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gpsmap® 3006c/3010c
Finding an Item
Marking a Waypoint
To find an item from your current location:
To mark your current location:
1. Press and hold ENTER/MARK until the Review
Waypoint Page appears. The GPSMAP 3006C/3010C
captures your current location, and then creates a
default name and symbol for the new waypoint.
2. To accept the waypoint with the default information,
press ENTER, or to change any waypoint information,
highlight the appropriate field, and press ENTER.
To create a new waypoint from a map feature:
1. Use the map pointer to highlight a map feature.
2. Press and release ENTER/MARK to capture the
pointer location, and open the Review Page.
3. Press the Create Wpt soft key to open the Review
Waypoint Page.
4. To accept the waypoint with the default information,
press ENTER, or to change any waypoint information,
highlight the appropriate field, and press ENTER.
1. From any page, press FIND to open the Find From Current Position Page.
2. Highlight a category, and press ENTER. For some categories, you might need to
select multiple subcategories.
3. Highlight an item in the search results list, and press ENTER. The Review Page
appears showing item information, map location, chart name, distance and bearing,
and options for creating a waypoint or viewing the next item in the search results list.
Review Waypoint Page
Review Map Point Page
Navigating to a Destination
To navigate to a destination:
1. Press NAV to access the Navigation Menu.
2. Highlight Go To Point, Follow Route, Follow Track, or TracBack, and press ENTER.
3. Use the ROCKER to highlight a point, track, or route from the list, and press ENTER.
4. If you selected a point, press the Go To soft key. If you selected a route or saved track,
choose from the selections, and press ENTER.
5. Follow the magenta route created on the Map Page. You can also use the Compass Page
to help you navigate.
Find From Current Position Page
Using the MOB (Man OverBoard) Feature
The Man OverBoard (MOB) function simultaneously marks and sets a course back to the
marked location for quick response to emergency situations.
To start the MOB function:
1. Press and hold NAV/MOB. A message
appears asking you if you want to begin
navigation to the MOB waypoint.
2. Press ENTER to begin navigating to the
MOB location.
3. To stop navigation to the MOB location,
press NAV, highlight Stop Navigation, and
press ENTER.
To stop navigation to the MOB location:
1. Press NAV/MOB.
2. Highlight Stop Navigation, and press ENTER.
Navigation Menu
Navigation Shown on the Map Page
Review Waypoint Page
Man OverBoard
GPSMAP 3006C/3010C
quick reference guide
Viewing Main Pages
Startup/Shutdown Sequence
To turn on the GPSMAP 3006C/3010C:
1. Press and hold the POWER key.
2. When the I Agree on-screen button is highlighted, press ENTER to acknowledge the
warning and open the Map Page.
Using the GPSMAP 3006C/3010C Keypad
The GPSMAP 3006C/3010C contains five main pages. Additional main pages appear as you
add optional hardware to the Garmin Marine Network. Press PAGE to view each page.
POWER/BACKLIGHT—press and hold to turn the unit on or off. Press
and release to adjust the screen backlighting.
RANGE—press to zoom in or out of the Map Page and Highway Page,
or adjust the range of the sonar or radar.
ROCKER—press up, down, right, or left to move through lists,
highlight fields, select options and locations, enter data, or move the map pointer.
Map Page
Warning Page
Map Split Page
QUIT—press to return to a previous page, restore a data field’s
previous value, or exit out of menus.
Map Page
To turn off the GPSMAP 3006C/3010C:
1. Press and hold the POWER key.
If one chartplotter is connected, the unit shuts
down. If multiple chartplotters are connected, a
prompt appears.
2. Select Yes to turn off the entire network, or select
No to put the unit in sleep mode.
3. Press ENTER.
ENTER—press to select highlighted fields, confirm menu options, or
enter data.
MARK—press and hold for two seconds to capture your current location
and open the Review Waypoint Page.
Compass Page
ADJ—press to show available options and features for the current
MENU—press and hold to open the Main Menu.
Video Page (Optional)
3D Highway Page
Using the Main Menu
Adjusting the Backlight
To change a setting using the Main Menu:
1. Press and release the POWER key.
2. Press up or down on the ROCKER to
adjust the backlight level.
3. Press ENTER to quit.
Main Menu
NAV—press and release to access navigation options.
MOB (Man OverBoard)—press and hold to mark your current location
and instantly set a return course.
DATA—press to show or hide function windows and data fields on a
main page.
CNFG—press and hold to open the Configuration window to customize
a main page.
To adjust the backlight level:
1. From any page, press and hold ADJ/MENU
to open the Main Menu.
2. Use the ROCKER to select a tab, and then press
right or left on the ROCKER to select a sub tab.
3. Highlight the field you want to change, and press ENTER.
4. Make any changes, and press ENTER.
5. Press QUIT to return to the main page.
PAGE—press to cycle through the main pages in sequence or return from a sub page to a main page.
FCTN—press to highlight the next available Function window on the
split screen.
FIND—press to initiate the Find option, so you can search for user
points, map items, and any optional data card information.
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