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Sinclair SF-750C2 FOUR-WAY CASSETTE User Manual
Take-back of electrical waste
Information for Users to Disposal of electrical and electronic equipment
(private households)
Icon on the product or in the accompanying documentation means that used electric or electronic products
must not be disposed together with domestic waste. For the correct disposal of the product hand it over to a
place for take-back, where it is collected free of charge. By correct disposal of the product you can help to
preserve valuable natural resources and help in preventing potential negative impacts to environment and
human health, which could be consequence of incorrect disposal of waste. Ask for more details from local
authorities, nearest collection point, in Waste Acts of respective country, in the Czech Republic in Act no.
185/2001 Coll., in the wording of later regulations. In case of incorrect disposal of this waste, a fine can be
imposed according to national regulations.
Sinclair Corporation Ltd., 1-4 Argyll Street,
London W1F 7LD, UK
Supplier and technical support:
Nepa, spol.s.r.o.
Purky ova 45
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Toll-free info line:
+420 800 100 285
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