RCU Review: Helimax 100FP Tx-R Helimax 100FP

RCU Review: Helimax 100FP Tx-R Helimax 100FP
 RCU Review: Helimax 100FP Tx-R More On This Product
Research Airplanes Research Boats Research Cars Research Helicopters Research Engines & Motors Research Radio Equipment Contributed by: Burc Simsek | Published: June 2013 | Views: 16964 |
No assembly required
available Tx-R and RTF
Good and robust frame
Stabilization system very effective
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Helimax offers a broad product line of RC
helicopters allowing a pilot to work his way up
from beginner-level aircraft to high performance
3D flying. Standard in most Helimax novice
models is the counter rotating blade, which
increases aircraft stability allowing it to move in
all spatial directions. Also key to mastering the art
of flying is the fixed-pitch rotor head helicopter
which is where the Axe 100FP model comes to
play. This helicopter is targeted towards beginner
flyers to develop their skill set and prepare them
to fly more complex collective pitch helicopters.
The Axe 100 FP comes in two versions: Ready to
fly (RTF) or Transmitter Ready (Tx-R). The
transmitter ready version, coupled with the
AnyLink module by Tactic lets you use any
transmitter virtually to control the helicopter.
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Helimax 100FP Tx-R
The heli comes in an attractive and robust box, which is useful when storing
and transporting your aircraft.
Price: $109.98 (Tx-R) $199.98 (RTF)
Key Features
TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization)
Installed receiver, motor, ESC & Servos
3.7V 150mAh LiPo Battery
USB LiPo Charger
The Axe 100 FP is a compact heli with two sides. Take it out of the box
and it's as rock-steady as they come, yet agile enough to fly indoors in
small areas or outdoors in light winds. A flybarless fixed-pitch rotor head
and a 3-axis gyro make hovering almost automatic and effortless.
Both the RTF and Tx-R versions of the heli come in the same packaging
which, despite being compact, provides a lot of room for this small aircraft
allowing you to store additional parts and batteries. And with the TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization) onboard, pilots are
protected against outside forces that can affect flight, which improves
heli control and pilot confidence.
Rotor Diameter:
9.4 in (239 mm)
RTF Weight w/bat:
1.3 oz (37 g)
8.7 in (221 mm)
The Axe 100 FP helicopter comes with one battery, a USB charger, and a
small screw driver.
The included USB charger is convenient for playing with your helicopter at home: just plug it in to your computer, and it quickly charges in approximately
10 minutes. To charge the battery when you are at the field, you will need a USB power converter in 110V/220V or 12V for your car (not included). The
battery provided is a 1 cell 140mAh lipo battery.
The 100 FP is equipped with 2 micro-servos for the control of the roll and pitch. The yaw rotation is handled by the tail rotor, with a direct drive brushed
motor. The control board is an all-in-one board, which includes the receiver and the motor drive. The main motor is also a brushed motor. The canopy snaps on easily on two pegs located on each side of the frame. It is well decorated and made of good grade plastic. The frame is well
engineered and allows for easy access of all the components.
Tactic AnyLink Adapter
The helicopter works with the TACTIC
communication system and could be paired with
either the transmitter of the brand, or the
Anylink module and your own receiver.
A transmitter alone can only do so much. But a transmitter with AnyLink
can do wonders! It's so revolutionary that a patent is already pending, and
so simple to use that it takes only seconds to add. Yet, once it's installed,
your transmitter will be able to fly:
All Tx-R airplanes;
Most electric aircraft equipped with a 2.4GHz SLT receiver.
But that?s not the only amazing thing about AnyLink. Here are three more:
AnyLink works with virtually any transmitter, regardless of brand, band or modulation.
AnyLink enables your transmitter to send out a true, 2.4GHz signal and operate with all of the
interference-free dependability of a frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum system.
AnyLink offers all of the convenience, versatility and benefits listed above for far less than the
cost of a new 2.4GHz radio system.
The Anylink module simply attaches to the
trainer connector of the radio. It comes with
various types of connectors, and could virtually
work with any transmitter. Heli-Max Axe 100 FP
All photos and videos by Burc Simsek
The 100FP is a 4-channel helicopter. The pilot controls the yaw (rotation right/left), the pitch (tilting
forward/backward), the roll (tilting sideway) and the throttle. The "FP" in the name of the machine stands for
"Fixed Pitch", and refers to the pitch of the main rotor. That means the control of the lift of the machine is
"Fixed Pitch", and refers to the pitch of the main rotor. That means the control of the lift of the machine is
controlled directly by the speed of motor. As for any helicopter, all these axis are strongly interdependent. And
that is where the TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization) come into play to relieve the pilot from challenging
coordination tasks. I had a positive experience with the stabilization system developed by Helimax with the 1SQ
model, and I was hoping for the same level of performance with this model. I was not deceived!
Take off and hovering:
My first flight with the 100FP heli demonstrated the aircraft's good temper. The helicopter took off quickly after
the power was applied, and showed good stability in all axis. Don't be afraid to push the throttle on take off, the stabilization is only effective once the rotor has gained
enough speed. If you are too shy with the throttle stick, you will see the helicopter moving around quite a bit,
and if the power is not increased quickly, it might hover very close to the ground, and tilt over if the landing
gear catches on something. Luckily, if the heli happens to tilt over, it's light weight prevents it from getting
damaged. hovering is as simple as it gets with this helicopter. The stabilization works great, and the pilot is left with very
little to do to keep the helicopter steady. Outdoors, the 100FP simply tilts towards the wind and stays relatively
steady as long as the wind is not too strong.
Slow displacement:
Moving the helicopter slowly making large figure 8s is effortless for someone with some experience with
rotorcrafts. The TAGS handle all unwanted displacements, wind gusts, etc, to smooth the translations. It takes
some concentration at first to maintain the helicopter at a constant altitude. The 100FP looses altitude quite
rapidly with a small reduction of the throttle input, whereas it takes much more stick displacement to get it to
climb again. It takes some practice to master this activity, and the 100FP is a good and forgiving teacher. Fast displacement:
For a fixed pitch heli, the 100FP does very well on fast translations. The maximum speed is not very high, which
is a good thing considering the beginner target audience of this heli. The TAGS does a good job at keeping the
"nose down" when the displacement is initiated, and it takes little input from the pilot to keep the heli moving
forward. Once the again, lift management is critical, and the pilot will have to learn to use the throttle stick
properly to keep all the translations and rotation leveled.
As the 100FP is a fixed pitch heli, it is not designed for 3D flying nor will it accomodate for it. Aerobatics with
this heli is not going to wow the crowd, but it might twist a couple of brain cells to the new comer to heli. Once
all the translations are mastered and the pilot can turn this heli in any direction and fly towards himself without
breaking a sweat, it is time to move to more complex maneuvers such as the pirouette. The included user
manual actually provides some sort of a training plan, to bring the pilot to this level of control. The "pirouette" is
a complete rotation of the helicopter along the yaw axis (or the rotor axis). Combining this with a translation
requires good control over the heli, and the 100FP is a good training platform for this. The airframe is quite
durable and will take some abuse.
The Helimax 100FP is a nice and strong small heli that does what it was designed to do: bring a beginner heli pilot to the level of control and confidence needed to
move to the more intense and complex collective pitch helicopters. The TAGS stabilization system is very effective, and corrects the trajectory and attiude of the rotorcraft in most conditions. This provides the pilot with the
challenge of controlling an airborne model that can move in any direction all at once, without being bugged by complex control interdependencies. If you add to
this the robustness of the model, and the low cost of the spare parts, that makes the 100FP a very nice learning helicopter. Distributed by:
Great Planes Model Distributors
P.O. Box 9021
Champaign, IL 61826-9021 www.helimax-rc.com
17260 Westheimer Parkway
Houston, TX 77082
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