SmartLinx U250 Presentation

SmartLinx U250 Presentation
SmartLinx U250
What Is
• The SmartLinX is a Hardware/Software solution that
allows your Cellular Smartphone to make and receive
calls over your existing Home or Office landline/VoIP
• Attaching the SmartLinX device to your Wi-Fi router
and landline connection, allows you to use your
Cellular Smartphone as an additional home/office
• Now you can have the Best of Both Worlds (Cellular
and Landline) all in one unit!
How Does it Work?
1) You need the SmartLinX unit
2) Existing Landline/VoIP connection
3) Connection to Wi-Fi Router
4) Download App on Smartphone
Connect Standard
U250 Back Panel
Connect Network
Cable to Wi-Fi
Connect Power
Connect Existing
Telephone Cord
Open AirTouch App. and
Select “Pair”
Press and Release Pair
Button on U250
Click “Start Pairing” and
Wait for “Pairing Success”
NOW you can start to make
and Receive Calls on your
Once paired with your
Smartphone, you use just like
your phone’s current dialer.
To make a call, simply open
the AirTouch app and dial
using your contacts or
manually dial.
Tabs in the app allow you to
see calling History, Contacts
on the Smartphone and setting
User friendly and familiar!
The Clarity of a Landline
The SmartLinX U250 connects your wireless router and landline
or VoIP service so you can make and receive landline calls
using your Smartphone. PureSound technology gives you a
clear, static-free connection.
Access Your Smartphone Contacts
With SmartLinX, you can use your Smartphone contact list when
making calls over the landline. No other device gives you this
capability! No one remembers phone numbers anymore…
Save Your Mobile Minutes
Make Smartphone calls over the landline to save cellular plan
Don’t Miss a Call
You can Pair up to 8 Smartphones to one device so it is like
adding additional handsets to your home phone! Incoming
Landline calls will ring your Smartphone that you carry with you
all the time. No more searching for cordless telephone handsets!
Intercom with Other Smartphones
Use the SmartLinX to Quick Connect intercom with other
Smartphones throughout your home or office. Just dial the
extension number of the Smartphone you wish to reach and
you will be connected!
Use your Smartphone Contacts to Dial directly on your landline (VoIP or PSTN)
Enjoy the clarity of landline on your Smartphone (where your mobile signal is
Save your Mobile Minutes by using existing landline (prepaid users, small mobile
plans, family plans)
Pair Up To 8 Smartphones to the
will not need be re-paired again.
Call Smartphone to Smartphone without using your cellular minutes while at
home (Intercom/paging functionality is added to all of your smartphones using the
AirTouch application)
Smartphones paired to the
“barge-in” function.
Receive Mobile Calls on your Smartphones while you are using your landline
(Virtually makes your smartphone a two line phone)
Keep using your standard corded or cordless phone when it’s connected to
the port of U250
. Once paired, the Smartphone
can be on the same call using the
…Making your Smartphone even Smarter
Wi-Fi Landline Solution
Bluetooth (BT) Cellular Solution
Clear connection, Landline Clarity
Cellular call Quality, low power BT
Use Smartphone Contacts to make
Use cordless Telephone handsets to
make calls. No Contacts
Save Mobile minutes by using
landline with your Smartphone.
Uses Cellular minutes and Cellular
phone as call connection.
Keep Smartphone with you while at
home to answer calls and browse
internet, Text.
Must leave Cell phone by BT device
in order to work. Cannot carry
around house.
Keeps 911 location for accurate &
quick response to exact location.
911 depending on GPS. Accuracy
to within 3 football fields.
Works with or without good cellular
Only works in “Good” cellular
coverage areas of Home.
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