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Click Here for a Customer Presentation Slide
A Complete System for Schools of Any Size
The uAttend Student solution offers your school district the following:
Complete student attendance system that allows your school district to accurately
and efficiently track students during their daily school cycle.
Cost-effective solution for schools needing accurate and verifiable attendance
records for internal and external audits.
World’s first student tracking system that combines biometric technology, real-time
movement data, GPS tracking, and web-based reporting.
All-Inclusive Attendance Tracking
Key features of uAttend Student include:
Bus Tracking—Allows tracking of your students from the moment they board a
school bus until the time they disembark. GPS tracking can be enabled to give exact
locations of student punches.
Classroom Attendance—Allows your students to check into class using the
biometric fingerprint device. Teachers then submit the data to the front office for
Event Tracking—Tracks student attendance at
special events, such as field trips or school club
Reporting—Allows administrators to run
reports in graph form, exported as a .csv file,
or saved as a .pdf document.
Tracking Throughout the Day
uAttend Student allows you to track
students throughout their school day—
from the time they punch in on the
morning bus, through their classes, field
trips, and extracurricular activities, and
finally to the time they punch out on the
afternoon bus.
How does uAttend Student Work?
uAttend Student software and timeclocks work together throughout these steps:
Biometric fingerprint-scanning timeclocks connect to the Internet to record students’
movements throughout the school day.
Timeclocks in buses can connect to the Internet via a modem on a cellular network.
Timeclocks in classrooms can connect to the Internet via a LAN cable connected to a
switch or a router.
Students “punch” themselves into and off buses, in and out of classrooms, and onto
event rosters. All punches are sent in real time to the web-hosted software that can be
accessed by authorized administrators from any computer with Internet access.
Administrators can run reports, check class and bus attendance in real time, and manage
settings in just a few steps.
Cloud-Based Attendance
When your students punch in and out of a class,
bus, or special event, the data is sent in real time
to the district office, where administrators can
collect data and run reports.
Using the uAttend Student Software
When Administrators log in to uAttend Student, they will see the home screen.
From this screen, they can set up all information for the account, including:
schools, classrooms, buses, students, routes, events, and timeclocks.
Generating Reports in uAttend Student
Administrators can run various reports on the data in
their uAttend Student account.
Viewing Student Punches
Administrators can view student punches via the Ridership Status
screen. If geo-locations are set up, they can view the location where
the punch(es) took place.
The BN3000S Timeclock
The BN3000S includes these features:
Biometric Reader: Fingerprint
Free Lifetime Replacement
Plug ‘n’ Play WIFI Ready
Holds 5,000 Fingerprint Templates
Large Color Display
Displays Your School Logo
Voice Response
The Most Cost-Effect Solution Available
Your school district can begin utilizing the entire uAttend Student Solution for under
$1000.00/bus. The complete package includes:
Biometric Reader: BN3000S
Cellular Modem: Cradlepoint IBR650
Mounting Bracket
Professional Installation
The monthly cost for the entire solution, including data plan and uAttend Student service, is
under $50.00/bus/month.
For More Information
For uAttend Student Demos and Product Information:
Time Clock Express
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