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Congratulations on buying your new espresso coffee machine, we are sure it will give
you many years of pleasure.
Fracino is a family run business, based in Birmingham, England. Priding ourselves on
quality and innovation, we been sucessfully manufacturing award winning commercial
espresso coffee machines since the early 1990’s. All of Fracino products are hand
built in England using the highest quality materials and components. Piccino has been
developed using the companies ethos of quality and innovation together with our
knowledge of manufacturing commercial espresso coffee machines - allowing you to
“come home to real coffee”.
For full enjoyment of your new espresso coffee machine, please ensure you read,
understand and follow the instructions in this manual.
Machine Overview
Water Tank
Pressure Gauge
DA Steam Valve Handle
— |
Control Pad (see 7
SD <
N On/Off Switch
Group =
Group Exhaust Air Release Valve Vent
Steam Tube
Drip Tray
Drip Tray Grid
Blank Filter _ O
Double Filter N
Single Filter
Boiler Filling Indicator Light
Filter Holder Ó--_7
star/stop @® ( Brew Start/Stop Button
Brew Indicator Light
Heating Indicator Light
Start up
Initial start up
% NOTE: Remove all protective covering and film before use (if applicable)
% NOTE: Place on a stable and level surface.
% NOTE: A water filter is supplied with the machine - this must be used, it is
recommended that only the filter supplied with are used, these are available
from Fracino. Part No: PICWATER FILTER.
1. Fit the adaptor seal to the bottom of the water tank as shown, follow the
instructions supplied with the filter then fit the filter on the adaptor seal as
shown, gently push the filter on to the adapter seal, the filter will hold itself in
% NOTE: The filter must be replaced regularly, every 2 months is recommended,
even if the machine has not been used constantly. It should be replaced more
frequently with heavy use, refer to the instructions supplied with the filter for
more information, it is recommended that the filter is kept wet when not
in use, please retain the adapter seal.
2. Fill fill the water tank with fresh cold water, this can be done with a jug,
alternatively the tank can be removed and filled at a sink.
3. Plug the machine in and turn on at the mains
4. Turn the machine on via the black rocker switch on the front, the blue light
on the control pad will illuminate
WARNING: Immediately after turning the machine on for the first time,
turn on the brew switch, when water appears from the group turn
the brew switch off.
5. The water filling light will illuminate to indicate the boilers are filling.
6. When the boilers have filled, the water will start to heat, this is indicated by
the heating indicator light.
7. Open the steam valve, by turning the black handle anti clock-wise
5) T7
8. Wait for the steam to start venting from the steam tube this should take 2 or
3 minutes, then close the steam valve by turning the handle clockwise.
WARNING: Do not over tighten as this will damage the seals.
WARNING: Failure to vent the steam may cause milk to be sucked up in
to the boiler, which then becomes sour and turns the water brown giving
an obnoxious smell and taste to new milk being heated.
9. Wait for the pressure to come up to 1.0 - 1.2 Bar, once up to pressure the
heating indicator light will go off.
10. When heating and after the machine has been turned off a small amount of
steam and a few drops of water may come out of the air release valve vent,
this is normal.
% NOTE: Excessive amounts of water coming from the air release valve
vent is a sign that the boiler has over filled, often caused by failure to use
or incorrect use of a water filter to soften the water.
% NOTE: On the very first start up, or when the water filter has just been
replaced, or if the filter has not been used for a few days turn the brew
button on and allow approximatety 1/2 litre of water to flow from the
group, this is to flush the water filter.
11.The machine is now ready to use, for best results, allow the group and filter
holder to heat up for 10-15 minutes.
TIP: To heat the group and filter holder faster, turn the brew switch on and
allow hot water to flow throught the group and filter holder for around
1 minute.
Making Coffee
1. Each machine comes with a single, double and blank filter (the blank is used for
cleaning, see cleaning section for more details). The filter are interchangable and
clip inside the filter holder, a single will make one shot of espresso and a double will
make two
2. Put ground coffee into the filter, using the spoon supplied, level out and
compress the coffee granules in the filter holder with tamper. When the coffee has
been tamped it should be level with the embossed rim on the inside of the filter
(approx 5mm from the top edge).
3. Ensure you wipe away any excess coffee from the rim of the filter.
% NOTE: Failure to wipe away excess coffee grinds from the rim of the filter holder
will lead to premature wear of the filter holder washer.
WARNING: The group and filter holder will become hot during use - take care
when using.
3. Locate the filter holder into group, by offering it up from the left and turning to
the right until the handle is pointing forwards towards you.
4. Place the warmed cup(s) under the filter holder and in line with the beak(s).
TIP: It is important to warm the cup(s) and filter holder before brewing coffee,
putting hot coffee into a cold cup/filter holder will significantly reduce the
temperature of the coffee. The top of the machine is designed to heat up - this
can be used to store and warm cups.
5. Press the brew start/stop button to start the coffee flow, the blue indicator light
will start to flash, coffee should flow in a steady stream from the filter.
TIP: The coffee should flow in a slow steady stream from the beak, leaving a rich
creamy crema on the top of the coffee. If the coffee flows to fast/slow or there is a
thin crema try adjusting the coarsness of the coffee grind.
6. After about 18-30 seconds or until the required amount of coffee has been
brewed press the brew start/stop button to stop the flow of coffee.
7. Once the coffee flow stops any excess pressure that is left in the filter holder is
discharged in to the drip tray through the exhaust valve below the group -
remember to empty the waste water from the drip tray regularly. Remove the filter
holder from the group, empty used coffee grounds into drawer or waste
TIP: Place empty filter holder back in the group to keep it warm.
A WARNING: The water and coffee coming from the group/filter holder is hot -
take take to avoid scalding.
WARNING: Do not attempt to remove the filter holder from the group when the
brew switch is on - doing so may cause an injury.
Steaming and Frothing
TIP: Steaming and frothing milk can be a bit of an art form and may take some
practice to get the right consistancy, note it is easier to froth full fat or semi
skimmed milk.
1. Firstly, open the steam valve and vent steam for a few seconds, then fill 1/3 of a
jug with fresh cold milk. Then insert the steam tube into the milk with the nozzle
just below the surface of milk.
2. Fully open the steam valve. Place the steam tube to the front of the jug to help
the milk circulate and froth.
3. Move the jug gently up and down so that the tip of the steam nozzle is in the top
25mm of the milk to incorporate air into the milk and to create a froth. As the milk
foams move the jug up to heat the milk.
% NOTE: It is important to regulate the steam power to avoid splashing the milk over
the top of the jug.
WARNING: The steam tube will get hot - use the rubber protector to move the
4. When the “tone” changes turn the steam off, as this is an indication that the milk
is beginning to boil. If using a thermometer turn the steam off when the temperature
is approaching 65-70°C. Taking the milk above this temperature will affect the
texture and taste of the milk.
TIP: To improve the consistancy and texture of the milk, tap the jug on a hard
surface, to remove large air bubbles and swirl the milk around the inside of the jug
5. Wipe the steam tube with a damp cloth to remove milk residue.
6. Open the steam valve to clear any remaining milk from the tube/nozzle.
Periodically remove the nozzle and clean with warm water ensuring the holes are
clear (this can be done with a bent paper clip).
WARNING: Do not over tighten the steam valve handle, doing so will damage
the seals in the valve.
1. Remove the filter holder from the group and press the brew start/stop button
and allow water to flow from the group for about 10seconds, press the brew
start/stop button to stop the flow. Use a shower plate brush (Fracino part no. FC54)
to dislodge dried coffee particles in the group and around the filter holder washer to
prevent a build up of coffee.
Coffee Machine
2. The group must be backwashed regularly. This is done by inserting the blank
filter in to the filter holder, then locking the filter holder into the group as if making
3. Press the brew start/stop button and allow the machine to run for about 30
seconds then turn off, then repeat the above several times until the water
exhausting from the group exhaust is clear. Remove and empty the filter holder and
place to one side, press the brew start/stop button and allow water to flow from the
group for about 10 seconds, repeat until the water from the group and exhaust is
clean and free from coffee partials.
4. Every month, or more frequently if used heavily, it is recommended that the
group is backwashed with liquid quartz (Fracino part no. DET/LIQUID). This is done
by repeating step 2 but adding 1/2 a cap of liquid quartz to the filter before
repeating step 3.
% NOTE: Repeat steps 2 and 3 without any liquid quartz to flush any remaining liquid
quartz or residual coffee grounds away.
5. Remove the water container, lid, drip tray, drip tray grid, adaptor seal and filter
holder and clean in warm soapy water. Do not use a scouring pad.
À NOTE: lt is recommended that the water tank is cleaned frequently, do not leave
water in tank for more than 2 days.
TIP: The filter holder can be soaked in a solution of Fracino liquid quartz detergent
to help remove coffee build up, which may spoil the taste of new coffee being
made. Ensure you rinse the filter holder well in warm water after soaking.
WARNING: Do not clean the water tank, lid or drip tray in a dishwasher, doing
so will damage the parts.
5. Wipe the outer casing of the machine with a soft damp cloth. Do not use a
scouring pad as this may damage the finish on the panels
% NOTE: Do not use bleach based cleaners on the machine - doing so may mark the
stainless steel panels.
WARNING: Do not immerse this appliance in water for cleaning.
6. Clean the steam tube using warm soapy water and and a cloth. Do not use a
scouring pad, as this will damage the stainless steel finish. If heavily congealed, soak
the tube in a jug of warm water for 10 minutes to soften and clean normally, repeat if
% NOTE: If the water filter has been used correctly and has been replaced regularly the
machine should not require descaling, however, Fracino offer a descaling service,
contact Fracino for more information and costs.
1. PROBLEM Machine does not start.
POSSIBLE CAUSE - Machine not plugged in.
SOLUTION - Check machine is plugged in and power is on.
2. PROBLEM Machine does not start and machine is plugged in with power on
POSSIBLE CAUSE - Fuse in plug has blown.
SOLUTION - Replace with 13Amp fuse.
3. PROBLEM Buzzer Sounds.
POSSIBLE CAUSE - Low water level in tank.
SOLUTION - Ensure water tank has sufficient water.
4. PROBLEM Buzzer sounds and water tank is full.
POSSIBLE CAUSE - Water tank not located correctly in machine.
SOLUTION - Ensure tank is correctly orientated and is fully
engaged in to machine by gentle pressing the tank down.
5. PROBLEM Brew switch is on and no water is coming from group.
POSSIBLE CAUSE - Group boiler not filled with water.
SOLUTION - Repeat start-up proceedure.
- Ensure water tank has sufficient water.
6. PROBLEM Group Boiler Fails to heat up.
POSSIBIE CAUSE - Group boiler thermal safety cut-out has tripped.
SOLUTION - Contact a Fracino representative.
7. PROBLEM Steam boiler fails to generate steam.
POSSIBLE CAUSE - Steam boiler thermal safety cut-out has tripped.
SOLUTION - Contact a Fracino representative.
8. PROBLEM Machine is taking longer to heat up.
POSSIBLE CAUSE - If the machine has been used for long periods of
time in a hard water area without a water softener the heating
elements may have scaled up.
SOLUTION - Contact a Fracino representative.
9. PROBLEM When the filter holder is inserted, it can be rotated more then 90
degrees or coffee leaks from the top of the filter holder.
POSSIBLE CAUSE - Filter holder washer is worn.
SOLUTION - Replace filter washer (Fracino Part no. FC104).
If you are still having problems please contact Fracino on 0121 328 5757 for
further assistance.
1. Ensure you fully read and understand the instructions before using the
2. At no time should any of the body panels or other part (with the exception of
the water container and drip tray) be removed, exposing internal components
and wires which may lead to a dangerous electric shock.
3. Remember to turn the machine off at the mains before cleaning.
4. Always treat the machine with respect, do not use if your machine has been
dropped, vandalised or otherwise damaged. If in doubt contact your supplier
or Fracino Direct (0121 328 5757).
5. Do not allow unqualified persons to tamper with your machine.
6. It is essential that a water filter is used to minimise the build up of limescale,
the filter supplied with the machine is recommended as this is designed to fit
in to the tank, replacements are available from Fracino. Failure to use a correct
water filter may void the warranty.
7. Care should be taken when making drinks, water and steam is hot and can
8. If the supply cord or plug is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufac-
turer, service agent or similarly qualified persons.
9. This machine is heavy. Take care when lifting and moving.
10. Ensure the machine is placed on a stable surface.
11. Do not leave children or animals unsupervised when the machine is on or
has recently been turned off, parts of the machine will stay hot for some time
after the machine has been turned off.
12. Do not allow children to play with the machine.
13. Turn off at mains when not in use.
14. This appliance is intended to be use in a domestic environment or low
volume non-domestic environment such as offices, staff rooms - upto a
maximum of 10 cups per hour.
15. This appliance must not be immersed is water for cleaning.
16. This appliance is for indoor use only.
17. Store this appliance above 5°C.
18. Do not use the mains cable to lift, carry or move the appliance.
Terms and Conditions
1. Fracino Cappuccino Coffee Machines are guaranteed to be free from
defects in material and workmanship during manufacture for a period of 12
months from purchase.
2. Liability under the warranty is limited at the option of the manufacturer
to the replacement or repair, free of charge, of such parts as shall be
acknowledged after manufacturers inspection to be defective in material or
workmanship, provided that any such claims under this warranty are notified
to the manufacturer without delay. All parts recognised as defective shall
become the property of the manufacturer.
3. Except in so far as any injury, damage or loss is caused by the negligence
of the manufacturer or its employees and insofar as exclusion is not
prohibited or negated by law this warranty is in substitution for any express or
implied guarantee, representation warranty or condition and the manufacturer
shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss directly or indirectly attributed
to any or done in connection herewith.
4. The unexpired part of this warranty may be transferred to another owner
providing the machine has been serviced and maintained by the manufacturer
or manufacturers authorised service agent as prescribed.
5. The warranty shall cease immediately if:
A. The machine is modified or added to in any way not previously
agreed with the manufacturer in writing.
B. The instructions contained in the Operator's Manual are not
complied with.
C. The machine is serviced or maintained by anybody other than
the manufacturer or manufacturers authorised service agent.
6. The warranty does not cover items that require replacement in the course
of maintenance or as a result of fair wear and tear. Nor does it cover limescale
cleaning related faults.
7. Kindly observe the following in your best interests:
A. We recommend using only Fracino original parts explicitly
approved by the manufacturer. These parts have been selected for
their reliability and suitability for Fracino machines.
B. We are unable to make assessments for other product parts and
therefore cannot be held responsible for them, even if in individual
cases an official approval or authorisation by governmental or
approval agencies exist.
C. Fracino original parts as approved can be obtained from the
factory or online at Comprehensive assistance
and advice on maintaining your machine at its optimum level can be
obtained from Fracino or visit our website -
8. We at Fracino wish you many years of satisfaction with your new
cappuccino coffee machine. Please keep this warranty and Operator
Instructions in a safe place once you have read the important information
contained herein.
items not covered by warranty
1. Limescale — Any repairs caused by scale related faults, or by failure to use a
recommended water softener.
2. Misuse/breakages — Any repairs being made as a result of accident, neglect
or operator malpractice, and any other calls for, or as a result of, equipment
relocation. NB: This also applies to overtightening the steam handle.
3. Blocked steam tube nozzle — Any repairs for “no steam” caused by the
outlet holes on the steam tube nozzle not being cleaned.
4. Blocked group — Any repairs to “no water/coffee coming through group”
caused by the groups not being cleaned, incorrectly cleaned or limescale
5. Milk not frothing — Any repairs related to “milk not frothing” caused by stale
milk or milk with low protein content.
6. Grinders — The replacement of the grinder blades. Any repairs to reset
portioning or coffee grind or to jammed/obstructed blades.
7. Knockout drawers — Any calls to repair jammed or broken runners as a
result of negligence, malpractice or misuse by the operator.
8. Damage to body panels as a result of using bleach based cleaners or
abrasive scouring pads.
Recommended Extras
To further enhance your coffee making experience we have a number of
accessories available to buy.
Milk Jug - Part No. MILKJUGO.6
Water filters - Part No. PICWATERFILTER
Water filter seal - Part No. PICWATERFILTERFITTING
Stainless steel tamp - Part No. STAINLESSSTEALDELUX
POD adapter kit - Part No. FCP104
Milk Thermometer - Part No. FC55S
Liquid quartz cleaning solution - Part No. DET/LIQUID
Shower plate brush - Part No. FC54
Filter holder washer 8.5mm- Part No. FC104
Single filter basket - Part No. FC107
Double filter basket - Part No. FC108
To view the range in full and get more details, please visit our website -
Technical Information
Power rating - 2.2Kw
Supply voltage - 230Vac 50Hz
Weight 15Kg
Dimensions (mm) - 250w x 315D x 370H
Water tank capacity - 3L
This appliance must not be disposed of as normal household waste, contact
your local authority for suitable Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment
(WEEE) recycling facilities. Alternatively, return the appliance to Fracino where
it will be disposed of in a responsible manner.
“Frankly the finest for cappuccino”
Fracino 18-22 Birch Road East, Birmingham, B6 7DB, Great Britain.
Website / Email /
Tel / +44 (0)121 328 5757 Fax / +44 (0)121 327 3333
The Fracino company policy is one of continuous improvement. We retain the right to change specification without prior notice.
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