Window Signs Traffic Signs Store Banners Sandblast

Window Signs Traffic Signs Store Banners Sandblast
FC5100 series
Advanced Multi-functional Cutting Plotter Technology
for Plotting, Cutting and Pouncing Applications
Window Signs
Sandblast Signs
Traffic Signs
Screen Photo Masks
Store Banners
Introducing the new FC5100 Series
Available in 30”, 42”, 54” and 60” model sizes, the FC5100 Series features a maximum cutting speed of
55.7 in/s, 4.0G maximum axial acceleration, and 20 to 500g cutting force. Including all the features that
make Graphtec cutting plotters so popular with sign makers, this new series comes with a wide array of
helpful, user-friendly features and functions such as tangential control for precision cutting of thick
material and of intricate designs as small as 1/16" high on vinyl—without lifting corners. Many optional
features and accessories are also available to further enhance your productivity and versatility.
The FC5100 supports tri-port connectivity with serial, parallel and
USB interface ports. The standard package includes:
• A Windows driver compatible with Windows
Vinyl Cut
Pen Plot
® 98, ME, 2000, and
XP; supports serial, parallel and USB port connectivity
Adobe® Illustrator® plug-in software compatible with MAC® OS 8,
9 and X; supports USB connectivity
The unsurpassed versatility of the new FC5100 series is further
augmented with its capability to plot, cut and pounce without your
having to alter the plotter's mechanical configuration. Simply
install the specific tool required for the next job and select one of
the eight user-programmable settings that correspond to the type
of tool as well as any other pertinent job requirements.
Note: The pouncing operation requires purchase of the optional pouncing tool.
Productivity and User-friendly Functions
The user-friendly control panel comes standard with a large 20digit x 4-line LCD menu/control display and icon-labeled
comprehensive controls, providing effortless operation and
simple navigation of various setup menus. The oversized LCD
allows users to quickly glance at all operational conditions
including equipment status, speed, force, quality (acceleration)
and type of tool with a pre-programmed offset value.
Six commonly-used function controls including instantaneous
hold (pause), cutting/plotting conditions, axis alignment, copy,
test cut, and new origin are directly accessible on the control
panel for added user efficiency.
Eight user-programmable settings facilitate switching among
application-specific plotter setups and material selection. Each
setting can be programmed with the specific type of tool (blade,
pen, pouncing tool or LED beam), cutting/plotting speed,
acceleration, force, tangential control and distance compensation
required for a specific application. These settings provide the user
with an instantaneous recall of pre-programmed setup conditions
for varying job requirements, further increasing your efficiency
and productivity.
The pressure-sensitive dual-speed position keys enable fast tool
positioning with high accuracy. Engage the SmartFeed™ auto
material pre-feed function to further enhance the FC5100's
tracking capability for long length and repetitive cutting/plotting
jobs. Built-in SmartFeed™ intelligence automatically unwinds the
media roll and pre-feeds it for a user-programmable length when
the plotting data exceeds the prepared area.
Accuload™ media supply/alignment system
The Accuload™ media system integrates a media alignment
guide to assist users in loading and aligning the media accurately
for assured tracking performance. It allows effortless loading of
media from a tightly wound fresh roll, manually rewound loose
roll, or in cut-sheet form. The convenient cross-cutting groove
provides a simple solution for obtaining a straight sheet cut-off of
your finished job, making it easier than ever before!
Axis alignment and registration of digitally-imaged
The standard LED positioning system enables tool-free axis
alignment. A registration mark sensor is optionally available for
automated registration and alignment processes for enhanced
positioning accuracy and productivity.
Performance Features
Speed and power
The FC5100's top cutting speed reaches 55.7 in/s with the
conditional maximum acceleration of 4.0G. This combination of
speed and acceleration provides lightning-fast production of
various designs with superb cutting/plotting quality—a result of
our world-renowned electro-mechanical system control
algorithms. The speed priority setting enhances the throughput
performance for the production of large text signs, long banners
and pin-stripes while the acceleration (quality) priority setting
provides unsurpassed productivity for small and intricate design
cutting. The overall throughput is further improved by the
adoption of intelligent tool height control supported by Graphtec’s
proprietary, high-precision tool actuator system architecture. The
selectable cutting forces ranging from 20 to 500g accommodate a
wide spectrum of material from ultra-thin masking films to thick,
hard reflective films.
Sophisticated tangential control algorithms
When the Tangential Control mode is engaged, the FC5100
overcuts the mechanical tangential system (both in speed and
output quality) by precisely and intelligently controlling the blade
rotation. The on-board tool height sensor automatically detects
the blade tip's landing on the material’s surface, then intelligently
and precisely aligns the blade rotation for the following cutting
operation, all in a matter of microseconds. This sophisticated
feature incorporating Graphtec's proprietary technology
completely eliminates distorted, rounded, or lifted corners even
when highly intricate design cutting is required on 2-mil.
vinyl film or 50-mil. sandblast
rubber. This innovative and
high precision system
architecture integrated with
Graphtec's signature
technology enables the
FC5100 to cut text strings as
small as 1/16" on vinyl. No
cutter/plotter on the market
can match the new FC5100
series' unsurpassed precision
and built-in intelligence.
Tool Soft Landing Intelligence
Improved cutting/plotting quality and prolonged tool life are just a
few of the outstanding standard features you can expect from the
FC5100 series, made possible by our innovative tool Soft
Landing Intelligence. The Graphtec proprietary closed-loop servo
actuator with an integrated precision sensor ensures quick,
precise, yet gentle tool contact with the material surface during
up and down motions. In addition to ensuring superior and
accurate output, the Soft
Landing feature prolongs the
life of the cutting/plotting tool
and maximizes throughput
performance. The innovative
tool Soft Landing Intelligence
provides not only consistent
and optimum cutting quality
throughout the job, but the
benefit of cost-saving tool
maintenance as well.
Optional Features
A variety of optional features and accessories are
available to further enhance the productivity and
performance of the FC5100 series cutting plotters.
Optional media basket
An optional media basket is
available for all the FC5100 series
models to facilitate dust-free
cutting/plotting operations and
enhanced media tracking for long,
continuous project applications.
The collapsible front and rear
baskets keep the media off the
shop floor to prevent dust and
residue from accumulating on the
output material. This feature is ideal
when unevenness and/or obstacles
are observed in the media path (on
the floor) that can potentially affect
the plotter's tracking performance.
Optional stand-integrated
media racks
Maintaining up to 3 extra full-length
rolls conveniently at the rear of
your plotter, the media rack option
enhances job efficiency and
productivity by allowing you to
quickly switch between media rolls
or directly feed material from the
rack. Each optional rack holds one
full-length roll of media for quick
and easy roll replacement, allowing
you to exchange media color, type,
and size with minimal effort.
Optional registration mark
The optional registration mark
sensor detects the registration
marks printed alongside digitally
produced images to automatically
align preprinted images to the
internal coordinate system and
even compensate for material
expansion/contraction. These
intelligent features assure the user
of unsurpassed accuracy and
consistently reliable operation for
the most intricate die/contour
cutting applications.
* Factory installation required.
Second penholder option*
An optional second penholder
benefits those users who frequently
switch between test plotting and
cutting operations by eliminating
the need for manual replacement of
* Registration Mark Sensor and Second
Penholder cannot be simultaneously installed.
FC5100 Series Specifications
Maximum cutting area
Compatible film width
Minimum film width
Maximum cutting speed
Maximum acceleration
Programmable cutting force
Minimum character matrix
Mechanical resolution
Programmable resolution
Guaranteed accuracy cutting length*2
Distance accuracy
Number of tools mountable
Blade types
Pen types
Film types
Pouncing function
Pouncing media
Data buffer
Command sets
Number of preset condition groups
Control menu and status display
Axis alignment
Media supply mechanism
Media pre-feed
Floor stand
Power requirements
Power consumption
Operating environment
Guaranteed accuracy environment
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Weight (approx.)
Digital servo friction feed with MicroGritroll™ drive
758 mm x 50 m
1067 mm x 50 m
1372 mm x 50 m
1514 mm x 50 m
(29.8” x 164’)
(42” x 164’)
(54.0” x 164’)
(59.6” x 164’)
100 mm to 914 mm
100 mm to 1219 mm
100 mm to 1500 mm
100 mm to 1600 mm
(3.9” to 36.0”)
(3.9” to 48.0”)
(3.9” to 59.1”)
(3.9” to 63.0”)
100 mm (3.9”)*1
1414 mm/s (55.7 in/s), at a 45° angle
4.0 G
20 g to 500 g in 40 steps
Approximately 3 mm (0.12”) high*5
0.005 mm (0.0002”)
GP-GL™ : 0.1/0.05/0.025/0.01 mm
HP-GL® : 0.025 mm (0.001”)
10 m guaranteed ; maximum cutting length is 50 m
0.1 mm or 0.1%, whichever is greater
0.5/580 mm or better
1.5/1000 mm or better
0.1mm/2m (0.0039”/80”) travel or better
1 (cutter pen, plotting pen, or pouncing tool) ; 2 tools can be mounted if the optional second
penholder is installed
Supersteel, (0.9 mm and 1.5 mm), ceramic (1.5 mm) and sapphire (1.5 mm)
Water-/oil-based fibertip, water-/oil-based ballpoint, ceramic-tip
Self-adhesive vinyl film, fluorescent film, reflective film, Amberlith™, Rubylith™, sandblast resist
Requires optional pouncing tool (tool diameter is 1.2 mm)
Plain paper, 0.06 mm to 0.13 mm thick
RS-232C serial, IEEE-1284 parallel (auto recognition), USB 1.1
2 MB
GP-GL™/HP-GL®‚ (control-panel selectable)
8 groups, user-specifiable
20 digits by 4 lines LCD with comprehensive icon-corresponding soft keys
Standard LED beam positioning system (using Light Pointer) or optional precision registration mark
sensor for registration of a pre-printed digital image
Integrated Accuload™ media supply system
Optional media rack for simultaneously holding up to 3 rolls of media (FC5100-75 requires optional
floor stand)
Standard (built-in SmartFeed™ function automatically unwinds and pre-feeds media for an operatorspecified distance upon self-recognition of plot file length
100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto switching)
140 VA max.
10 to 35°C (50 to 95°F), 35 to 75% RH (non-condensing)
16 to 32°C (60 to 90°F), 35 to 70% RH (non-condensing)
1135 x 485 x 351 mm
1440 x 715 x 1175 mm 1703 x 715 x 1175 mm 1860 x 715 x 1175 mm
(73.2” x 28.1” x 46.3”)
(44.7” x 19.1” x 13.8”)
(56.7” x 28.1” x 46.3”)*3 (67” x 28.1” x 46.3”)
29 kg (64 lbs)
51 kg (112 lbs)
56 kg (123 lbs)
58 kg (128 lbs)
including stand
including stand
including stand
Accessories and Options
Standard accessories
Other accessories
Second Penholder (for plotting pen)*4 ; Registration Mark Sensor*4 ; Stand for FC5100-75 (standard
for the other models) ; Media Catch Basket; Additional Media Rack; Pouncing Tool
User Guide CD-ROM (including User’s Manual, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP Driver; Adobe Illustrator
Plug-in Software for Mac); Power Cord; PHP32-CB09N Blade Holder; CB09UA-2 Cutter Blades;
Water-based Black Fiber-tip Pen, Floor Stand (FC5100-100, FC5100-130, FC5100-150)
PHP61-Loupe for manual registration/axis alignment when the Registration Mark Sensor option is
*1 Subject to media setting conditions
*2 When using the optional media basket and Graphtec-specified media and cutting conditions
*3 Height is 1118 mm for models shipped to Korea
*4 • The second penholder cannot be used concurrently with the registration mark sensor.
• The light pointer cannot be used concurrently with the registration mark sensor.
• The second penholder and the light pointer can be used concurrently.
*5 For characters smaller than 10 mm, please use the CB15UB blade.
* HP-GL™ are registered trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Company in the US.
* Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries.
* Other company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
To ensure safe and correct use of this product:
• Read the instruction manual thoroughly before use.
• Ground the product properly to prevent electric shock due to current leakage, and always use with the correct power supply voltage indicated.
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