ElEctronic Hook switcH adaptEr for alcatEl pHonEs.

ElEctronic Hook switcH adaptEr for alcatEl pHonEs.
link™ 20
Electronic Hook switch
adapter for aLCATEL phones.
Remote call control and voice recording
The Jabra LINK 20 enables remote Electronic Hook Switch
Control (EHS) with Jabra wireless headsets and a wide range
of Alcatel phones.
The Jabra LINK 20 can be used with the following Jabra
wireless office headsets:
This means that users can hear ring tones, answer and end
calls, adjust the volume or even mute the call up to 350 ft.
away from their desks. The integration of handset and headset
allows users to benefit from enhanced mobility and the ability
to multitask while on a call. The wireless freedom improves
worker productivity and ergonomics throughout the day. As a
special feature Jabra LINK 20 has a voice recorder socket
which allows the user to record important conversations.
How it works
The Jabra LINK 20 is a plug-and-play solution that converts
from the EHS standard used in Alcatel phones to the DHSG
or GN Netcom RHS standards used in all Jabra wireless office
headsets – and vice versa.
Handset-Headset compatibility
The Jabra LINK 20 is compatible with a wide range of Alcatel
phones. For more details see the technical specifications on
page 2 or visit www.jabra.com/alcatel.
Jabra gn9350e
jabra gn9125 FLEX
jabra gn9125 duo
jabra gn9330e
GN Netcom is a world leader in innovative headset solutions. GN Netcom
develops, manufactures and markets its products under the Jabra brand name.
Jabra® is a registered trademark of GN Netcom A/S
LINK™ 20
Technical specifications
Jabra Link 20
Enables Electronic Hook Switch functionality with Alcatel and Jabra headsets
Part number
Length of cables
300 - 600 mm (11.8 - 23 inches)
CE, FCC, IC, NOM, C-Tick, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia
North America /APAC: One-year limited warranty. Europe: Two-year limited warranty
Jabra LINK 20 EHS supports the following Alcatel phones:
Alcatel Phones*
Alcatel 4028
Alcatel 4038
Alcatel 4068
New Alcatel phones to come — for latest updates please visit www.jabra.com/alcatel
Jabra Headsets
Jabra GN9125 FLEX, Jabra GN9125 DUO, Jabra GN9350e, Jabra GN9330e
End call
Ring tone in headset
Volume control
Mute control
Record option
*A whole series of EHS adapters is available from GN Netcom that match the DHSG or GN Netcom RHS interfaces in a wide range of Alcatel phones.
Check our compatibility overview on www.jabra.com/alcatel for details.
DS-176-0509-ALCATEL-LINK 20
Subject to change without notice. Please visit www.jabra.com/alcatel for updates.
EHS features
Answer call
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