Destinator for Personal Navigation Devices

Destinator for Personal Navigation Devices
Destinator for Personal Navigation Devices
The Features
your Customers Want
Online Local Search
World Class Navigation Software from Intrinsyc
Building a successful Personal Navigation Device (PND) requires proven navigation software
and customization to meet the needs of your target market. Destinator is the leading
independent software solution for PNDs. Whether your requirements call for the best navigation
Text-to-speech: hear
street names
Lane guide: know which
lane early
Speed Limits: stay safe
and legal
Safety Cameras:
Be warned!
available at a low price point, or a next-generation converged device connected to live content
and revenue-generating services, Destinator from Intrinsyc can meet your needs.
Setting a New Standard for User Interfaces
The best reason to use Destinator software on your GPS device is that it offers your customers
the highest quality navigation experience available. It starts with a clean streamlined user
interface that lets you start navigating right away with fewer clicks, yet also provides the right
information at the right time.
• The new NavStripTM enables quick access to key functions using “SingleClick” command
entry. A single tap opens and closes the NavStrip.
• The new SideBar aids navigation by providing a display of upcoming maneuvers, trip time,
Zagat guides: restaurants,
hotels, travel info
Points of Interest:
see what’s on the way
and distance side-by-side with the map. Displaying in landscape mode only, the SideBar
automatically hides or it can be pinned to the map.
• Realistic horizon and sky, realistic road signs, and anti-aliasing technology all add up to a
more visually satisfying experience.
• Kinetic scrolling lets you move through maps with the flick of a finger.
Cheap gas: find the
cheapest gas near you
RDS TMC information:
avoid traffic jams
Online Local Search:
find everything easily
The Shortest Route in the Safest, Simplest Ways
Routing is the very core of navigation software. Destinator
features industry-leading reliability, with the best routing and
audio-visual driving guidance. The combination of ease of use
and spoken directions create a safer experience for the user.
• Unsurpassed turn-by-turn routing engine. The foundation
of Destinator’s accurate navigation is a powerful highperformance routing engine. It calculates routes and
renders maps in mere seconds, resulting in a smooth,
seamless navigation experience.
• Lane guides and speed limits. Lane driving guidance tells
you which lane to take at complex road junctions, the
distance to the next lane change, and traffic-specific lanes,
such as HOV. Speed limit signs are always visible on the
main screen, and an optional audio warning sounds if the
limit is exceeded.
• Voice navigation. Natural sounding voice directions are standard on Destinator. New text-to-speech
phonemes deliver improved pronunciation of street and city names, so everything is easier to
understand and you can keep your eyes on the road.
• Online Local Search. Intrinsyc’s exclusive Local Search feature leverages the power of connectivity
to deliver addition local points of interests (POIs), businesses, etc.
Points of Interest along the Route
Users see points of interest on the Destinator map before choosing one. You also have the option to
enrich content with the addition of the Zagat Survey — restaurants, nightlife, hotels and attractions,
which provides reviews and guides to places to eat, places to sleep, and top tourist attractions.
Enriched POI icons support bigger and more pronounced markers for personalized location ID and
selected brands.
Live Traffic Updates
Total Navigation Solution
for PND
Best routing engine in the
Text-to-speech: hear street
Maps for multiple countries
from multiple sources
Pricing advantages and
channel opportunities
Destinator Traffic sends live, real-time alerts and offers an on-screen view of traffic incidents or traffic
delays. The live traffic service also communicates the seriousness and distance of incidents. The
routing engine uses the traffic information to automatically and intelligently reroute the end user to
avoid the traffic.
The Advantages that PND Makers Need
Intrinsyc understands the challenges facing device makers, and Destinator is designed for maximum
flexibility and scalability to help you succeed.
• Component-based pricing model to lower BOM cost. One size does not fit all devices and
all markets. Destinator is available in a variety of configurations at different price points, from
basic navigation functions to live content aggregation suitable for social networking and other
sophisticated location-based services.
• Online map and feature activation. Destinator helps you minimize packaging costs and offers
an easy upgrade path by allowing updated maps and new features such as MSN Direct to be
activated on the device after the sale.
• Flexible UI and branding options. The user interface is highly flexible and can be easily customized
Customer-branded website
Zagat guides: restaurants,
hotels, travel info
Solutions customizable for
regional carriers
Cheap gas: find the cheapest
gas near you
RDS TMC information: avoid
traffic jams
Online Local Search: find
everything easily
to your liking and your brand. Or, if you prefer, you can stay with the original look-and-feel and use
the well-known Destinator brand to your advantage.
• Branded content: Zagat Guides, and more. Association with prominent brand services can be a
great added value and competitive advantage for your device.
Intrinsyc Puts It All Together
If you are building a device that does more than just navigation, Intrinsyc can provide you with more
than just great navigation software. Intrinsyc has deep technical expertise in mobile and embedded
devices, including PNDs and smartphones.
About Intrinsyc
Intrinsyc empowers device makers, mobile operators, and silicon vendors to deliver compelling, next generation mobile and
embedded de¬vices with faster time-to-market, higher quality, and differentiating innovation. Our customers and partners rely
on our award-winning device development software and services including our industry-leading navigation software and LBS
solutions. Intrinsyc globally supports customers with solutions that span all major mobile operating systems and platforms including Android, BlackBerry, Linux, Symbian, Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile. Intrinsyc is publicly traded (TSX:
ICS) and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with offices in China, Israel, Taiwan, U.K. and the United States.
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