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With our Smart Care®
system, every square
foot of carpet will always
save you money, save
you time, and most
importantly, look better.
People love the look of a
beautifully clean carpet.
So why wait for your carpet
to deteriorate from the
effects of day to day traffic
between cleanings?
At Whittaker, we’re shifting
the thinking behind carpet
cleaning because we
believe your carpet should
always look its best.
may prove to be
one of the greatest
advances in carpet
maintenance during
my 30-year tenure
with the industry
Bob Wittkamp, Certified Master Cleaning
Technician by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection,
Cleaning and Restoration Certification) ICS
Cleaning Specialist magazine
About the
R.E. Whittaker Company
Since 1961, the R.E. Whittaker Company has been
innovating solutions for the long term maintenance of
your floor covering. From a floor pad cleaning system
and riding dust mop to our revolutionary low-moisture
encapsulation process, Whittaker has always looked
to build floor cleaning solutions that increase the cost
efficiency and productivity of our clients.
Our Smart Care® machines and CRYSTAL® family
of chemistries form a system that has been globally
proven over the last 25 years as the most effective
means to deliver consistently cleaner carpets at a
consistently lower cost—all with the goal of extending
the appearance life of the carpet you maintain.
Whittaker is the leader in low-moisture carpet cleaning
methods, and innovated CRYSTAL DRY® encapsulation
cleaning technology in the 1980’s. Founder, Dick
Whittaker, pioneered the use of this technology as a
more effective, safe, and environmentally sustainable
option to traditional cleaning methods.
Whittaker’s cleaning machine and chemical innovations
have led to several patents and revolutionary
techniques in the maintenance of carpet and hard
surface floors. The company is leading the industry
with their CPS Color Positioning System®, an objective
appearance measurement system to determine
cleaning frequencies and objectively evaluate the
effectiveness of cleaning programs on-site.
Our integrated, four-part
process prevents the
buildup of sticky chemical
residues and soil,
protecting the color and
appearance of expensive,
carefully chosen carpets.
The Whittaker Comprehensive
“Planned” Approach identifies the total
program of maintenance for the proper
care of any facility’s carpet. It reflects
best practices drawn from over 40 years
of industry experience. Following these
steps will ensure that you save time, save
money, and that your carpets always look
their best.
1. Preventative Maintenance
Preventative maintenance is the least costly yet most effective means to protect carpet appearance. Since 80% of soil is
tracked-in on the feet of building visitors and occupants, the goal is reducing the amount of soil that contacts the carpet.
Components include:
Walk-off mats: Place at all entrances and hard-to-soft transition points to remove dirt, grease, and oil from
shoes prior to tracking.
Protective mats: Use in high-soil areas, such as underneath a water fountain, coffee bar or print station.
2. Daily Maintenance
Daily maintenance includes vacuuming and spot removal.
Vacuuming: Frequent vacuuming of high-traffic areas will remove 80-90% of dry soil accumulation. Choose a
commercial-grade vacuum that meets the Carpet & Rug Institute’s certification criteria. High-filtration vacuum systems
have longer life cycles, increased effectiveness, and contain dust better during daily vacuuming cycles. Check your
filter bag daily.
Spot and stain removal: Accidents happen, and it’s best to reach potential staining spots before they have time to dry.
Daily visual inspection should be performed by members of the vacuum crew. Ideal solutions for daily stain-removal
needs are the CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool, CRYSTAL® Spot Tool and CRYSTAL SPOTTER® from Whittaker.
3. Interim Maintenance
At Whittaker, we’ve discovered that the most effective, cost-efficient, and safest way to maintain incredible carpet
appearance is with interim cleaning.
This is the typical cycle of carpet appearance using hot water deep extraction quarterly, and no interim maintenance:
Compare this to the result of monthly interim maintenance with the Whittaker Smart Care® system:
By implementing monthly Whittaker treatments and reducing hot water extraction to once a year,
you maintain higher carpet appearance at lower cost…all while extending the life of your carpet!
Interim Maintenance with the Smart Care® system consists of 3 simple steps:
1. Apply CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning solution to carpeting with either a manual sprayer or a machinemounted electric applicator. CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning solution is non-hazardous, Green Seal certified,
WoolSafe® approved, and safe for stain-resistant carpet fibers.
2. Agitate CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning solution immediately into the carpet fibers with a Whittaker
Smart Care® machine. The Smart Care® TWIN machine is specifically designed to maneuver in smaller
facilities with sensitive equipment or furniture. The Smart Care® TRIO provides 50% more brushing
action to clean large square footage facilities 50% faster. The Smart Care® agitators carry the CRYSTAL
DRY® solution deep into the fibers, scrubbing each tuft in multiple directions while lifting and opening
the pile at the same time.
3. Vacuum in as little as 20 minutes or at the next vacuum cycle. CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning solution
will completely encapsulate sticky soils in clear polymer crystals that are brittle enough to be easily
vacuumed once dry.
4. Deep Extraction Cleaning
This level of cleaning should only be performed on an annual basis, except in special cases such as poor
scheduling of interim maintenance, flooding, or extremely high traffic conditions.
Only pure water should be used unless other types of chemicals have been allowed to accumulate. In this case,
we recommend the application of CRYSTAL EXTRACT® encapsulating prespray prior to hot-water extraction. For
best results, agitate the CRYSTAL EXTRACT® with a Whittaker Smart Care® TWIN or TRIO machine to increase
effectiveness by agitating and lifting the pile.
Smaller footprint moves easily through small areas
brushes (no tools)
Ergo ez tank
Cost-efficient technology cleans large areas quickly
Quick change handle
(no tools)
brushes (no tools)
Removable protective flap
Stainless steel motor cover
TWIN Model:
Twin cylindrical brushes agitate and lift carpet pile, all
in one pass. It requires very minimal training and less
operator effort than a commercial upright vacuum.
Stainless steel motor cover provides years of durable
use. Handle may quickly be removed (with no tools) for
easy storage or transport. Non-marking bumpers protect
building furnishings. A variety of brushes are available
for any application, and no tools are required for brush
replacement or rotation.
Additional third brush
Low-fatigue solution tank
Removable handles
(no tools)
Integrated collection hopper
TRIO Model:
Three cylindrical brushes agitate and lift carpet pile, all
in one quick pass. 50% more brushing action delivers
up to 50% faster cleaning than TWIN model per pass.
TRIO’s light touch control and machine-mounted solution
tank provide less handle weight and reduced effort for
operator. An integrated collection hopper collects debris
during use. Dual landing gear protects brushes during
storage. TRIO features a stainless steel motor cover,
easy handle removal, and a variety of brushes.
Motor (watts)
Cleaning Productivity
Rate (Sq Ft/hour)
1,460 - 3,345
1,850 - 3,805
1,940 - 7,770
20” TWIN Pro
2,700 - 10,790
15” TRIO
2,915 - 11,670
20” TRIO
4,050 - 16,215
Cleaning Width
# of Brushes
15” TWIN Standard
20” TWIN Standard
15” TWIN Pro
Smart Care® Machines
Weight (lbs)
Enhance effectiveness and productivity
CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool
The ultimate carpet spotting tool for use with CRYSTAL SPOTTER® spotting agent. Its
patented design features two distinct bristle settings - FIRM for maximum agitation and
SOFT for light agitation. Wheels at the end of the brush maintain constant pressure and
minimize fatigue from the skip-and-jump of ordinary brushing tools. Handle is adjustable
from 32” to 54”. Clean ordinary spots while standing, instead of kneeling!
CRYSTAL® Spot Tool
The new CRYSTAL® Spot Tool is a patented breakthrough innovation that uses chamfered
openings instead of bristles to gently work CRYSTAL SPOTTER® into carpet fibers and
mildly agitate the fibers to lift the stain. The CRYSTAL® Spot Tool and CRYSTAL SPOTTER®
can be conveniently carried in the custom designed CRYSTAL® Spot Tool Holder by a
vacuum technician for quick and easy spot removal without a trip back to the supply closet.
The tool holder is made of sturdy 600 denier polyester with a riveted steel belt clip.
Smart Care® TWIN and TRIO Brushes
Our brushes start with an injection molded polypropylene core for true dimensional stability
and balance as well as strength. Bristles are 100% polypropylene which, unlike nylon, will
not soften when exposed to moisture. Polypropylene’s lower melting point also prevents
damage to nylon carpet fibers. Both TWIN and TRIO brushes feature bristles that are colorcoded for specific applications, and ordered from delicate to aggressive. A red bristle on
each brush indicates when brushes should be replaced.
Ergo EZ Tank (for use with Smart Care® TWIN Professional)
Our new Ergo EZ tank is designed for easy installation and removal on the
Smart Care® TWIN Professional. No more taking apart the handle—simply insert the Ergo
EZ Tank between the handle uprights, snap the tank into place, and connect the fittings. A
bottom drain sump and removable cap with integrated filter have also been added to make
clean-up after use fast and easy.
Manual 2-Gallon Sprayer
This professional duty, two-gallon manual sprayer has a pressure-relief valve for safety. The
translucent white tank is poly-molded for lightweight strength and easy viewing of liquid
level. Base of the tank is designed to prevent annoying tipping and potential spills. The
reinforced hose is 36” long, with a brass extension wand and tip to provide years of reliable
service. A fatigue-reducing shoulder strap is included.
These photos are of dried, undiluted chemistry.
Crystal Dry®
Product claiming to
Where Does
the Dirt Go?
Since carpets look cleaner immediately after
encapsulation––but before extraction takes
place––people often ask us,
“Where did the dirt go?”
CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning
agent dries clear to promote fiber
color retention.
Improper chemistry can
adversely impact the colors of
any carpet fiber.
We answer by comparing CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning
agent and its encapsulated soil particles with a
diamond. Diamonds always have flaws from embedded
foreign particles, but these flaws are not seen except
under high magnification. Similarly, CRYSTAL DRY®
cleaning agent entirely encapsulates foreign soils in a
clear polymer that still looks perfect to the naked eye
or even under low magnification. The soil is there, but
all that can be seen is bright and clean carpet. The
soil-laden crystals, once dried, are removed easily
by vacuuming, which may occur at any time without
adverse effect.
CRYSTAL SPOTTER® spotting agent is based on the CRYSTAL DRY® carpet cleaning agent formula in a convenient, ready-to-use package,
with 22 oz trigger bottles for simple and safe use for general spot cleaning. Simply spray on a spot and agitate with the Whittaker CARPET
ROAMER® Spotting Tool or CRYSTAL® Spot Tool. After it dries the encapsulated soil may be vacuumed immediately or at the next scheduled
vacuum cycle. CRYSTAL SPOTTER® has received the Seal of Approval from The Carpet and Rug Institute, and is both WoolSafe® Approved and
Green Seal Certified.
CRYSTAL RED STAIN® PLUS spotting agent is an effective, easy-to-use product for removing stubborn coffee or red food-dye stains from
carpet. It is conveniently packaged in a ready-to-use bottle, with a one-part application so there are no complicated instructions. It may be used
without heat with great results, but in some situations heat may be added to remove old, unsuccessfully treated stains. Follow up with CRYSTAL
SPOTTER® to encapsulate any remaining residue to prevent re-soiling. Neutral pH.
CRYSTAL® ODOR & PROTEIN spotting agent is an effective and ready-to-use organic stain and odor remover for carpet. It is specifically
formulated for urine and vomit removal and also works great on red wine, fruit and natural food spots. Its digestive enzymes eliminate odorcausing contaminants. COP-6.1 has a neutral pH, is fragrance free and is WoolSafe® Approved.
CRYSTAL® OIL & GREASE spotting agent is a safe, easy-to-use product for removing oil-based stains from carpet. Formulated with a natural
soy oil base, CRYSTAL® OIL & GREASE spotting agent is effective on paint, oil, and grease without the dangers associated with citrus-based
solvents. It is conveniently packaged in a ready-to-use bottle with snap-closure cap. Follow up with CRYSTAL SPOTTER® spotting agent to
encapsulate any remaining residue to prevent re-soiling. No VOCs.
Interim Cleaning
CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA cleaning agent combines unique crystallizing polymers with effective detergent components, creating a perfect
blend to emulsify embedded soils (both dry and oily) and encapsulate them for vacuum recovery. It will not cause re-soiling and will improve
appearance between wet extractions. It has a neutral pH, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and is non-butyl. CRYSTAL DRY® cleaning
agent is portion-controlled to provide consistent dilution for consistent cleaning as well as cost savings through chemical waste elimination.
Simple dilution, 1 bottle per 2 gallons of water. CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA is Green Seal Certified, WoolSafe® Approved and received The Carpet
and Rug Institute Seal of Approval.
CRYSTAL® STAIN BLOCK stain resist additive is an effective product for stain protection from food dyes. It helps prevent carpet fibers from
being stained by red wine, coffee, red soft drinks, fruit juices, and more. Simply add 1 bottle of CRYSTAL® STAIN BLOCK to 1 gallon of
CRYSTAL DRY® solution for conference rooms, food service areas, lobbies, and any areas requiring extra food and drink stain protection. No
VOCs and neutral pH. CRYSTAL® STAIN BLOCK is the only stain block to be WoolSafe® Approved.
Deep Cleaning
CRYSTAL EXTRACT® encapsulating pre-spray combines unique crystallizing polymers with more powerful detergent components, creating
a perfect blend to manage difficult-to-clean carpets with embedded soils (both dry and oily). It can be incorporated in both Smart Care®
maintenance for dry vacuum recovery, as well as wet extraction. Simply add 1 bottle of CRYSTAL EXTRACT® to 3 gallons of water, spray
and agitate with a Smart Care® TWIN or TRIO machine, then rinse extract with water only. It has a neutral pH, no VOCs, and is phosphatefree and non-butyl. CRYSTAL EXTRACT® is portion-controlled to provide consistent dilution for consistent cleaning as well as cost savings
through chemical waste elimination. It carries The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval.
CRYSTAL® OXY BOOST is a safe, oxygenated additive for use with CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA and CRYSTAL EXTRACT® cleaning agents. This
oxygenated booster solution is great for carpeted areas where food, coffee and wine stains may occur without odor. CRYSTAL® OXY BOOST
helps brighten colors and dislodge those difficult natural food stains safely and quickly. Simply add 1 bottle of CRYSTAL® OXY BOOST to
2 gallons of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA or CRYSTAL EXTRACT® cleaning agent solutions. This product will not interfere with the encapsulating
properties of any CRYSTAL® product and is in compliance with all C.A.R.B.’s requirements. As with all CRYSTAL® products, no dyes or
fragrances are added.
CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER is great at removing ice melt salt stains (both new and old) on carpeted areas and walk-off mats. The product
works by breaking down the salt and allows it to be easily lifted off the carpet with water extraction. Add 1 bottle to 5 gallons of water, spray
and agitate product into stained area. Rinse extraction is required. CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER leaves no residue and is in compliance with
all of C.A.R.B.’s requirements. As with all CRYSTAL® products, no dyes or fragrances are added.
Spotting Kits
CRYSTAL® Spot Tool Kit
The CRYSTAL® Spot Tool Kit includes a custom-designed, 600 denier polyester tool holder with steel belt clip, innovative new CRYSTAL®
Spot Tool, and two (2) 22 oz. bottles of CRYSTAL SPOTTER®.
CRYSTAL® Specialty Spotters
Keep your facility spot-free with Whittaker’s CRYSTAL® Specialty Spotters, a kit of environmentally preferred spotting agents. Including
Stain Block, your carpet will be protected from a variety of stain sources. All products are VOC compliant and come in 12 oz. bottles. This
kit includes three (3) bottles of each product.
CRYSTAL® Spotting Kit
GREASE, Hand Brush, & Absorbent Cotton Towel.
Small to medium-sized facilities
Medium to large-sized facilities
Smart Care® 15” TWIN Standard System
Cleaning Rate: 1,460 – 3,345 sq. ft./hr.
- 15” Smart Care® TWIN Machine
- Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA (enough for 240,000 sq. ft. of carpet)
- Two-gallon manual sprayer
- CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool
- One case of CRYSTAL SPOTTER®
Smart Care® 20” TWIN Standard System
Cleaning Rate: 1,850 – 3,805 sq. ft./hr.
- 20” Smart Care® TWIN Machine
- Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA
(enough for 240,000 sq. ft. of carpet)
- Two-gallon manual sprayer
- CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool
- One case of CRYSTAL SPOTTER®
Smart Care® 15” TWIN Professional System
Cleaning Rate: 1,940 – 7,770 sq. ft./hr.
- 15”Smart Care® TWIN Machine
- Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA
(enough for 240,000 sq. ft. of carpet)
- Two extra brushes
- Two-gallon electric applicator
- CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool
- One case of CRYSTAL SPOTTER®
Smart Care® 20” TWIN Professional System
Cleaning Rate: 2,700 – 10,790 sq. ft./hr.
- 20” Smart Care® TWIN Machine
- Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA
(enough for 240,000 sq. ft. of carpet)
- Two extra brushes
- Two-gallon electric applicator
- CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool
- One case of CRYSTAL SPOTTER®
for open,
Smart Care® TRIO 15” System
Cleaning Rate: 2,915 – 11,670 sq. ft./hr.
- 15” Smart Care® TRIO Machine
- Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA (enough for 240,000 sq. ft. of carpet)
Smart Care® TRIO 20” System
Cleaning Rate: 4,050 – 16,215 sq. ft./hr.
- 20” Smart Care® TRIO Machine
- Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA (enough for 240,000 sq. ft. of carpet)
Health Care Facilities
Corporate Offices
Government Facilities
Hospitality Facilities
Building Service Contractors
Educational Facilities
Every square foot saves you time
The quiet operation of the Smart Care® System makes daytime cleaning possible, which is great for 24/7 operations. Eliminates
the higher labor, security, and energy costs of cleaning at night.
– Smart Care® CRYSTAL DRY® chemistry uses green formulations with no VOCs, so it’s safe to use when your
facility is occupied.
– The Smart Care® System increases efficiency with high production rates up to 16,000 square feet per hour.
– Smart Care® CRYSTAL DRY® chemistry can be walked on within minutes. Whittaker minimizes the inconvenience to your facility’s occupants.
Every square foot saves you money
The Smart Care® System is the most cost-efficient carpet cleaning system on the market and saves you money with every square foot cleaned.
The Smart Care® System minimizes water usage and reduces the potential risks for mold growth and costly remediation in sensitive facilities.
– Whittaker’s low-moisture encapsulation process protects your organization’s investment by extending the
life of your carpet.
– The Whittaker Smart Care® System’s high production rates of up to 16,000 square feet per hour translates to more area cleaned per shift.
The Smart Care® System’s color-coded chemistry and brushes make it easy for any employee to clean any job, which can substantially reduce training costs.
Every square foot always looks better
The nimble Smart Care® machines protect interior furnishings by easily maneuvering around desks, cubicles, and congested areas, ensuring that both your carpet and your furnishings stay looking great.
Whittaker’s low-moisture encapsulation eliminates “re-cleaning” costs.
Whittaker’s low-moisture encapsulation means no reappearing spots from re-soiling or over-wetting. Carpets you maintain will always look their best.
Whittaker is proud to be America’s Leading Carpet
Cleaning System™. The Whittaker Smart Care® System
combines aggressive engineering, superior chemistry,
and knowledgeable support to produce a system that
is unmatched in the industry. The Smart Care® System
delivers consistently cleaner carpets at a consistently
lower cost so that every square foot saves time,
saves money, and looks better.
R.E. Whittaker Co.
New Castle, PA
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