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Classic edition
Thank you for purchasing a UNiQ Cycle Sounds® Classic edition™ speaker system!
We are proud to offer you the best motorcycle and power-sports speaker systems on the market backed by award
winning customer service and an industry leading lifetime warranty!
Table of Contents
1. Items Inventory
2. Features
3. Choosing an audio device
4. Mounting options
1. Items Inventory
Each UNiQ Cycle Sounds Classic Edition Speaker System includes
5. Installation Instructions
6. Important Installation Notes
7. Repairs & Returns
8. Warranty/Guarantee (Back Cover)
• Bluetooth® receiver / handlebar controller
• 3.5mm to RCA Cable
• Manual packet (w/ Volume Controller (for non-Bluetooth devices), tie wraps)
2. Features
Controller: Weather-proof illuminated handlebar controller
Sources: Smartphone, iPod, MP3 (via Bluetooth auto-pairing or aux-in)
Current Draw: 4A Avg | 8A Max, Auto-power off
Amplifier: UNiQ 300W Classic amplifier (1.5" x 2.5" x 4")
Auto-off Power: Systems powers off after 5 minutes of no use
Speakers: Waterproof 4" Pioneer™ speakers (4.75" dia. x 3" depth)
Adjustments: Crossover switch and gain controls
Placement: Mount to any 1" or 1-1/4" bar (ie. handlebar, highway bar)
Warranty: Complete Lifetime Warranty
3. Choosing an Audio Device
The Classic Edition™ system works with any personal audio device with Bluetooth® audio streaming or a standard headphone jack. Examples
include iPhone and Android smartphones, iPod, MP3 Players, XM/Sirius Satellite, AM/FM radio.
PLEASE NOTE: Most personal audio devices are NOT waterproof
4. Mounting Options
Possible speaker mounting locations include:
Possible amplifier mounting locations include:
• Handlebars
• Engine Guard/Highway Bars
• Luggage Rack
• Under The Seat
• Side Tool Compartment
• Saddlebag
• Spotlight Mounting Bar
• Forks
• Risers
• Fork Bag
• Windshield Bag
• Front Down Tubes
It’s worth taking some time to consider the best location for your speaker system. While many options are possible, choose one that will look best from
both the front and back, give you optimal sound and not interfere with vehicle operation or safety. An ideal location is behind a windshield* on your
handlebars using the provided three-piece mounting brackets. Mounting here brings the speakers closer to the rider for optimal sound and appearance.
(*Windshield is not required, but will offer a louder sound due to the reduced windnoise).
5. Installation Instructions
Review all instructions as well as important notes located at the end of this section before starting installation.
Step 1: Mount the Speaker Clamps
Unscrew the allen screws from one side of the clamp to install the clamp. Mount to your handlebars, highway bars or other location and ensure all 4 allen
screws on each clamp are securely tightened. The clamps themselves will tighten to the bar when the speakers are installed.
Step 2: Mount the Speakers
Remove the nut and lock washer only and feed the speaker wire through the clamp hole and mount each speaker to the clamp. Put the lock washer and
nut back on and tighten speaker to clamp. (Flat washer and lock washer go on the bottom). Make sure they are tightly and safely secured without any
movement, but do not over tighten. Run the speaker wires down to where you are going to mount the amplifier, being careful to avoid the engine or any
area that could cause heat or other damage to the wire/vehicle or inhibit your driving ability.
Step 3: Amplifier Power Hook Up
Find a place where you want to mount the amplifier away from direct exposure to the elements such as a tool compartment, under the seat, fork bag,
saddlebag, windshield bag, etc. Most places will be fine, but try to avoid areas that could cause overheating (such as places wrapped in foam or cotton).
Take the BLACK (-) ground wire and run it to the negative (-) battery terminal (or to the vehicle’s chassis where paint has been removed). Take the RED
(+) positive wire and connect it to the positive (+) battery terminal. Take the ORANGE remote-on wire and run it to where you will install your Bluetooth
controller (This will be connected in step5 when installing the Bluetooth controller). The system will turn on and off using the controller. (It will also turn
Off automatically after 5 minutes when there is no active Bluetooth device connection to prevent battery drain).
(**For non-Bluetooth devices, the orange wire must instead be connected to a switched power source (headlight, tallight, etc). If orange, black & red wires are not connected, system will NOT work.
Step4:Amplifier to Speaker Hook Up
Connect the black wire with white stripes/dashes (-) from the left speaker to the Black wire with white stripe from the amp.
Connect the solid black wire with no white stripe (+) from the left speaker to the Solid Black wire from amp.
Connect the black wire with white stripes/dashes (-) from the right speaker to the Green wire with white stripe from the amp.
Connect the solid black wire with no white stripe (+) from the right speaker to the Solid Green wire from amp.
Step 5: Bluetooth Controller Installation
Mount the controller to the handlebars using one of the included mounts.
Run the red (+) wire to battery positive and black (-) to battery negative (or to the vehicle’s chassis where paint has been removed).
Connect the blue remote-on wire to the orange wire from the amp (from step 3).
Connect the included 3.5mm to RCA cable to the female output on the Bluetooth controller and connect the other end to the RCA inputs on the
amplifier. (Red to Red, Black to White)
Step 6: Test and Enjoy for a Lifetime!
You should now be able to test the system. Try a test run with the bike off, then if all is well, go for a test ride with your new tunes! If you ever have an issue,
remember your system is covered by a complete Lifetime Warranty. So kick back, relax and enjoy your new riding experience!
**If something is not workingcorrectly or you have poor or no sound or receive feedback, please re-check all wires, including remote and positive
connections and confirm that your system is connected to a good ground. Confirm that no wires are stripped or melted and touching metal. If available, also
test the system using a different audio device. If you still have issues, check out our troubleshooting tips under the FAQ & Support section of our website or
initiate a Live Chat with one of our technician for additional assistance (after-hours support via email at support@uniqcycle.com).
6. Important Installation Notes
 When first listening to your system, you will need to adjust the levels and/or EQ on your audio device as well as the amplifier gain level. We
recommend starting the gain at a low level and slowly turning it up until you reach optimal sound quality.
 The amp crossover switch should always be at H (more volume, less bass) or Off (more bass, less volume) setting.
Are you using a phone charger or satellite radio?
 If after installation you receive a whining/feedback sound in your speakers, call or email us to request a free ground loop isolator.
Audio Source Equalizer Adjustments & Sound Files
It is important to choose a quality device to use while riding to get the best sound out of your speakers. Most modern mp3 players and smartphones
work great, but you may want to make a few equalizer adjustments as well.
 Generally, settings for 'rock' or 'standard' setting work well depending on the type of music playing, but we recommend you try them all
 The quality of the audio files matter too! This is not generally a problem with modern digital music sources (MP3, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, etc.),
but sometimes comes into play if low quality audio files are being used. If you are having problems with sound clarity this could be a factor.
Always get your music from a reliable and trustworthy source (such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes)
Keep the amplifier input (headphone jack) from touching any bare metal when there is no device plugged into the jack or you may get static or
popping through the speakers when the bike is on.
**IMPORTANT: Make sure the speakers, amplifier and any wires or other components will not interfere with your steering, gauges, line of sight, or
anything else that could affect or inhibit your driving ability or vehicle operation and that all wires are away from hot engine/pipe areas, and that
everything is secured to your vehicle.
7. Repairs & Returns
For repairs and returns, please review the UNiQ Cycle Sounds Warranty and Guarantee information on the back page of this manual. Complete and
include the following information with your product(s) and ship USPS Only to:
UNiQ Cycle Sounds
PO Box 271093 Ft Collins, CO 80527
Call 888-864-7721 or visit our website for an RA # and instructions.
□ Return
□ Repair/Exchange
Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________________________________________________________________
State: ___________________________________________________________ Zip: __________________________
RA # (Must Be Included): ________________________________________________________________________
Reason for Return or Repair: _______________________________________________________________________
Satisfaction Guarantee*
If you are for any reason not 100% satisfied with any of your UNiQ Cycle Sounds system(s), you may return it for a refund or exchange. Just return
the product to us in like-new condition within 30 days from the date you receive it, and we will refund the full purchase price less shipping costs,
which are nonrefundable. You must receive an RA # before sending a product back to ensure proper credit. To receive an RA # and return
instructions simply send an email to support@uniqcycle.com, call us, visit the warranty & returns section on our website or initiate a live chat.
*Products purchased from another source (such as a dealer) must be returned to that dealer and adhere to their return policies.
Lifetime Warranty
UNiQ Cycle Sounds warrants every single piece and component of each new UNiQ Cycle Sounds motorcycle speaker system system (Classic,
Touring, Platinum and Unplugged editions) to be free from manufacturer defect in materials and workmanship for the LIFETIME of the product. In the
unlikely event of a manufacturer related failure, UNiQ Cycle Sounds agrees to remedy any such defect or replace the system or system component,
at our option, for the lifetime of the product, to the original purchaser. For full warranty info, visit: uniqcyclesounds.com/pages/warranty-information
Repairs & Returns
For all repairs and returns, please complete and include the form on the reverse side of this page and ship USPS to the following address:
UNiQ Cycle Sounds
PO Box 271093
Ft Collins, CO 80527
Upon purchase of the UNiQ Cycle Sounds motorcycle speaker system, the consumer (“you”) agrees with UNiQ Cycle Sounds, LLC (aka “UNiQ Cycle Sounds”, “We”, “Us”)
to be bound by our terms, conditions and legal notices. Please review our terms, conditions and legal notices online at http://www.uniqcyclesounds.com/pages/warranty-information
or call us at 888-864-7721 to receive a hard copy by mail. If you do not agree with our terms you may return the product for an immediate refund.
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