Camera RFK-HT 125 - Silicon Micro Sensors GmbH

Camera RFK-HT 125 - Silicon Micro Sensors GmbH
Camera RFK-HT 125
. IP69 Automotive Qualified
. Modular Design
. 105˚C
Model RFK-HT 125
High temperature version SMS RFK-HT125 is a cost effective,
fully integrated modular camera solution. It consists of
VGA CMOS sensor, a CVBS output interface wide range power
supply and a robust housing. It is certified for harsh
environment applications.
Its analog PAL/NTSC output signal ensures the compatibility
with standard video systems. The camera is perfectly designed
for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications.
Video Surveillance and Video Control for Traffic Systems
. Trucks, cars, ships and yachts
. Railway, local train, subways
. Public busses
Industrial Systems
. Facility management
. Logistics
. Access control and security
Equipped with a
robust and reliable aluminum housing
Silicon Micro Sensors GmbH • Grenzstraße 22 • D-01109 Dresden • Tel +49.(0)351.21 36-100 • Fax +49.(0)351.21 36-109 •
Sensor Systems Camera RFK-HT 125
Optical Sensor Systems Camera RFK-HT 125
Key Features
Output Signal
Dynamic Range
Field of View
Color CMOS-sensor (1/4”)
VGA 640 x 480 px
2V/lux-sec for color images (2 lux)
0.5V/lux-sec for b&w images (0,25 – 0,5 lux)
CVBS PAL / NTSC @ 75 Ohm single ended
or differential
Operational Temperature
Storage Temperature
Input Voltage
-45°C to +105°C
-45°C to +115°C
8VDC to 40VDC
Default Operating Mode
Automatic brightness control
and automatic white balance
30 mm ø x 47 ... 53 mm
> 69 dB
40°, 60°, 90°, 130°, 150°, 170°
others upon request
Power Consumption
Polarity Protection
Overvoltage Protection
Approx. 0.4 W
Reliable Test Flow (according DIN EN 680068-01)
Test condition
100h@-50°C, 200h@+85°C, thermal shock (100 cycles) 30 min hold time at -40°C and +85°C
Test group 1
Mechanical shock test (half sinus) 10 times per axis with 981m/s2, Puls length 6 ms
Sinus shock for 8 hour per axis with (27.8m/s2)2/Hz
Long random vibration test 8 hour for each axis, acceleration (27.8m/s2)2/Hz
Mechanical shock test (sinusoidal) 30000 times (z-direction) with 981m/s2 Puls length 6 ms
Humidity test 85°C at 85% for 1500 hours
Test group 2
Dust test (with Arizona dust fine)
Fluid test with e.g. • preservative
• cleaning solvant
• fuel (diesel, gas)
• ethylalcohol
Test group 3
(at 27°C)
Salt fog for 24 hours
Water drip test 10 cycle for 5min at 5°C
Drop test (height 1m; concrete)
Connector and lead strength for 30s with 10 kg
Resistance against overvoltage (48V for 60min)
Short curcuit resistance at power line for 60s
Protection against polarity reversal (48V for 60min)
Dimensions Housing (option)
Cable and
M8, M9, USB
USB Connection
• with custom pinning
• according to USB protocol
(input voltage limited
to 5 V)
47 ... 53
Ø 30
Silicon Micro Sensors GmbH . Königsbrücker Straße 96 . D-01099 Dresden . Tel +49.(0)351.31 7762-0 . Fax +49.(0)351.31 7762-12 .
Data subject to change
90 x 58 x 55
Dimensions Camera
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