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E Nu НР На Tre
ehh Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh
AE sail
WAREN WON wid ed” mm
Tony lommi
Heaven and Hell
Mikael Akerfeldt
Kiko Loureiro
Sharlee D’Angelo
Arch Enemy
Freak Kitchen
Rob Holliday
eter Prodigy
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Jim Barr
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GH100L / GH50L
Adam Bonello
Ira Losco
Alejandra Deheza
School of Seven Bells
Alex Thomas
Bat For Lashes,
Badly Drawn Boy
Anders Reinholdt
Andy Platts
Mama's Gun
Augie Meyers
Sir Douglas Quintet,
Bob Dylan,
Ben Curtis
School of Seven Bells
Ben Jones
Sam Sparro / Session
Ben McGregor
Beth Orton
Beth Orton
Boom Bip
Neon Neon
Brandon Curtis
The Secret Machines
Brent Reems
Left Front Tire
Bryon Shepherd
David Allan Coe
Cate Le Bon
Neon Neon / Solo
Base Jam
Chris Difford
Christian Cary
La Triple Nelson, Big Blues
Band, Punto Rojo
Christian Galvez
Stanley Clarke
Christophe Godin
Clare Pproduct
Claudia Deheza
School of Seven bells
Clive Deamer
Robert Plant, Portishead,
The Blessing
Chris Ketley
The Rakes
Dom Allen
Kid British
Daniel Blumberg
Cajun Dance Party
Zero 7
Dan Rayner
Drawbacks and Pitchshifter
Dave McPherson
Dave Uhrich
Dave Uhrich Band
Donny Little
Paolo Nutini
Doug Scarrat
Eddie Meyer
Turin Brakes
Eduardo Ardanuy
Dr Sin
Felipe Souza
Frank Carillo
Peter Frampton, Joan Jett,
John Hammond
Frank Dunnery
It Bites & Robert Plant
Gabriela Quintero
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Gareth Johnson
German Schauss
aordy Goudie
cho and The Bunnymen
Gruff Rhys
Neon Neon,
Super Furry Animals
Ivan Rougny
James Buckingham
The Vaults
Jan Cyrka
Jan Kirk Behunek
Olympic, Exekutor, Whitelight,
Saltzburg Filharmonic
Jim Barr
Portishead, The Blessing
Joe Hurst
Sophie Delila
John Evans
Divine Comedy
Jon Finn
Boston Pop Orchestra
Jocelyn Celaya
Radical Classical
Kieron Pepper
Dead Kids
Kiko Loureiro
Kiris Houston
Big Brovas / Webb Sisters
Laurent Barnard
Larry Taylor
Canned Heat, Tom Waits.
John Mayall John Doe
Leo ‘Easykill’ Williams
Dreadzone, Carbon Silicon
Luke Crowther
The Rifles
Mark Clayden
Mark Gemini Thwaite
The Mission, Tricky,
New Disease
Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh
Freak Kitchen
Mick Murphy
My Ruin
Mikael Akerfeldt
Mike Vennart
Mike McDaid
Paolo Nutini
Marcelo Barrera
Rescate, Salem
Nibbs Carter
Oscar Stagnaro
Paquito D’Rivera,
Berklee College of Music
Pat Bergeson
Chet Atkins, Lyle Lovett
Paul Reid
Beverly Knight,
Pete Trewevas
Philsung Cho
Pablo Mendoza
Pablo Olivares
Ricky Mehta
Rob Holliday
The Prodigy,
Marilyn Manson, Sulphur
Rock Freebase
Alabama 3
Rafal Konikowski
Robbie Furze
Robert Plant
Led Zeppelin, Independent
Rodrigo Sanchez
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Robbie Stern
Cajun Dance Party
Sean Mbaya
Kid British
Sam Mule
Sean Moody
Jonny Quality
Sel Balamir
Sharlee D'Angelo
Arch Enemy
| Blame Coco
Steve Harris
Steve Rothery
Suzy Horn
Prinzhorn Dance School
Steve Finity
Alabama 3
Teddy Rondinelli
The Rev
Sham 69 / Dirty Harry
Tim Rayner
Tobi Oyerinde
Tobin Prinz
Prinzhorn Dance School
Tom Jarvis
Reverend and The Makers
Tony Garnier
Bob Dylan
Tony lommi
Heaven and Hell,
Black Sabbath
Tony James
Carbon Silicon
Tom Peek
Kid British
Will Sergeant
Echo and the Bunnymen
Wim Roelands
The Lionheart range consists of the L20H - a 20 watt head with matching 2 x
12 cab the LT212, the L20T-410 - a 20 watt 4 x 10 combo and the L5T-112 a juicy
single ended 5 watt 1 x 12 combo, and the new L20T-112. Snappy vintage style and
Class-A sounds means you can't wait to dive in and see what's behind this
smart facade.
All Lionheart amps share the same top notch build quality and materials; it's the
power stages and speaker combinations which vary.
Each Lionheart amp houses the same smart chrome control panel and pre-amp
features - a single channel design with a foot-switchable drive section and reverb.
A no-nonsense design, nicely executed.
|| FE
Г |
| |
Tilt Mechanism
Echo and the Bunnymen - Will Sergeant plays the L20T-410 in The Royal Albert Hall
The combination of EL84 loaded single-ended Class-A power stages and premium
Celestion & Jensen speakers really catapult these amplifiers into an altogether
different league.
No more fixation on pre-amp distortion - with the Lionhearts you can hear the
“real” sound of a valve amplifier output stage clipping. The dynamic range of the
Lionheart amplifiers expands to fill a much bigger space than you'd ever expect
from such low wattage units.
Pushed really hard, the sonic punch and clarity of either the L20H or the Jensen
loaded L20T-410 is truly excellent and it's when the amps are being used like this
that you can really hear the differences in the speaker compliments.
The diminutive single ended 15T-112 features a premium Celestion Gi2H
loudspeaker and whilst it may not have the headroom of the 20 watters, at lower
levels the simplicity of the L5T's circuit adds a warmth and very dynamic feel
that makes it a must for any studio player's arsenal!
The tone control is a brilliant ‘one stop shop’ to tune the amp’s response to suit
a guitars characteristics - add punch and sparkle to a Les Paul, tone down your
Tele, or anything in between.
L201-112 / L20T-410 / L5T-112 / L20H
- ; m.
e 5 watts RMS * Clean 8 Drive
* Passive Bass, Middle 3 Treble * Bright Switch
* 3 X 12AX7 pre-amp valves
* 1 x EL84 output valve
* Single-ended Class A
e Global Tone control Reverb
e FS2 footswitch included e FX loop
e Extension cabinet socket
e 1 x 12” Celestion Heritage G12H driver
¢ Folding Tilt mechanism e Leather Handle
* Marine grade ply construction
* Cover included
* 20 watts RMS e Clean & Drive
* Passive Bass, Middle & Treble ® Bright Switch
® 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves
® 4 х Е 84 output valves
¢ Parallel single-ended Class A
* Global Tone control ® Reverb
e FS2 footswitch included * FX loop
e Extension cabinet socket
e 4, 8 & 16-Ohm operation
* Marine grade ply construction
e Leather Handle
o LT-KIT optional fixing kit for L20H available
* Cover included
e 60 watts RMS handling
e 2 x jack inputs
e 2 x 12” Celestion Heritage G12H driver
* Marine grade ply wood construction
* Folding Tilt mechanism
* Heavy-duty side grab bar handles
* Cover included
Guitar Buyer (UK)
Great Sound, Great Value -
This One's A Winner
With the Lionheart L20H and LT212,
Laney set out to capture some classic
tube tone. Let us be the first to say
mission accomplished!
Pickup Magazine (UK)
Your first valve amp might well be the only
YT RINE one you'll ever need, especially if its one as
bi nice as this. Okay, these amps are not “cheap”
but you're not paying “boutique” price for the
unrivalled quality and gorgeous tones.
Pablo Vande a Wolff
Lionhearts can sound either vintage or modern
depending on how you use the pre-amp controls
- back off the gain, wind up the master and you're
cooking up serious retro tone. Digging in hard pro-
duces extra bite, or backing off cleans it all up.
Conversely, wind the drive up and you have gain
aplenty, giving you all the harmonic squeals and
overtones you'd expect from a modern high-gain
“I have always used a Class A valve amp for the bite and
crunch. The Laney L20T-410 fills the bill no worries, I have
2 and they have a very 60's vintage look that appeals to the
psychedelic side of my personality”.
- Will Sergeant - Echo and the Bunnymen
* 20 watts RMS * Clean & Drive
e Passive Bass, Middle & Treble
e Bright Switch e 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves
e 4 x EL84 output valves
¢ Parallel single-ended Class A
e Global Tone control e Reverb
e FS2 footswitch included e FX loop
e Extension cabinet socket
e 1 x 12” Celestion Heritage G12H driver
* Folding Tilt mechanism e Leather Handle
e Heavy-duty side grab bar handles
* Marine grade ply construction
The New L20T-112 has the same great features as e Cover included
the L5T-112 but now houses the same 20 watt Class
A parallel single ended EL84 output section as the L20T-410
bigger Lionheart models in the range. Offering you NES (ECU NC
an increased headroom option whilst giving you * Passive Bass, Middle & Treble
e Bright Switch ® 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves
e 4 x EL84 output valves
¢ Parallel single-ended Class A
* Global Tone control ® Reverb
e FS? footswitch included * FX loop
* Extension cabinet socket
e 4 x 10” Jensen P10-R drivers
Lionheart range e Folding Tilt mechanism e Leather Handle
visit * Heavy-duty side grab bar handles
* Marine grade ply construction
* Cover included
The Lionheart range is a significant amplifier in
today’s market offering serious tone that's often
difficult to find in products costing twice the price.
Lionhearts are easy to use and most players will get
a great tone out of them within seconds.
masses of vintage valve tone in a compact stylish
The only problem is deciding which one to go for!
For more details and sound samples of the
— —
NEW === ==. |
L20T-112 = Ц — mE nu 5 Ч = =— Es a
i113 = = ен
\ = = = в mm — To an oem ee
ee ee
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= a * |
ar ————————] несете неон
(Laney | = |
i] me .m—— |
= rps mm ce
mas === mes a =— —] "NEL о __ a "а
o a e Пн а — — = = = “= = my
e —— = = Е a o ng = — и _— — a Mi чате — |
= ee a ZZ = = =
= E = pr Г a il — ia sE ща щен
] =— —] a cer —————][—————]]— es |
[5 ивы r= = Fr no == -онтины = mm an Es - и | == = = — = = "= = —— am ~ ая
= a = ión ma a mm — =— = = E = = = = = = = Da =
ЭР - ja > ae A La E a ii E еленеы |
- mar an EEE ВНЕ | - me ee
i= pli — = ; —_— — V: = 1 = = a, |
Ls I a d= rr E - nr m =——"| = Е = — — eg, = г E—,
dd =" =. — м rrr 9 не. = y == = = ey паи
= тен = ное не
= y аи | rl pe o — ES ее © —— = = — == ny, ee,
= oy ic | re я a meme | 22e 8 == = E = = =. " = =
—" == i TE = ны | E mi = amo — = = 25 |
= с = cal a ET нс ST | = = — — = om à
== = а —. A tl EEE = — | = т» = = = = я я. —
= re ee ae — ee
= ae gr m —— ==
= piel == — er ланщи = = =, —— |
Ee À
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т 5
ne = а - ji |
E al
a BE pe ==.
x Un i pe om! т —— GES re]
| Tm ve eum |
E Ее =
= - me re Er EE
= ot pai o Pa es
= rip - — т. | pe a — — E >
rar pe ES pu. re —
= pes CF ae и ст = J al a]
а — e
Г = me
m BL
GOOD LOOKING increased volume and full rich valve tone. Looking at the pre amp it's clear
o that the CUB12's pack more into the amp than its smaller siblings. From
The first thing you notice about the CUBS is their vintage good looks. All the units right to left the controls run as follow: -Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume,
feature the same cosmetic, black leatherette vinyl, distinctive brown and black front
ой Tone and finally Reverb. The CUB12 omits the Reverb. The output sec-
e его finished off with a chocolate brown control panel and cream chicken head tion of the CUB12 is based around a pair of EL84 tubes giving it a more
scooped tone than it's smaller counterparts. Think smooth rich overdrive
Ш with bags of gain. TA Ly
The pride of CUB amps has been increased this year by the addition of a new ul [ й
bigger cat the CUB12. The CUB12 is available in three options including a head and
cabinet option, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, lets take a look at the range in
[| hala [E E в ‘=
Now the nifty trick — the CUB12’s feature two input sockets one labelled 15 В: À
watts the other labelled <1 watt. Plug into the 15 watts input and that’s в
what you get 15 watts RMS of cool tube tone, plug into the <1 watt (less
| i E]
than one watt) and you get your great tube tone but now it's a whisper
i First the CUB 8.
more than a roar. The <1 watt option allows you to drive the power amp
F E d ñ section really hard allowing you to really access the Dark Art Tone of power CUB 12 / CUB 12R / CUB Head
я / | The CUB 8 features a classic single-ended Class A т | | PUR | | hy ba —
i Р design, and is loaded with a single ECC83 in the e CUB12 also comes in a really retro looking head. Featuring the same Li че
a pre amp section and a single 6V6GT in the preamp and power amp compliment as the CUB12R the CUB HEAD is A =p | “J à i > >»
J output section generating 5 watts RMS of paired up with the CUB CAB giving you a really compact and tone full 2 р ь :
vintage tube tone. The CUB 8's control panel x 12 set up. The CUB CAB houses 2 x 12” Celestion drivers and is open he В. ь Зы’ 4
A is simplicity personified — a tone control, a backed to give you a really nice clear mid range to the cabinet. The CUB
volume control, Hi and Lo input and that's CAB can also be used in a portrait orientation as well as the more common CUB 10
your lot. The CUB 8 houses an 8” Celestion landscape layout for interesting sonic variation.
driver. т =
| MER |
IN USE ECC83 6V6GT EL84 The CUBS offer a welcome addition to the Laney tube amp range giving ; =p M "a i я
Using a CUB 8 is straightforward, plug in, dial in your tone and wind the volume up a everyone the opportunity to experience the sound and feel of a good quality ся a -
ee A little and the 6V6GT's respond in a bright, bouncy and brilliant tube amp at what is an amazing price. CUB 8
fashion. Drive the output section harder and the increased 2nd and 3rd order har-
monics give the tone a pronounced bottom end and a lovely lower mid. Visit for more details, video and sound clips of the CUB
The CUB 10 is not just a bigger CUB 8 it is a totally different amplifier and comes
from further along the evolutionary path of tube amp design.
The CUB 10 is a CLASS A/B design and produce 10 watts RMS of power from a CUBS CUB HEAD
pre amp loaded with 2 ECC83's and a pair of EVEGT's. The pre amp compliment e 5 Watts RMS e 15 watts RMS, < 1 watt RMS
The new ALL TUBE CUB range has its roots fairly and squarely consists of a Tone control, a Volume control and a Gain control. Along with a set of 8” Celestion Driver e 3 x ECC83 Pre Amp tubes
back in the very beginning of tube amp production. In those days Hi & Lo input jacks. The CUB 10 houses a 10” Celestion driver. * 1 xECC83 Pre Amp tube *2X EL84 Output tubes
| , | e 1 x 6V6GT Output tube e 15 Watt input, <1 Watt input
you did not have a choice about the power rating of your amp, e Hi 8 Lo input « Reverb, Tone, Volume,
low-powered amps were all you could get. Today it is a differ-
HEARTBREAKER * Tone * Volume Bass, Middle, Treble & Gain
ent story — you choose a small, low powered tube amp because The CUB 10's Class A/B output section gives this amp a nicely pronounced * FX Loop
midrange — which is where the natural frequencies of the guitar instrument sit. This * Footswitch Socket
you UC lala vintage sound. Who better to offer this than a means that the CUB 10 has a very natural and responsive mid range when run clean. CUB 10 * Two Speaker Outputs ane -
company who's been producing tube amps since 1967? Push the amp a little harder and things begin to get very Zeppelin-esque - think * 10 Watts RMS —
“Heartbreaker”. Hit the strings harder and the amp breaks up ever so responsively, * 10” Celestion Driver CUB CAB : — y т: = я
dial in more gain and the amp really starts to cook with vintage tone. The pair of e 2 x ECC83 Pre Amp tube * 2 x 12” Celestion Drivers > тен
Let's take a look at the CUB All TUBE range. 6V6GT's work hard to give plenty ° 2 x 6VEGT Output tube * 100 Watts RMS ===
Vi = of low-end punch for a small tube * Hi 8. Lo input * Dual position Landscape | у 5
À amp, perfect for a bluesy solo. * Tone * Volume * Gain Portrait. E |
ra |
* Open backed | x
TD L So A oF The CUB12’s offer a CUB with a CUB 12R / CUB 12
SN , , , , —
* E" substantially bigger bites and a nifty * 15 watts RMS, < 1 watt RMS = - |
trick up their sleeves! All will be * 12” Celestion driver — — |
may revealed in a moment. * 3 x ECC83 Pre Amp tubes — ан o Laney
ME « 2 x EL84 Output tubes ZZ ee
The CUB12 and CUB12R both * 15 Watt input, <1 Watt input т ee mt tome
: = - = - - house a Celestion 12” driver, giving * Reverb*, Tone, Volume, ae morue qe» - o еннн Te a = nn ao
== : : them an Bass, Middle, Treble & Gain EEE DEAL eT TT
== =" | * FX Loop === STE EZ ED EZ ЕЕ
= A we i | = * Footswitch Socket EEE iS ел
] I e External Speaker Out ee EEE AS
- a ; =—— *except CUB12 ama pom
- gel == ee eee
| Ee ee
ee == == ee
ee | ee DEE
a -
| 8 E
om =
On stage with Paolo Nutini: Guitarist Donny Little using the VC30-212, Mike McDaid using Laney Richter bass stacks.
Discover the purity and natural tonality of valves.
It’s a cold-hearted guitarist who doesn’t ex-
perience a flutter of excitement at their first
glimpse of the VC range. Vintage in attitude
and packed with warmth and tone, the VC
range covers vintage guitar tones with ease
and provides enough gain for contempo-
rary playing.
The VC range consists of a common twin
channel pre-amp configuration, housing
a Clean Volume, Drive & Drive Volume, a
global three band EQ shared by both chan-
90 ):33:232333 E Lends
VC30-112 / VC30-
nels, a Reverb control and finally an overall
Tone control — now a signature feature of
Laney's valve amps. Simple, logical and in-
tuitive — just as guitar amplifiers should be.
All this housed in a very ‘British’ and spe-
cifically a very ‘Laney’ black basket weave
vinyl covering, with black and grey speaker
grille - with white piping, rugged leather
handles and finished with chromed corners.
Giving a very purposeful no-nonsense ap-
a =
210 / VC30-2
The VC's clean channel is immediately impressive and lives
up to its name remaining clean almost all the way to the
maximum volume, when it begins to break up in the perfect
pleasant way you only get from pushing an EL84 hard. Drive-
wise the VC range has its roots in the bluesy side of things,
but push the front end of the amp a little harder with a pedal
and the gain really sings. The exception to this is the VC15-
110 - it doesn’t need to be pushed from the front end, this
spiteful little beast has all the drive you could want already on
The drivers fitted within the VC range represent the perfect
choice to compliment the VC’s tonal output. Nailing every-
thing from chiming cleans through to Moody Blues, right up
to classic British Rock.
“Paolo’s songwriting and voice calls for a ‘classic’
sound, and as such the Laney tube sound keeps that
retro vibe”
Donni Little — Paulo Nutini
“With the VC15-110 Laney have
excelled in providing guitarists with
professional tones and facilities at a
practice amp price. What’s more, it’s
well-made and particularly handsome
package that evokes all that’s great
about British valve amplification”
— Guitarist Mag (UK)
e 15 watts RMS * Hi 8 Lo jack inputs
* Clean & Drive ® Bass, Middle & Treble
* Bright Switch * Class A/B
* 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves
e 2 x EL84 output valves
e Global Tone control Reverb
e FX Loop - switchable levels
e FS2 footswitch socket
e Extension cabinet socket
e 1 x 10” Jensen driver
e 30 watts RMS e Hi & Lo jack inputs
* Clean & Drive ® Bass, Middle & Treble
* Bright Switch * Class A
* 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves
e 4 x EL84 output valves
* Global Tone control Reverb
e FX Loop - switchable levels
® FS2 footswitch socket
e Extension cabinet socket
e 1 x 12” Celestion Seventy 80 driver
e Same specification as VC30-112 but
with 2 x 10” Jensen C10Q16 drivers
L mee,
* 30 watts RMS e Hi & Lo jack inputs
* Clean & Drive ® Bass, Middle & Treble
* Bright Switch * 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves
* 4 x EL84 ouput valves * Class A
* Globe Tone control ® Reverb
* FX loop - switchable levels
* FS? footswitch socket
* Extension cabinet socket
* 2 x 12” Celestion Seventy 80 drivers
* 75 watts RMS handling *e Jack input
e 1 x 12” Celestion Seventy 80 driver
* 8 Ohm impedance ® Closed back design
e 70 watts RMS handling *e Jack input
® 2 x 10” Jensen C10Q16 drivers
* 8 Ohm impedance ® Closed back design
GS210VE / GS112VE
Where to begin? An overview of the complete LC
range for those of you who are new to the product
range would be a good place to start.
The LC range now consists of four models: -
The first of which is the diminutive LC15-110. This
legendary entry-level valve amp offers 15 watts
RMS, a single channel, a 1 x 10” Celestion Driver
and Reverb. Since its release Laney has manufac-
tured over 15,000 of these units in the last decade,
which is an astounding figure.Secondly, the LC30-
112 - at its core a Class A valve amplifier packing 30
watts of pure valve tone — as powerful as you need
and really loud when cranked up!
Thiraly, the LC50-112 offering 50 watts RMS of
powerful class A/B valve tone giving masses of
headroom and punch.
Finally the new LH50. After much demand a new 50
watts RMS all valve head. Sleek, professional and
the result of Laney's strive for innovation and evolu-
tion within the industry.
The LC30-112, LC50-112 and LH50 all share the
same pre-amp format, comprising of twin chan-
nels, each with their own dedicated drive control,
three band EQ, plus global Reverb and overall Tone
The benefit of having a Gain on both channels is that
even if you want to set one channel up clean you
have the ability to add a little drive to it giving you that
luxurious gently pushed valve amp sound. No need
for a pedal in the front end! Wind the other channel
up and hit it hard and the amp sings, rich with har-
monics and defiantly screaming its heart out.
On the far right lies the master tone control. This
is a very cool idea indeed and acts a lot like your
guitars tone pot. This makes for some serious tonal
The speakers and valves in the LC range are per-
fectly matched so you get all the lovely round tone
that sustains and growls for ages after you've struck
your note and even more so using the reverb.
Ea 5
Sam Sparro - Guitarist Ben Jones using the Laney LC50-112
“As a session player the most important
aspect of your gear is that it’s versatile, this
amp is the most versatile | have ever played.
| have yet to be in a situation where the amp
couldn’t do the job, it records as well as it
rocks a keeps the packing simple and
sound engineers love a sound that’s easy to
- Joe Hurst — Session Pro
All feature the same smart cosmetic and new sleek
Laney die-cast metal badge. The GS212IE is the
ideal partner for the LH50 — both in looks and
sounds. Housing a pair of Celestion Seventy 80
drivers this cabinet is a real powerhouse, and makes
an ideal mini stack.
Its a great update to an amp that is already awe-
some, and you get the feeling that Laney have really
put thought into this. There 1s nothing gimmicky here;
it's all practical control.
For more details check out
“This amp is one of the most versatile I've
played... | love this amp, and so will you, and
| will leave your jaw to drop when you see the
price — they could have charged a lot more
for this and it would still be a justified price”
- Pickup Mag (UK)
LC30-112 / LC50-112 / LH50
® 15 watts RMS ¢ Hi & Lo Jacks
* Class AB ¢ 1 x 10” Custom Celestion Driver
® 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp Tubes
e 2 x EL84 Output Tubes
* 30 watts RMS e Hi & Lo input jacks
e 2 Channels ® Independent Bass, Mid & Treble EQ
* Bright Switch * Class A ® Reverb
* FS? footswitch socket
* FX loop with selectable level
e 1 x 12” Celestion Seventy 80 Driver
e 12AX7 pre-amp valves * EL84 Output section
LC50-112 / LH50
* 50 watts RMS e Hi & Lo input jacks
e 2 Channels ® Independent Bass, Mid & Treble EQ
e Bright Switch e Class A/B ® Reverb
e FS2 footswitch socket
* FX loop with selectable level
* 1 x 12” Celestion Seventy 80 Driver*
* ECC83 pre-amp valves * EL34 Output section
* Jack speaker sockets**
* LC50-112 only
** LH50 only
HIM guitarist Linde plays VH100R
The VH100R is the real backline hero —- since its launch
in 1995 the VH100R has caught more than a few guitar-
ists eyes and ears with its aggressive tone, gleaming
chrome front panel and chicken head knobs.
The panel positively bristles with controls but once you understand the nature of
the beast it all makes perfect sense, and everything falls naturally to hand.
The VH100R is basically a twin-channel amplifier with each channel having foot-
switchable gain giving you four distinct sounds at your fingertips. Sonic charac-
teristics can be broadly split into clean, crunch, stack style distortion and finally,
full-on lead. Clean sounds are taken care of by a single volume control with an
- Linde - HIM
m 426868
BE a"sadda
The rear of the VH100R is home to numerous effects loops and speaker sockets
presenting you with plenty of options when it comes to interfacing with outboard
gear. The effects loops are laid out in simple, easy-to-use groups; one parallel
loop for channel A, one parallel loop for channel B, one parallel loop which is
global to the entire pre-amp, and an insert loop which functions in either series
or parallel mode with its own return level control. Finally a pre-amp in/power amp
out loop to round things off.
If desired you also get the ability to retro fit 6L6/5881's in place of the factory
fitted EL34 outputs tubes at the flick of the onboard biasing switch.
The VH100R's power comes courtesy of a quartet of factory fitted TAD EL34’s
hand-selected for the best valve tone possible.
The VH100R is a serious road-ready amplifier and is impressive in terms of
build quality even by Laney’s impressive high standards! The new elegant top
mounted grab handles give the impression that a great deal of thought has gone
into both the aesthetics, and practicalities of construction and use. Finished
off in a black basket weave vinyl covering and a black and grey front grille, the
chromed corners and white piping make this amplifier a real draw, even before
you turn it on.
Firing up the VH100R leaves a big impression! Totally clean sounds — bright,
punchy and solid. Single coils are bright without being painful: Humbuckers
are smooth with lots of tone — but never nasal. Switch in the drive channel and
you're into that pleasing ‘just breaking up’ rhythm sound area — no mushiness
here, even as you wind the gain up.
And then there's the lead channel - stuffed full of harmonic richness and muscu-
lar tone. Dial in the additional gain and you’ve got everything from a bluesy wail
to a rip-your-head off mega gain tone. A very, very impressive package indeed.
Sat on top of a Celestion Vintage 30 loaded GS412PA or PS cabinet the VH100R
is a real killer tone machine!
For more details and sound samples of the VH100R visit
* 100 watts RMS *e Twin Channels — each with footswitch-
able gain ® Independent Bass, Middle & Treble per channel
accompanying Bright switch — tone shaping comes courtesy of a three band EQ.
If it’s crunch you want then you can dial in drive via the Drive pot and control
your level boost by the second Volume pot. Access to the overdrive channel is
gained either via the front panel or using the FS4 footswitch, which is supplied
with the unit. The Drive channel is laid out in the same clear way as the clean/
crunch channel, but works in a slightly different way; the final footswitchable gain
section adds to the existing gain and volume setting without overriding them.
Four sounds with different gain characteristics, each with their own distinct
identity — refreshingly simple.
e Overall Presence Control e Bright Switch e 5 x Premium
ECC83 pre amp valves * 4 x Premium EL34 output valves
e Switchable Valve bias — 5881/6L6 — EL34 e Class A/B
e Reverb with independent levels on each channel e Line
Out e FS4 footswitch included e FX loops - Channel A,
Channel B, Channel A+B Global insert/Side chain with GS412PS
return level. * Power amp in/pre-amp out socket.
e Extension cabinet socket connections for 1 x 16, 2 x 16,
1 x 8 & 2 x 8&-Ohm e Recessed top mount bar handles.
e 240 watts RMS handling mono @16 Ohms, 2 x 120 Watts
Stereo @ 8 Ohms * Double (Paralleled) jacks
e 4 x 12” Celestion Vintage 30's ® Supplied with castors
e Marine Plywood Cabinet ® Angled baffle/front
* Same specification as GS412A but with straight baffle/front
“The sound is really superior and one I've
heard before, but only on ‘designer’ amps
costing nearly five times as much”
- Guitarist Mag (UK)
tonally very rich, lots of usable hi's and lo's and when you kick in the overdrive facility you
immediately understand the magic in this range of heads — blistering high gain with tone to 4
spare. GH100L
The GH range consists of two models — the GH50L and the GH100L — both pack the same
pre-amp and whilst the GH50L pushes out 50 watts RMS, the GH100L powers out 100 watts
RMS. Finished in Laney’s now famous livery the GH range looks every inch the tone monster
it is.
The ideal companions for the monster GH tone are the GS212IE, GS4121A and GS4121S
cabinets, designed to handle anything that the GH heads can throw at them. Partner the
GH50L with a GS212IE and you have a stunning, compact rig which you can use on even the
smallest of stages — great tone and superb projection, or for bigger gigs try the GH100L with
GS412 cabinets. All Laney cabinets are loaded with premium Celestion drivers — hand picked
to do the job.
Ignore this range at your peril.
For more details and sound samples of the GH range visit
J , “I've had a great relationship with them CO
for years now and I've never had problems SPEC
N with my stack. I want it to be simple and
ы Lo GH100L GS412IA
- powerful so I use the GHiooL, which is « 100 watts RMS e 320 watts RMS handling mono @16 Ohms
y й e Si i i * Double (Paralleled) jacks
A basically a regular 100w head, not too Jira Channel with footeuttchable gain 127 Golestion Sérenty 80%
e Bass, Middle & Treble * Supplied with castors
e Overall Presence Control * Bright Switch — * Plywood Cabinet Angled baffle
A e Premium ECC83 pre-amp valves
e 4 x Premium EL34 output valves GS412IS
Switchable Valve bias - 5881/6L6 - EL34 © As above but with straight baffle
E. many knobs either, which is good for me”
e FS1 footswitch socket - — - Qi
e FX loop switchable insert / side chain with
return level and bypass option
e Extension cabinet socket connections for E
1 x 16, 2 x 16, 1 x 8 & 2 x 8-Ohm
e Class A/B * Slave option a
The GH range offers a simple, uncluttered appearance,
a theme which continues through to the use of the
The rear panel of the GH range offers you everything
you need to interface your tone machine with out board
gear — a selectable FX loop that can be set to work in
three different modes depending on what you want to
* As above but 50 watts Fa
RMS output
e 2x EL 34 rr]
pe bus
* 160 watts RMS handling
mono @16 Ohms, 2 x 80 watts
RMS Stereo @ 8 Ohms
achieve. A selector switch determines which mode the
format with footswitchable gain, three band EQ, volume, FX loop operates in, either Bypassed, Series or Parallel.
The pre-amp is logically laid out — a single channel
presence control and resonance switch. All designed * 2x 12” Celestion Seventy L —
to add to your guitars tone rather than getting in the 80's » Plywood Labinet Ч. ы | ane EJ |
ur gui ingi o
Resisting the temptation to cram as many tones as | A | getting * Top mounted recessed bar
a way of it. Everything about the front panel compliment | a handles. —
possible into a single unit, the GH range focuses on RE Try any guitar through this amp and for once it’s impos- Ir
И shouts simplicity and the only feature which might be | |
providing the player a great sound canvas. In other À | sthe R Switch (his affect sible to get a poor sound — Laney have found the magic
words when you plug your guitar in you'll find a great NSW 50 9 a 15 IS ESONANGE a ch (this affects formula to produce that great sound canvas mentioned ARTIST SETTINGS (7)
В | the damping response of the amplifier and hence the | | fo
basic sound, and personalising it is just a simple knob | earlier — plug in, tweak the controls — and it simply
| | bass response). What does this mean sonically? A | |
tweak away, instead of spending days pouring over a | | sounds great. Wind the volume up and things become
tighter more focused low end — my advice would be to |
manual full of garbled techspeak. 1H |
simply try it and see! La ина |
| Е: |
BE (| nsgggsdgnge
17 J E че Y 1 18
“I switched to Laney about 4 years ago
as it has a much thicker, warmer tone
than previous brit amps I've used in the
past. Unbelievable tone”
David, England
Aleksandar, Serbia
“I like Laney VH100R because it's very
all-round and dynamic. Crunch is best
i've ever heard.”
Juha, Finland
Markus, Germany
“I have been playing Laney
amps for years and | am
still inspired by the amazing
tone!! It’s great to have such a
variety of tone from one amp
which is really important for
my style of music.”
Steve, United Kingdom
Scotty, Australia
Stephen, UK
Brian, USA
From world stages to intimate sessions,
Laney is immensely proud of our heritage
supporting artists in getting their tone.
Reader's Rigs is dedicated to the players
out there who made Laney part of their
sound. Here's a small selection of Read-
ers Rigs entries.
Why not share your experience with the what you want than the VH100R & GH100L
valve amps are where it’s at. Fellow musicians
WO rid ? regularly ask me what distortion pedal | use... |
only have two words to say, “I don’t”. First time
you plug into a Laney Valve amp you won't look
Go to to find out more. back!”
Chris, United Kingdom
Max, Spain “Live I now use a VH100R as my main stage
amp. The thing is a beast. If perfect tone is
Orazio, Italy
Augie, United States
Steve, United Kingdom
“It can kick any other brand in the
sound and durability on stage and in
studio and loud as hell!!! And you dont
need any distortion pedals so it is a
perfect rig!!!”
Igor, Croatia
L a —
od wu oi AE
ALIS лы я а КА
or live and recording i use
GH100L, GH100L is one amazing amp. It
is the best sounding and most powerful
amp on the planet. The distortion is great,
I never use distortion pedal, just plug my
guitar into Laney amp and rock them.
VH100R’s sound is raw, gritty, but clean,
just damn loud, it's awesome!”
Bengbeng, Indonesia
“I have been playing for 20 years or so
and | can say that | have used almost
every amp you can imagine. The LC30 got
me the closest to perfection, to my ideal
sound. As a blues player, | enjoy the warm,
full and responsive tone of this beauty. |
use a Gibson 335 and it really sings.”
Pablo, Uruguay
Jan, United Kingdom
Even at 50, it’s fun to rock the small clubs
and bars! The LC15 is the perfect amp for
me for small clubs. Mic’ed, it rocks and at
rehearsal, has no trouble keeping up.
“Guitar tone is an endless pursuit for some. But
for me it ended in 1998 because I've had my
Laney GH100L ever since and it's never let me
down. It's gone half way round the world with me
and really, it sounds better and better every day!”
Greg, South Africa
“In 2000 i bought a Laney amplifier,
which provides a sound of soft, agree-
able distortion, which combines the
saturation of the sound, with the neces-
sary string and guitar sound, a “timbrica”
i had been looking for until i found this
amplifier. from that moment on i have
been using laney.”
Guzman Mendaro, Uruguay
“I've had my RBG400 for 8 years now
and not once has it let me down, or
needed any major repairs. the DI on
the front of the amp make it perfect
for any venues with a PA, its also loud
enough for venues with out.
Laney ROCKS!!!”
Chris, United States
Cr el a
Laney are very proud of their association with one of the most influential
guitar players of all time, and in celebration of this, Laney produces an
amp that the original “Man In Black” is happy to stand in-front of every
The GH100T1 is a single channel, 100 watt all valve head. Which takes
its design cues directly from the GH range of heads, but unlike the
GH100L it does not have a footswitchable gain section — there is no
need — it's ON the whole time!
5 stages of pure valve gain means one thing — treat this amp with
caution or it will bite you - big time!
Stand with you back to the amp — hit an “A” chord and wait to be hit in
the back by what feels like a charging Rhino.
The GH100TI is an amp with a message, and the message is beware!
In order to tame the GH100TI’s monster output you need a cabinet
capable of harnessing its wide tonal output — the GS412L series was
designed with that in mind.
Not for the faint of heart!
e 100 watts RMS e Single Channel ® Hi & Lo Jacks
e Bass, Middle & Treble ® Overall Presence Control
e Bright Switch ® 3 x Premium ECC83 pre-amp valves
e 4 x Premium EL34 output valves ® Switchable Valve bias — 5881/6L6 — EL34
e Class A/B e Slave option
e FX loop switchable insert/side chain with return level and bypass option
e Extension cabinet socket connections for 1 x 16, 2 x 16, 1 x 8 & 2 x 8-Ohm
* 320 watts RMS handling mono 216 Ohms
e Double (Paralleled) jacks * 4 x 12” Celestion Seventy 80’s
e Supplied with castors * Plywood Cabinet * Angled baffle
* Same specification as GS412LA but with straight baffle
us | | — ES hs
The philosophy behind the Laney Prism range
is a new and refreshing one! Gone are the
days of simply approximating the sounds of
other amplifiers. PRISM looks at the whole
picture rather than just concentrating on one
aspect of a player's tone.
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Prism amps feature two modes: HERO and LIVE. HERO mode takes its
inspiration from the different amp and effects combinations used on
classic guitar recordings and reproduces these to give the player up
to 22 inspirational guitar tones from “clean to extreme” which can be
used in their own rights or as building blocks for finding your own tone.
the P20
In LIVE mode the unit functions as a conventional WYSIWYG amplifier,
allowing the user to build tones using the onboard amp models and d P65
an .
studio quality effects and store them to one of four channels for recall
Lets take a look at the pre amp from left to right.
The left hand side of the pre amp houses the AMP
The Prism’s onboard multi-FX Palette consists of 11 carefully selected
settings and the mode selection switches and
effect combinations giving you access to all the classic studio quality
effects you'll need. Each effects selection is fully editable with all the
key parameters accessible by the TAP and EDIT control functions and
[2 an +
onboard tuner, the centre of the pre amp features
the conventional amplifier controls and the right
Ls rad ЕЕ вен ГПО ГЕО НИНЫ
combinations of the TAP, A, B & bypass buttons,
all of which are fully explained in the manual. The
P35 and P65 also have a variable boost, which can
be applied to any of the Prism’s amp models and
set accordingly.
Housed in stylish and thoroughly modern looking
cabinets the Prisms feature a logically laid out pre
amp which gives you clear access to everything
you need. All three units feature the same basic
channel layout with the only exception being
- which omits the LED recall around the
controls and the boost facility found on the P35
hand side of the pre amp is devoted to handling
the effects side of things and the overall master
volume control.
Round the back of the unit the rear panel houses
an extension speaker out, a phones / record out
socket and the FS2 and FS1 footswitch
sockets to enable foot switching of the user
channels. The top of the unit is finished off with
a very stylish moulded handle.
This is where the fun really begins. Dialling through
achieved your sound — simply pick a channel, press
and hold, and your sound is stored in all its glory for
recall later.
each of the Prisms hero modes gives you a clear
indication of the quality of the units. A nice touch for navigating around the units are the
LED around each control so it's easy for you to see
Right from the outset each amp provides a great where the controls are set and which effects are
crisp, varied tone spectrum, which has clearly been selected when you scroll through the Hero modes.
chosen to give the user as wide a range of retro and In the case of the P20, which omits this feature, turn-
modern guitar tones as possible. Each HERO mode ing a control knob activates this control and where it
is given a name, which clearly comes to rest is the new value.
indicates where it positions itself. For full details of
each HERO mode and how it sounds visit
Prism amps offer a great new take on digital amp
design and package everything a player could want
into to portable affordable units without sacrificing and check out the online demos.
Each hero mode can be tweaked accordingly and
if you like the result you can save it to one of the sonic quality or user interface.
user channels by simply pressing and holding the
desired user channel until the STORED light flashes! visit for more details, video
and sound clips of the Prism range.
Live mode gives you instant access to the full range
of the amp's controls and allows you to build your
own sounds from the ground up. Once you've
Re в Loaded With Inspirational Presets
11 carefully selected effect combinations gives you
= a 1 access to all the studio quality effects you'll need. 65 Watts RMS ¢ 12” Celestion Driver WYSIWYG Interface
SE ei = y Mu - Each effect is fully editable with key parameters
TE & — — e aM N % U ”»” = TE = , Г y al accessible by TAP and EDIT control functions and From Acoustic To Clean To Extreme
i 4 : - = Ty combinations of the TAP, A, B & bypass buttons.
== ARE CT mena EA EEES ante 35 Watts RMS * 10” Custom Driver For each tone colour
A ZN | —.;o— 8 ;
f A = y й To Store Your Favorite Sounds
O sea NT NE NE
e A SE — = 3 - Easy Edit Control With Tap Tempo
mil > MT - P = —— 20 Watts RMS e 8” Custom Driver
я - - EL LED Display Of Each Control Status se
диет re; FEF | =
& y Each unit comes packed with the AUX Input
¡EME A NU SCT CE UT = a i 1 |
IZ. Ww — iE & 4 5» = В © LLL PT FS1* / FS2 Footswitch sockets
| i del | Lu adi
|, 4 Ш >
|: i k | " ë
y | de TN | 24
r 3 | | : F
РО Ач BL A —""
a AE
”, A E
a PA
die A e
aa o e
=; A is
The new 2010 Linebacker range brings the heritage of the Linebacker
range bang up to date.
Some players like a lot of control over their tones and effects, some
players are happy with simple straight ahead tone and effects com-
binations which sound great with the minimum amount of fuss. The
Linebacker range is directed fairly and squarely at this latter category
of players.
The Linebacker range consists of three models all with the same
striking cosmetic which harks back to the orange period of
Linebacker amp livery!
Lets take a look at the layout of the flagship of the Linebacker range,
the Linebacker 35.
Housed in a smart stylish and thoroughly modern cabinet the LR35’s
pre amp features two identical channels each housing 11 amp mod-
els per channel giving you access to up to 22 different amp models.
These amp models range from clean to full on distortion and model
characteristics of some of Laney's signature tube amp sounds such
as the VC range and the Lionheart range through to the mighty Tony
lommi signature Tl sound! With variations in between giving you a
full tone spectrum
When you select an amp model it not only includes the amps gain
characteristics but also a full set of custom EQ within the model so
the LR35's EQ controls are simplicity themselves featuring a Contour
control and an overall Presence control.
Next come the effects — two banks of effects are supplied:
MODULATION effects and DELAY FX, These banks of effects are ac-
cessed by a simple rotary control, more on these effects in a moment.
The Linebacker range is very easy to use - select a channel, dial in
an amp model, tweak your EQ, select your effects, dial in the effect
you want and play - it’s that simple. | should mention that every amp
model stores its effects allocation and a setting INSTANTANEOUSLY,
there is nothing for you to do. So for each amp model you can select
a different effects combination and this is recalled as soon as you
recall that amp model the next time.
The fact that the Linebacker 35’s channel posses the same amp mod-
el compliment makes it possible to cover every amp model switching
combination. Think about it, you 2 go from a clean to a full on
metal, or a clean tone with delay*to the same tone with a chorus and
reverb and a volume increase by simply manipulating the model and
effects combinations! This is a really simple but very powerful option!
The Linebacker 20 packs exactly the same pre amp features but of-
fers a 20-watt RMS output package rather than the 35 watts RMS of
the Linebacker 35.
The Linebacker 5 is the smallest unit of the range and offers some
unique features to the Laney amp lineup. The Linebacker 5 offers and
single guitar channel featuring the same amp models as its bigger
brothers but adds in a MIC/Line channel and battery powered porta-
bility — a feature not seen in any other LANEY amp. The LR5 comes
supplied with a carry strap to get you out and about from the get go,
when you're not carrying the amp the strap doubles up as a guitar
strap — nice touch!
The Linebacker range provides great usable tones
from the moment you turn them on. The 11 amp
models on each channel have been carefully chosen
and packaged to give you everything that you could
want in a compact amp. The clean sounds are clean
and clear and the semi crunch tones are second to
none, when it comes to dynamics and feel — add a little chorus and a medium
delay and you can cover a host of modern guitar sounds. Select something a
little more dirty and the amps really come alive with nice balanced highs and
lows and on full-tilt these amp sound like real monsters.
Each amp is packed with additional features such as an onboard tuner and
Phones/record out — both really useful features for amps of this nature to have.
All in all the Linebacker range offers a modern day approach to simple straight L5
ahead flexible guitar tone for a player who wants everything to
enhance their playing and nothing to get in their way.
* 5 Watts RMS * 6.5” Custom Driver
* 11 Amp Models
* Additional Mic Channel With Level Control u ВИ
* On Board Tuner * 22 Amp Models * 2 Channels
* PSU Supplied / Battery Power Option (6AAA)
* Dynamic Contour Control
e Presence Control * 4 Modulation FX's
* Plus Delay 8% Reverb * 2 FX at A Time
* Ultra High Quality EQ On Each Amp Model
* Phones / Record Out
* Shoulder Strap Included
(Converts to free guitar strap)
e 35 Watts RMS * 10” Custom Driver * 20 Watts RMS * 8” Custom Driver
* AUX input * Dynamic Contour Control
* Presence Control * 4 Modulation FX's
* Plus Delay % Reverb * 2 FX Per Channel
* FX Status € Settings Saved For Each Channel
o Ultra High Quality EQ On Each Amp Model
¢ Identical Amp Model Compliment On Each
Channel Covers All Switching Options
e On Board Tuner
e Phones / Record Out
The LV range
consists of four combos — 65 watts up to 120 watts
RMS - LV100, LV200, LV300 & LV300T respectively. A
head - LV300H and two cabinet options LV412A and
LV412S. When you think LV, think loud!
Blakfish guitarist Sam Mule performing with an LV300H
The LV front panels are all nicely laid-out and feature
the same channel compliment; a clean channel with
dedicated EQ, and two Drive channels which share an
EQ, but with separate gain and master control for each.
The LV100 features a clean channel and a single drive
Although the LV range are not valve amps in the tradi-
tional sense they do feature a pre-amp valve - housing
Tube Fusion Technology in their hybrid design. Giving
Finally, the digital reverb section with individual
controls for the clean and the drive channels, a really
nice user-friendly feature.
The rear panels of the LV range feature everything
you need — simple series effects loops an exten-
sion speaker socket and a footswitch socket. Each
LV models comes supplied with a sturdy metal
One of the real benefits of a hybrid design is a lack
of weight — any model in the LV range can be loaded
in and out of a car boot or van without fear of injury
but is as tough as it needs to be to withstand the
rigours of gigging — tough tolex and metal corners all
help keep the amps looking as good as they did the
first time you saw them!
LV’s clean channels sound big and roomy with the
ability to be both cutting and brash whilst
still allowing the player to be warm and
smooth when needed. The bright switch
makes all the difference here. Combine
this with the expressive EQ and LV is
good for everything from Country to Jazz.
Thanks to the LV's onboard valve it's
possible to achieve a thoroughly modern
metal tone at low volumes and as the vol-
ume goes up, wind the gain off a little and
it gives you a more British sounding drive.
The key to getting the tone you want is
to experiment as the LV range responds
really well to the onboard tone controls.
Don’t forget there is always the VTS
For some serious LiVe volume the LV
range includes a range of matching 4 x 12
cabinets to the LV300H.
you that legendary Valve Mojo to the pre-amp drive
V is more to these amps than just being in the word LiVe
— each drive channel features a V switch. The V switch
gives you an instantly scooped tone. The nice thing
is that there is one per channel — giving you flexibility
- Guitar Buyer (UK)
to scoop the rhythm tone whilst leaving the solo tone
unaffected. Next comes the VTS switch — this feature
globally boosts certain bass and upper mid frequencies
Whilst cutting some of the lower mid.
* 65 watts RMS * Jack input
e 2 — channels Clean & Drive channels
* Bass, Middle & Treble per channel
* Bright Switch on clean channel
* Reverb with independent controls for Clean & Drive
* FS? included e Extension cabinet socket * FX loop
e 1 x 12” Celestion Rocket 50
* Scoop switch — drive channel
e Tube Fusion Technology - tube emulating circuitry
e Headphone socket
* 65 watts RMS * Jack input ® 3 — channels Clean, Drive
1 and Drive 2 channels ® Independent Bass, Middle &
Treble for clean and Drive channels * Bright Switch on
clean channel ® Reverb with independent controls for
Clean & Drive * FS3 custom 3 way footswitch included
* Extension cabinet socket * FX loop * 1 x 12” Celes-
tion Super 65 * Scoop switch on Drive 1 and Drive 2
channel * Tube Fusion Technology — ECC83 pre-amp
valve * Headphone socket
= —,
LH a
LV300 / LV300T / LV300H
e 120 watts RMS e Jack input
e 3 — channels Clean, Drive 1 and Drive 2 channels
e Independent Bass, Middle & Treble for clean and Drive
channels * Bright Switch on clean channel
* Reverb with independent controls for Clean & Drive
e FS3 custom 3 way footswitch included
* Extension cabinet socket * FX loop
e 1 x Celestion Seventy 80 on LV300
* Scoop switch on Drive 1 and Drive 2 channel
e Tube Fusion Technology — ECC83 pre-amp valve
¢ Headphone socket
LV300T as above but fitted with 2 x 12” Celestion
Super 65 drivers
* 120 watts RMS e Jack input
e 3 — channels Clean, Drive 1 and Drive 2 channels
Independent Bass, Middle & Treble for clean and Drive
channels e Bright Switch on clean channel
e Reverb with independent controls for Clean & Drive
e FS3 custom 3 way footswitch included
e Extension cabinet socket * FX loop
* Scoop switch on Drive 1 and Drive 2 channel
e Tube Fusion Technology — ECC83 pre-amp valve
LV412A / LV412S
e 200 watts RMS * Double (Paralleled) jacks
* 8 Ohm impedance
e 4 x 12” Celestion Rocket 50's
* Angled baffle
LV412S as above but with Straight baffle
Laney Ba
ms 5 ge —
- @ | Laney
= Laney ——]—;—[—. a | PE IE LV200
EE == Baby TERT mu" = _
- STORE ba
A 28
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