micro KEYER II and Logic setup

micro KEYER II and Logic setup
microKEYER II and Logic setup
Router setup:
Note: The absolute port numbers do not matter. The key is consistency - the same port number must
be used for a specific function every time it is used.
1. Assign the radio control virtual COM port.
2. Assign a port for WinKey.
3. Assign the same port for PTT as you assigned for CAT.
4. Save the settings to a preset by selecting Preset | Save as. Choose a position and name it
LOGic setup:
1. Click Tools | Setup |
Misc ham setup, rig,
TNC ...
2. Select the Radio Ifc tab.
3. Select your Rig
4. Select the Port you
assigned for Control in
5. Set the Baud Rate, Stop
Bits and other settings
required by your radio.
6. Click OK to save your
7. Click Forms | WinKeyer to
open the WinKey Keyer
8. Select the Setup tab to
configure the keyer.
9. Set the COM port to the port
you assigned for WinKey in
Note: the other settings –
lead, tail, min/max WPM, etc.
are set on the CW/WinKey tab
in Router.
10. Router will override any
settings in LOGic.
11. Click OK to save your settings
12. Click Tools | Setup | Misc
ham setup, rig, TNC ...
13. Select the General tab and
click the Select Port button
under Voice Keyer Push-toTalk.
14. Set “Serial port for CW and/or
PTT” to the port you selected
for CW and PTT in Router.
Note: At the present time,
DVK (Voice Player) operation
requires that “Headset
Earphone - microHAM CODEC”
be the system default playback
device. This is dangerous as Windows System Sounds can autonomously cause the rig to begin
transmitting. microHAM recommends that the Logic Voice Player not be used with microKEYER II
until this limitation is resolved.
TIP: Although Logic provides links to Hamscope, MixW and hardware TNCs, it does not have
built in support for RTTY and/or PSK31 using the sound card. Even so, you can use Router's
2nd CAT, 2nd PTT and FSK ports as needed to run many of the excellent free digital programs
like MMTTY, MMVARI, Hamscope, DigiPan, etc. at the same time as Logic.
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