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This Month’s Brilliant Idea:
Up to 10,000 Hours of Maintenance-Free Operation – Automatic
Filter Changes for SANYO Projectors.
Who likes changing dirty air filters? Especially in mounted projectors that may
need to be taken down first? SANYO has implemented a brilliant idea for its
Professional series projectors: automatic air filter changes. Filters now need to be
replaced manually only every 10,000 hours to ensure perfect operation.
Filter is full
■ Saves time: The automatic filter change
feature greatly simplifies maintenance of
SANYO projectors, especially when they
are used frequently or run continuously.
Thanks to this feature, projectors run up
to ten times longer without requiring maintenance.
■ Convenient: In automatic mode, the air
filter sensor detects when the filter is full
and replaces it automatically with the next
clean filter in the cartridge. Or the filter can
be changed using the projector’s onscreen
menu or remote control. It doesn’t get any
■ Durable: Under normal indoor conditions,
each filter has a service life of 1,000 hours.
The filter cartridge enables ten automatic
filter changes for up to 10,000 hours of
continuous operation without maintenance.
■ Total control: The onscreen menu provides all important information on automatic
filter changes, such as the operating hours
until the next filter change and the number of filters left in the cartridge.
Filter changed
Easy to install: Filter
cartridge for automatic
air filter changes.
Ideal for SANYO projectors in continuous operation:
Automatic filter changes take care of maintenance for you.
Skipping manual air filter changes has never been this easy. The replacement
cartridge with ten new air filters and automatic filter change feature is extremely
convenient, saves time and enables continuous projector operation with no
The Problem: Air filters must be changed
every 1,000 operating hours, particularly
in projectors run continuously. Furthermore, mounted projectors are often hard
to reach. Failing to change the filter for an
extended period of time results in insufficient ventilation of the projector. The full
air filter reduces the efficiency of the cooling fan, causing the projector to heat up.
Components can then be damaged due to
overheating inside the projector.
The solution: Automatic filter changes
for SANYO projectors. When filters are
changed in time, the fan is able to prevent
overheating, ensuring a long service life
for the projector. Automatic filter changes
using the special SANYO filter cartridge
prevent foreign bodies such as dust from
accumulating on optical components and
from getting inside the projector. The projector monitors the filter status automatically and reliably – once the air filter is filled
to capacity, it is changed automatically.
The advantages: The automatic filter changes using the cartridge enable up to 10,000
hours of maintenance-free operation under
normal indoor conditions. Filters may need
to be changed more frequently in dusty
locations, but always as needed. The automatic filter change mode can be selected
on the onscreen menu or using the remote
control. A display provides information at
all times about the remaining filter hours
and number of clean filters available. Automatic filter changes are perfect for fixed
installation projectors. Once all filters are
used, the filter cartridge can be replaced
easily in just a few easy steps.
Replacement cartridges – exclusively for
SANYO projectors:
POA-FIL -131 for the PLC-XP100L projector
POA-FIL -180 for the PLC-XF70 and PLCWF20 projectors; replacement cartridges
will also be available for PLC-XC50 and
PLC-XC55 beginning in July 2008.
The automatic filter
change function
enables up to 10,000
hours of maintenancefree operation in
SANYO projectors.
(Fig. PLC-XP100L)
SANYO FISHER Sales (Europe) GmbH
Stahlgruberring 4
D-81829 Munich
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