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QFlex 32
Technical Data Sheet
Product description
The acoustical principles and physics that govern beam-steering loudspeakers are well established
and documented, and therefore not subject to patents. However, the specifics of design, engineering
and manufacturing are critical, since it’s the implementation of the principles that will determine
sound quality, beam control range, uniformity of dispersion, and product reliability. On all these
counts, Tannoy’s QFlex range defines the global standard for column array beam-steering
technology. We determined that full-range beam-steering would be a prerequisite from the
outset, rather than placing emphasis only on vocal regions as with competitive products
In the most difficult acoustical environments – whether in traditional cathedrals or vast ultra-modern
airport terminals – QFlex loudspeakers precisely control directivity in the vertical axis, resulting
in optimal venue coverage and the best possible direct-to-reverberant ratio. Acoustic output
is precisely aimed where it needs to be delivered, greatly reducing reflections from hard
surfaces – even when the QFlex column must be mounted well above audience level. Whether
the audio program is music or critical voice announcements as part of a life safety or mass
notification system QFlex will provide exceptionally high voice intelligibility and full-bodied, natural
music reproduction. Also, compared to implementing acoustical treatments or even deploying
competitive beam-steering loudspeakers, a QFlex solution will result in cost savings coupled
with superior performance.
Physical data
• Extremely intelligible speech and music reinforcement
• Class leading steering control (+/- 70 degrees)
• Densely spaced transducers to defeat the effects of aliasing
• Intuitive BeamEngineTM GUI
• Integrated cutting edge DSP, network control and amplification
• Networkable with Tannoy VNETTM products
• Architecturally pleasing
• Fully PA/VA compliant
• AES Connectivity
• Input options for constant voltage systems and DanteTM digital audio networks
• IP54 Certified (optional)
Driver complement:
Dimensions HxWxD: Weight: Enclosure: Finish:
Protective grille: 16 x 3” LF drivers, 16 x 1” HF drivers, 32 x amplifier channels
1387 x 171.5 x 150 mm, ( 54.6 x 6.7 x 5.9”)
25.3 kg (67.8 lbs)
Extruded aluminum (optional Weather Protected specification available, rated to IP54)
Standard: White
Special order: Any RAL colour
Painted aluminium
• Traditional houses of worship
• Transportation hubs
• Museums
• Shopping malls
• Theatres and auditoria
• Government buildings
• Conference facilities
• Hotel ballrooms
• Corporate HQ atria
Superior audio quality.
Greater beam control.
Cost-effective solutions.
Overcoming “Acoustical Nightmares”
QFlex comprises a complete range of digitally steerable, multichannel array loudspeaker systems
for the professional installation market. Purpose-designed for applications with exceptionally
problematic acoustics, QFlex technology gives the system designer a unique set of tools for
controlling sound in large, acoustically challenging, highly reverberant spaces – typically involving
expansive surfaces of glass, metal, concrete or stone.
Queen of Peace Croatian Church,Ontario
QFlex is revolutionary in being able to achieve even coverage and sound pressure levels across
the full listening plane. By creating an asymmetrical pattern, QFlex can produce equivalent SPL
results in both the near and far field. Precise full-range beam control, effective to frequencies
beyond 12 kHz, allows the system designer to steer the QFlex beam away from surfaces that
cause reflections. This makes QFlex the first digitally steerable array to maintain music quality
over the desired area of coverage, all in a very architecturally pleasing package.
Kameha Grand hotel, Bonn
Abu Dhabi International Airport
Densely spaced transducers defeat the effects of aliasing, even at higher frequencies.
Which model do I choose ?
The QFlex system you specify depends on a number of criteria:
Effective coverage at a greater
distance requires a larger QFlex
column. Typically, as a rule of
thumb, a QFlex 16 is effective over
distances of up to 20 m (66 ft) and
a QFlex 48 in excess of 80 m (260 ft).
Low Frequency Control
The longer the column, the more
effective the control and steering at
lower frequencies.
QFlex 16 is effective to 700 Hz and
QFlex 48 to 200 Hz.
SPL Requirements
Larger QFlex arrays will produce
higher SPL levels. This is the case
with all loudspeakers, as there are
more drivers and amplifier channels
producing sound. QFlex can
generate substantial SPL levels
at considerable distance, with its
high amplifier count producing
more available headroom than any
column in its class. Qflex is unique
in that every transducer has its own
dedicated amplifier channel.
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland,OR
Predictive Simulation
Tannoy’s BeamEngine software
provides a simple and effective
way to select the correct model
for your application.
Museum of Communications, Frankfurt
Comprehensive Connectivity
PA/VA Standards Compliance
QFlex is designed to allow fast, direct and trouble-free interfacing
Recent upgrades deliver the most comprehensive safety and
with virtually any type of audio system. Standard audio inputs are
balanced analogue and AES3 digital, each with a loop-through link
output. Terminations are on installation-standard Euroblock plug-in
connectors. As an option, QFlex offers a VNET/AES break-in
interface that allows the VNET network and AES3 audio signal to
share the same Cat-5 cable.
monitoring facilities available, making QFlex fully compliant in any
life safety environment. A new pilot tone detection feature enables
constant checking of the complete audio signal path and cable
integrity, meeting BS5839 requirements. Input switching can be
implemented should the pilot tone indicate primary input failure,
giving full system redundancy.
Also available is the Constant Voltage Interface, which steps down
the audio signal from 70 V/100 V to line level for direct connection to
a QFlex system. And, for the fully networked future, just one optional
Dante network bridge connects all QFlex systems in a zone to
Audinate’s Dante digital audio network.
For larger QFlex networks, the Sentinel SM1 System Monitor
provides complete system-wide fault monitoring and reporting.
Built on a thoroughly proven processing platform, Sentinel
monitors the entire audio system as well as any controlling PCs,
reporting problems via relay contacts and indicating faults on the
front panel display complemented by an onboard alarm
VNET Monitoring and Control
QFlex is fully compatible with Tannoy’s proprietory VNET monitoring
and control protocol, allowing QFlex loudspeakers to share the
same network as other VNET-compatible Tannoy loudspeakers
and subwoofers. Because VNET supports a free network topology,
loudspeakers may be linked in daisy-chain or star topologies, or any
combination of the two. The supplied VNET software program
supervises and controls all commissioning and performance
monitoring functions.
BeamEngine GUI for Precise
Coverage Configuration
The intuitive BeamEngine GUI is a Windows™
based program that enables a system designer
to specify a target area and then generate a
steering algorithm tailored for optimum coverage
of that area. BeamEngine graphically represents
the sectional view (elevation) of the audience area
as well as the location and aiming angle of the QFlex
array. The resultant steering algorithm is saved and
loaded into the QFlex DSP via the VNET software.
For more resolute and comprehensive acoustical
simulations, the balloon DLL can be exported for
utilization in EASE or CATT Acoustic™ acoustical
modeling software programs.
QFlex 32
Technical Data Sheet
Driver configuration
Amplifier channels
Amplifier type
Horizontal dispersion
Vertical dispersion
LF beam control limit
Frequency range (-10 dB)
Maximum SPL(1)
Application distance(2)
Sampling rate
Analogue audio
Enclosure material
Power supply
Dimensions (HxWxD)
Accessories (optional unless stated):
Ordering Information
16 x 3” LF, 16 x 1” HF
32 x 100 W rms @ 4 ohms
Class D
130 degrees horizontal
Variable 5 – 100 degrees
Symmetrical or asymmetrical
Single or multiple beams
400 Hz
Part Number
8004 0131
8004 0135
8004 0136
WP White
WP Custom Colour
130 Hz – 20 kHz
100 dB @ 30 m (100 ft)
50 m (165 ft) typical
96 kHz
VNET monitoring and control standard (optional Dante)
Complies with UL60065.
2 inputs (A & B), Phoenix 6-pin connectors
Dual RJ45 connectors In/Link (for Cat-5 cable)
RJ45 (same Cat-5 as VNET) via AES/VNET interface
GST18 3-pole female power connector
Extruded aluminum
Universal 100 – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
1387 x 171.5 x 150 mm, (54.6 x 6.7 x 5.9”)
25.25 kg (55.7 lbs)
Standard: White
Special order: Any RAL colour
Mounting bracket (included)
USB VNET Interface (Part no: 8001 4150)
Constant Voltage Interface / 100 V Interface (Part no: 8001 6226)
SM-1 Sentinel Monitor (Part no: 8001 6300)
AES Break-in box (Part no: 8001 6010)
VNET AES/Dante Bridge (Part no: 7600 2131)
Weather Protected specification (IP54)
Convenient Shipping and Mounting
This product can be environmentally
protected to IP54 rated standard as an
optional extra, specified upon ordering.
It is not suitable for fully-exposed
(uncovered) outdoor applications.
1. Average SPL (1 kHz – 8 kHz). Based on a mounting height of 10 m (33 ft) and a target area @ 30 m (98.5 ft) and 10 m (33 ft) wide. Maximum attainable SPL is dependent on the dimension of the target area(s). Exact figures can be derived in the BeamEngine programme.
Based on the above venue criteria achieving 95 dB SPL at the quoted distance.
A full range of measurements, performance data,
can be downloaded from www.tannoy.com. For
project-specific system design assistance, contact
the AET group via www.aetgroup.tc
Tannoy operates a policy of continuous research and
To avoid shipping very long products it will be possible to assemble the components of a larger column on site.
The master unit is always positioned at the bottom of any speaker column and is slightly longer to accommodate
the signal, network and power connections of the column. The top of the master unit allows a slave unit to be
mechanically fixed to it, with further slave units added as necessary in the case of the QFlex 40 and QFlex 48
which comprise of 3 and 4 modules respectively. All required mounting hardware and bracketry is included with
each column. Design assistance is available for unusual applications like soffit mounting.
development. The introduction of new materials or
manufacturing methods will always equal or exceed
the published specifications. All specifications are
subject to change without notice
VNET and BeamEngine are trademarks of Tannoy
Limited. All other trademarks remain the property of
their respective owners.
Copyright (c) 2012 Tannoy Limited. All rights reserved.
QFlex 32 Assembly and bracket location
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V 1.00 - 07.03.2012
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