Fluke 6500 PAT Tester Datasheet

Fluke 6500 PAT Tester Datasheet
The low weight,
small size,
one-touch solution
Portable appliance testing
The Fluke 6000 series PAT testers
Fluke 6200 and 6500
Test more appliances per day
The Fluke 6200 and 6500 PAT testers verify the electrical
safety and operation of portable appliances in accordance
with relevant guidelines and regulations. With powerful auto
test capabilities and simplified controls – including ‘one
touch’ test routines – they increase the number of tests you
can perform per day without compromizing results.
Lightweight all-in-one PAT testers
The new Fluke PAT testers are designed and built with
same rugged reliability as all Fluke test and measurement
instruments. Lightweight (appr. 3 kg) and compact, they
will withstand the tough demands of working in the field.
Packed with all the features you need for testing portable
appliances on-site, Fluke PAT testers provide a complete
all-in-one solution.
A choice of automatic and manual PAT testers
The user-friendly Fluke 6200 and 6500 PAT testers
perform all the tests required for class I and class II
appliances. Both models conform to safety standard
EN61010. For manual testing and low volume applications,
choose the cost-effective 6200 PAT model. If you need
a more powerful instrument to test large numbers of
appliances, the 6500 is the right choice with its wide
range of pre-set tests, Compact Flash memory for storing
and transferring test results and professional test modes.
• Dedicated key for each test for ‘one-touch’ testing
• Pre-set pass/fail levels to save time
• Large backlit display for easy reading
• Single mains socket for appliance connection
• Separate IEC socket for easy mains/extension lead testing
• Detachable test leads for quick field replacement
• Integral carrying handle
As 6200 but also with:
• Integral QWERTY keyboard for rapid data entry
• Additional Compact Flash memory card for back-up data
storage and transfer to PC
• Large backlit graphics display
• Pre-set, auto-test sequences for user convenience
• Integral site, location and description codes for faster data
• Memory review facility for more on-site control
Fluke simplifies portable appliance testing
Compact and lightweight...
• Efficient to work with and easy to carry around– and has
extra space in the hard case for accessories
One touch simplicity...
• Pre-set and user-definable test routines are initiated from
a single button – to speed up test procedures and save
you time on site
A better way of working...
• Rapid data entry via a QWERTY keyboard (or optional
Fluke barcode scanner) and fast data transfer from the
main memory or the Compact Flash memory card (6500)
Separate hard case
The compact Fluke PAT testers are supplied with a
hard carrying case that not only offers protection
during transit but also includes extra storage space for
accessories and other tools. They’re extremely light,
weighing approximately 3 kg (without case) and have
integral carrying handles for extra convenience.
Performs all PAT tests
Suitable for testing both 230 V and 110 V appliances, the 6200
and 6500 models run all the required safety tests:
• Earth bond low (low/high current)
• Insulation 500 V
• Leakage (PE current, touch current, substitute current)
• Can test 110 V appliances (earth bond, insulation) via the 110 V
adapter (Fluke TA700)
Earn more per test
The latest generation Fluke 6200 and
6500 instruments have been designed to
enable you to work more efficiently – and
therefore faster – without compromizing
on your own safety or your customer’s.
Increase your productivity thanks to:
Fast professional testing mode
The professional testing mode enables you to conduct more
tests faster and more efficiently than ever before.
Rapid data entry (6500)
With a full QWERTY keyboard, alphanumeric data entry
is faster, easier and more convenient. The integral site,
location and description codes further speed up data entry
on site, and contribute to more efficient testing and results
Data can also be entered using the Fluke barcode scanner
(Fluke SPSCAN 15).
Double memory (6500)
The 6500 stores in excess of 1000 test results in its main
memory. These can be written to the Compact Flash card
for back-up.
A Compact Flash memory card stores alphanumeric data
and test results using ultra-reliable solid-state memory.
The card can be sent to the office for generating customer
reports* while the instrument continues with another card
in the field. The 6200 has a built-in internal memory for
storing results for use in reports.
One-touch testing
Tests are selected on the 6200 and 6500 with just one
button. This greatly simplifies testing.
* using optional Fluke PowerPat Plus software
Designed for long life and high throughput
The introduction of the Fluke 6200 and 6500 PAT testers
represent a significant step forward in the practice of
appliance safety testing and reporting. Via its subsidiary
companies, Fluke has acquired many years’ experience in
providing PAT testing solutions. The ergonomic and easy-touse design of the new 6000 Series PAT testers embraces all
of this experience to bring you the best instruments available
and deliver real end-user benefits.
Large backlit display
The graphics display on the 6500 shows informative
help screens and detailed data formats to enhance
the user friendliness of the instrument. The 6200
has a large static display to make it easy to read.
Backlighting aids viewing in dimly lit areas.
Quick connections
The single mains socket for the test appliances
minimizes plug swapping, while the built-in IEC
socket simplifies the testing of separate mains and
extension leads.
Pluggable test leads
The test leads are detachable so they can be easily
replaced in the field if they become damaged or
worn due to intensive use.
Built-in handle and separate hard case
The strong lightweight enclosure features an integral
carrying handle and fits neatly into the separate
hard case (supplied as standard). Unlike typical PAT
testers with large cumbersome integral cases, the
Fluke 6200 and 6500 are easier to carry around in
the field.
Features by model
L N Mains Volts
Outside Limits Indicators
Null out facility for earth bond lead
Protective Earth Resistance PE (200mA)
Protective Earth Resistance PE (25A)
Insulation 500V dc
Protective Earth Conductor Current
Touch Current
Substitute Leakage Current
Appliance Power kVA
Appliance Load Current
Seven Segment Custom LCD
Measurement functions
Graphical LCD
Back Light
Compact Flash Card receptacle
Downloads to a PC
External printer output (serial port)
Front Panel QWERTY Key pad
IEC Lead Test
Pass / Fail Level Programmable Indicators
Data Storage
Limited Data Storage
Polarity Checks
Graphical Help Menu On Line
Programme Mode
Real time clock
Front panel results management
230V BS1363 Test socket / 230V Mains BS1363 input power plug
General Specifications (model 6200 and 6500)
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Operating temperature
200 mm (L) x 275 mm (W) x 100 mm (H)
3 kg
230 V + 10 % - 15 %, 50 Hz ± 2 %
13 W typical (idle)
60 W max. during 25A Bond Test
0 to 40 °C
Relative Humidity
Operating Altitude
-10 to 60 °C
EMI Immunity
non condensing < 10 °C
95% from 10 to 30 °C
75% from 30 to 40 °C
0 up to 2000 m
IP-40 (enclosure)
IP-20 (connectors)
complies with EN61326-1, criteria B
3 V/m
Complies with EN61010-1 2nd edition
CAT II, 300 V, pol 2
Test Specifications
The accuracy specification for the display range is defined as ± (%reading + digit counts) at 23 °C ± 5 °C, ≤ 75 % RH. Between 0 °C
and 18 °C and between 28 °C and 40 °C, accuracy specifications may degrade by 0.1 x (accuracy specification) per °C. The measurement range meets the service operating errors specified in EN61557-1: 1997, EN61557-2: 1997, EN61557-4: 1997.
Power-on Test
Load/ Leakage Test: Load Current
The test indicates reversed L-N, missing PE, and
measures the mains voltage and frequency.
Display Range
Display Range
Accuracy at 50 Hz
Input Impedance
Maximum Input
Mains Voltage
90 V to 264 V
± ( 2% + 3 counts)
0.1 V (1V - model 6200)
> 1 MΩ // 2.2 nF
300 V
The appliance under test is energized at mains
Load/Leakage Test: Load Power
Display Range
Earth Bond Test (Rpe)
Display Range
Accuracy (after
Bond Test zeroing)
Test Current
0 to 13 A
± (4% + 2 counts)
0.1 A
0 to 19.99 Ω
± (5% + 4 counts)
0 to 999 VA
1.0 kVA to 3.2 kVA
± (5% + 3 counts)
1 VA (0 to 999 VA)
0.1 kVA (1.0 kVA to 3.2 kVA)
200 mA ac -0% +40%
into 1.99Ω
25 A ac ± 20 % into 25
mΩ at 230 V
Open Circuit Voltage > 4 V ac, < 24 Vac
Bond Test Zeroing can subtract up to 1.99Ω
The appliance under test is energized at mains
Insulation Test (Riso)
The appliance under test is energized at mains
Display Range
Test Voltage
Test Current
Auto discharge
Max. Capacitive
0 to 299 MΩ
± (5% + 2 counts) from
0.1 to 50 MΩ
± (10% + 2 counts) from
50 to 299 MΩ
0.01 MΩ (0 to 19.99 MΩ)
0.1 MΩ (20 to 199.9 MΩ)
1 MΩ (200 to 299MΩ)
500 V dc –0% +25% at
500 kΩ load
>1 mA at 500 kΩ load,
< 15 mA at 0Ω
< 0.5 s for 1 µF
operational up to 1 µF
Touch Current Test
Display Range
Internal Resistance
(via probe)
Measuring method
0 to 1.99 mA ac
± (4% + 2 counts)
0.01 mA
The appliance under test is energized at mains
Substitute Leakage Current Test
Display Range
Test Voltage
Operational Error
0 to 19.99 mA ac
± (5% + 5 counts)
0.01 mA
35 V ac ± 20%
Load/Leakage Test: Leakage Current
Display Range
0.25 to 19.99 mA
± (4% + 4 counts)
0.01 mA
± ( 2% + 3 counts)
300 Vrms
Warning threshold 25 Vrms
Accuracy at 50 Hz
Overload protection
DMS software
Fluke DMS software substantially extends the capability of your PAT Tester. Fluke DMS is
a powerful windows based PAT data management and reporting software that is ideal for
applications where a large number of appliance test are required or where you need to submit
customised & professional client reports. You can add your own logo if desired. The software is
easy to use and comes supplied on a CD Rom complete with a detailed user manual.
Accessory items (included with product)
Test lead
Test probe
Crocodile clip
Mains cord
Storage case
Accessories (Optional)
SP-SCAN-15, Barcode scanner
LABELS 0 - 1000
Fluke PowerPat Plus software
TA700 110V adaptor
* Requires manual data entry
Special PAT Kits
Fluke. Keeping your world
up and running.
If you need a complete PAT tester solution,
two purpose made kits are available.
Fluke 6200 UK/Kit
• 6200 Mainframe
• EXTL 100, Extension lead test adaptor
• Pass 560R, Appliance pass labels
• Fail 100s, Appliance fail labels
• IRP1, Register for PAT (Log Book)
Fluke 6500 UK/Kit
• 6500 Mainframe
• EXTL 100, Extension lead test adaptor
• SP Scan 15, Barcode scanner
• Fluke PowerPat plus Software
• Pass 560R, Appliance pass labels
• Fail 100s, Appliance fail labels
• APP 1000, Barcode appliance number labels
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Printed in the Netherlands 04/05.
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