MA5671A – SFP ONT (Optical Network Terminal)

MA5671A – SFP ONT (Optical Network Terminal)
MA5671A – SFP ONT (Optical Network Terminal)
Full function GPON ONT in SFP form factor for flexible and cost-effective fiber access.
Huawei’s MA5671A is one of the mini-PON products that’s designed for maximum flexibility and
delivers quickest time to market for applications that require cost effective fiber access without
the need for a purpose built terminal. It can be inserted directly into the SFP slot of an uplink
port in any terminal to deliver bandwidth and transport services over a standard compliant GPON
network. The MA5671A plugs into SFP slot of the BTS or other baseband units for backhaul
of cellular or microwave sites. It is connected to the GPON Optical Line Terminal (OLT) through
its PON interface. The downlink interface supports Gigabit Ethernet (GE) to the “host” terminal
providing high bandwidth with integrated management and QoS for access services with SLAs.
The MA5671A can also be used in Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Access Point (AP) devices
as well as with any Ethernet switches, routers, or IPDSLAMs. It features a compact size, easy
installation, integrated power, low maintenance, high reliability, and low power requirements.
It supports 1588 ACR transparent mode for frequency synchronization in compliance with ITU-T
G.8262. It supports GPON Type B protection mode with a switchover time of <50ms. It has an
optical reach of up to 30Km.
Product Highlights
Cell Backhaul – Gigabit to the Tower:
Enables Fast Deployment
The MA5671A can plug into the SFP slot of any base station,
microwave baseband unit, or WiFi Access point terminals for quickest
time-to-market backhaul bandwidth over fiber. It allows the transport
Plugs into any standard GigE SFP slot – complies with SFP
MSA(SFF 8074i), SFF 8431
of wireless traffic over GPON and complies with QoS, synchronization,
Plug & Play – allows pre-configuration and automatic
loading of configuration for turn-up
and OAM requirements for backhaul applications.
Requires Zero Site and Power
Business Access – Gigabit to the Business:
The MA5671A can plug into the SFP slot of any existing or new
Plugs into existing equipment
No power, no space requirement
customer- or carrier-owned terminals: switch, router. It delivers gigabit
or more bandwidth over fiber cost effectively. It connects the business
Zero Touch Management
site to a GPON network without requiring purpose-built terminals
and protects investments in existing terminals. It complies with link
MDU/MTU Access – Gigabit to the Building:
The MA5671A is ideal for addressing buildings with fiber. Multiple
subscribers/tenants within the building can be cost-effectively
aggregated using Ethernet switches, or IPDSLAMs and the MA5617A
can plug into the SFP slots of these devices to deliver bandwidth cost
effectively and for a suite of services with QoS.
Standards Compliant GPON Interface – complies with ITU
G.984 series and support OMCI
protection. QoS and OAM requirements to deliver business access
services with Service Level Agreements.
Centralized management – same as a GPON ONT;
Remote software upgrade, and operational inquiries
Ethernet OAM (802.11ag) functions
Product Features
Complies with ITU G.984 series standards
32 GEM ports
Complies with IEEE 802.3u standards
Layer 2
1024 MAC addresses
802.1p, supporting PQ and WRR
Support traffic classification based on VLAN, 802.1p, and VLAN+802.1p
Support 4 priority queues
Support 802.1ag
Support Dying Gasp notification
Support inquire: temperature, optical power, voltage and current, Optical Module Type
Support inquire optical module type
PPPoE+ and DHCP option82
Rouge ONU self diagnose and isolation
Supports ITU-T G.988 OMCI Management
Remote and batch pre-deployment
Remote upgrade and monitoring
Hardware Specifications
Network Side Port
User Side Port
1 x GE
+3.3V DC
Power Consumption
2.3 W
Dimensions (H x D x W)
14.2 x 12.6 x 62.5mm
Operating Temperature
-40º C to + 45º C (-40º F to +113º F)
Operating Humidity
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
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