VIP-172L IP DoorPhone/Intercom

VIP-172L IP DoorPhone/Intercom
VIP-172L IP DoorPhone/Intercom
The VIP-172L IP Talkback Doorphone/Intercom
allows communication to Valcom FXS units
(VIP-811, -812, -814) and SIP Based telephone
systems via a managed IP-based LAN/WAN.
VIP-172L Network Interface
0 to +40° C
0 to 85% non-precipitating
VIP-172L Doorplate:
Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
Access Methods
PBX, FXO Port w/VIP-811
POTS telephone set w/VIP-811
Valcom M Cast Page Group
Packing List
RJ-45 for network connection
1 Form C contact
LED Status Indicator
Network activity LEDs
802.3af compliant
Door Opening Contact Provided
Dimensions/Weight V-172L-VR
4.5” H x 4.5" W x 1.75" D
(11.43cm H x 11.43cm W x 4.45cm D)
Weight: 1.68 lbs. (0.76 kg)
Precautionary Designations
Dimensions/Weight V-172L-BR/ST
4.5” H x 4.5" W x 1.3" D
(11.43cm H x 11.43cm W x 3.3cm D)
Weight: .55 lbs. (0.25 kg)
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock,
Do not remove cover.
No user serviceable parts inside.
Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
Nominal Specifications
Input Impedance:
Input Level:
Output Impedance:
Output Level:
Relay Current:
600 Ohms
600 Ohms
-10dBm nominal
1 AMP @ 24VDC
Nominal Power Requirements
Via 802.3af PoE Ethernet Switch:
VIP-172L Network Interface
VIP-172l Door plate
VSP Document
One Way Screws (VR unit only)
Wood Screws
Set up CD
This symbol indicates that dangerous
voltage constituting a risk of electric
shock is present within this unit.
This symbol indicates that there are
important operating and maintenance
instructions in the literature accompanying
this unit.
Class 3
Power Connections
Provides door intercom access via
Network connection to customer telephone
system or stand alone telephone set. Interface to
customer telephone system can be via SIP
registration, FXO port (with VIP-811). Pressing
the call button on the door plate initiates a call to
one of the above telephone system interfaces,
and the call assurance LED on the door plate
begins to flash. When the call is answered, a
hands-free communications path is established to
the door plate, and the call assurance LED on the
door plate changes to solid. At any time during
the call if the # key is pressed, the form C relay
on the door plate operates for 3 seconds for
activation of customer supplied door entry
FCC Information
This equipment has been tested and found to
comply with the limits for a Class A digital
device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
These limits are designed to provide
reasonable protection against harmful
interference when the equipment is operated
in a commercial environment. This
equipment generates, uses and can radiate
radio frequency energy and if not installed
and used in accordance with the instruction
manual, may cause harmful interference to
radio communications. Operation of this
equipment in a residential area may cause
harmful interference in which case the user
will be required to correct the interference at
his own expense.
The only method of powering a VIP-172L
Network Interface is via a power over Ethernet
switch or power injector meeting the 802.3af
Make all required signal connections before
connecting to Ethernet switch or power injector
meeting the 802.3af specification.
Network Connection
The VIP-172L Network Interface has one CAT-5
RJ-45 “NETWORK” connector and one CAT-5
RJ-45 “DOOR PLATE” connector on the front
Use the supplied CAT-5 patch cable to connect
the NETWORK connector of the VIP-172L
Network Interface to an Ethernet switch.
Signal Connections
Connect CAT-5 RJ-45 using EIA/TIA 568B
Standard to the “DOOR PLATE” connector of the
VIP-172L Network Interface then to the RJ-45
connector of the VIP-172L Door Plate.
Door Relay Connections
Access to the form C relay is provided via a three
pin screw terminal block on the VIP-172L Door
plate. The common contact is the middle
terminal with the normally open contact closest to
the RJ-45 Connector. Normally closed contact is
furthest from the RJ-45 connector. Relay contacts
are rated for 1A @ 24VDC.
The Aux input
Aux input on the VIP-172L Network Interface
accepts line level audio such as background
music and broadcasts it through the door plate
speaker. When the call button is pressed, the aux
input is muted and remains muted until the call is
The VIP-172L Network Interface is designed for
wall or table mounting and must be within 100
meters of the network switch.
The VIP-172L Doorplate is designed for double
gang FD electrical box mounting and must be
within 300 meters of the VIP-172L Network
Interface. See NEMA OS 3-2002 sec. for
FD box specifications.
Status Indicator Lights
The VIP-172L Door plate is equipped with a
status indicator LED. LED flashes when the call
button is pressed and steady when the call is
Table: Provided with the VIP-172L are four
rubber stick on feet. Peel these feet off their
carrier backing and place at the four corners of
the bottom of the unit.
The VIP-172L Network Interface has 3 status
indication lights on the side panel:
Wall: Using the template and wood screws
provided, secure the VIP-172L Network interface
to the wall.
STATUS: Flashes during normal operation, and
solid when unit in reset.
LINK: Indicates 100 Mbit Ethernet connection
when illuminated. No activity indicates 10 Mbit
ACT: Indicator flashes to indicate network
Assistance in troubleshooting is available from
the factory. Call (540) 563-2000 and press 1 for
Technical Support or via email at
When requesting assistance, you should include
all available information. It is strongly suggested
that you go to the web site and follow the trouble
resolution procedure at
Valcom equipment is not field repairable.
Valcom, Inc. maintains service facilities in
Roanoke, VA. Should repairs be necessary,
attach a tag to the unit clearly stating your
company name, address, phone number, contact
person and the nature of the problem. Send the
unit to:
Valcom, Inc.
Repair & Return Dept.
5614 Hollins Road
Roanoke, Va. 24019-5056
Valcom, Inc. warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under conditions of normal use and service
for a period of one year from the date of shipment. The obligation under this warranty shall be limited to the replacement, repair or
refund of any such defective device within the warranty period, provided that:
inspection by Valcom, Inc. indicates the validity of the claim;
the defect is not the result of damage, misuse, or negligence after the original shipment;
the product has not been altered in any way or repaired by others and that factory sealed units are unopened (a service
charge plus parts and labor will be applied to units defaced or physically damaged);
freight charges for the return of products to Valcom are prepaid;
all units ‘out of warranty’ are subject to a service charge. The service charge will cover minor repairs (major repairs will
be subject to additional charges for parts and labor).
This warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, expressed or implied and in no event shall Valcom, Inc. be
liable for any anticipated profits, consequential damages, loss of time or other losses incurred by the buyer in connection
with the purchase, operation, or use of the product.
This warranty specifically excludes damage incurred in shipment. In the event a product is received in damaged condition, the
carrier should be notified immediately. Claims for such damage should be filed with the carrier involved in accordance with the
F.O.B. point.
Valcom, Inc.
5614 Hollins Road
Roanoke, VA 24019-5056
Phone: (540) 563-2000
FAX: (540) 362-9800
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