No. 1 in CT Magazine Test 16/2003
This external TV Tuner, Progressive Scanner and Video Scaler, ZINWELL
ProV PLUS (PV-500) is equipped with the Philips SAA7118E chip normally
only found on equipment of the premium class.
Compared to its predecessor,
basic model ZINWELL ProV,
the ProV PLUS adds Teletext
with Fastext, A2 and NICAM
728 Stereo with automatic 124
channel search facility in the 47862 MHz range. The stored
channels can be named and sorted.
A maximal XGA 1024 x 728
Resolution and Refresh Rates of
50, 60 and 75Hz as well as its
PAL Plus function make this
unit especially suitable for high
performance TFT Computer
Screens. OSD in six languages.
Teletext decoding with Fastext and TOP functions (RED, GREEN, YELLOW,
BLUE) takes place not only for conventional RF TV and Cable signals but also
for Composite Video signals from e.g. satellite dishes.
This unit does it all: TV/Cable/Satellite reception, TELETEXT with
FASTEXT and TOP functions, A2/NICAM Stereo Decoding, Progressive
Scan Conversion, Video Scaling, Video Converting and Video Switching
- Independent picture control settings for TV and VIDEO signals
- Advanced Teletext Decoder with Fastext and TOP functions
- C-Video and S-Video from any PAL/NTSC/SECAM video source
- Scales up to 1024 x 728 (XGA) at a refresh rate of 60Hz.
- A2/NICAM728 stereo decoder with automatic mode detection
- TV Stereo sound can be selected in PC loop mode
- Accurate TV autoscan and advanced “search new channels” function
- Finetune settings stored per individual channel
- Channel swap and channel label function
- Motion adaptive noise reduction and de-interlaing
- VGA (RBG) input (looped to VGA output on standby mode)
- Infrared Remote Control with hot keys for most important functions
- Dynamic digital 2D Comb filter for excellent separation of Y/C signal
- Chrominance transience improvement
- Pull-down detection and correction for best viewing of film-based sources
Input signal
- Analogue: Composite Video (1Vpp)
- S-Video (Y:1Vpp, C:0.3Vpp)
- Accepts PAL, NTSC and SECAM video standards on Video Inputs
- Audio L/R
Input connectors
- RF IN Pal BG or PAL- I (from broadcast antenna or cable network socket)
- Composite Video: RCA/Cinch (from video sources with only Composite
Video output)
- S-Video: 4pin, mini DIN (from video sources, which have S-Video output)
- VGA IN (from computer output for looping computer video signals to monitor
without processing)
- Audio IN: Stereo L/R RCA/cinch (from external Video source)
- PHONE IN: Stereo Jack 3.5ψ (from computer)
Output signal
- 24 bit RGB (0.7Vpp) + H/V Sync (0.3Vpp)
- Resolution: 640x480(VGA), 800x600(SVGA), 1024x768(XGA),
- Progressive scan video
- Refresh rate: 50,60,75Hz and PAL PLUS
- Stereo Audio
In “On” mode: Broadcast TV, external Video source or PC sound (when
In “Standby” mode: PC sound (when looped)
Output connector
- VGA (RGB): D-sub 15pin, Female type
- PHONE OUT: Stereo Jack 3.5ψ
Video processing
- Low noise 9 bit AD (27MHz over sampling) and 24 bit DA conversion
- Adaptive 2D comb filter for Y/C separation
- 3D motion adaptive de-interlacing
- Independent picture control settings for TV and Video In signals
Remote control / On screen display
- Hot key selection and adjustment of TV/PC switching, Resolution, Video
Source, Finetune, Swap,
- Teletext, Sound, Mute, Mix, Fastext, TOP RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE
- Adapter with 230 VAC (50/60Hz) In and 12VDC 1.25Amp Out
- Consumption: 14 Watts typical
Operating conditions
- Temperature: 5~45 degrees C.
- Humidity: 5~80%
Dimensions and weight
- Dimensions: 215.95 x 152.06 x 40.93 mm
- Weight: about 410 g
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