts
can assist you with customized solutions.
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