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Hobby Zone
2415 Annapolis Lane N, #D140
Plymouth, MN 55441
Phone: 763-268-0580 (local)
Phone: 888-953-9663
www.hobbyzone.com I've been in this hobby since I was a kid and the age-old question
has always been, "What's a good way to start?" and there are as
many answers to that question as there are "Experts" out there.
But Hobbyzone has recently submitted there latest answer - The
Hobbyzone Super Cub.
This is really an amazing little airplane that is an excellent choice
for the beginner. It is a 3-channel electric that comes complete
with everything you need to get airborne. And I mean everything.
You only need to make this one purchase* and you're in the air.
The Super Cub comes with a 3-channel transmitter which has a
stick for the right hand that controls rudder and elevator, which is
how even a mode-2** flier usually sets up a 3-channel plane. For
throttle control, there is a slider for the left thumb.
The Super Cub is also equipped with X-Port technology for use
with add-on accessories such as Aerial Drop Module and
with add-on accessories such as Aerial Drop Module and
Sonic Combat Module .
All-in-all, the Hobbzone Super Cub is an excellent way to get
started in radio control flying. Let's take a closer look.
* While the Super Cub is complete, you may want to consider buying 8
rechargable "AA" batteries for the transmitter.
** The standard flight controls used in the USA is called "Mode-2". This has the
ailerons (which are used for turning) on the right stick. In a 3-channel
configuration, the rudder is usually moved to the right stick to accustom you to
using the right hand for turning.
Window Media Player
Hobby Zone
Super Cub RTF
Name: Hobby Zone Super Cub RTF
Complete package.
No additional
purchases required. Fast, easy assembly. Excellent flight
characteristics. Easy to Fly. Perfect for a
beginner. Price: $159.99
Wingspan: 47.75 in (1200mm)
Wing Area: 890 sq in (57.49 sq dm)
Length: 32.5 inches (825mm)
Flying Weight : 26 ounces (715 g)
Motor Size: 480 Power
None. Speed Control: Power FET proportional ESC/receiver
Battery: 8.4V 1000mAh Ni-MH
Radio: 3 channel proportional FM
Approx. Flying Duration: 10 - 15 min
Gear Ratio: 3:1
Transmitter Range:2500 ft
Available Frequencies: 6 channels on 27mhz
X-Port: Yes
Charger: Variable rate 1.2A DC peak with LED and 3-hr AC
Delta Peak with LED
Items Needed To Complete
You don't need anything to get your Super Cub airborne. Just
charge the included battery pack while you attach the wing,
vertical tail stab and landing gear, and load the AA batteries into
the transmitter. Before you know it, you'll be ready to go.
The packaging was excellent, everything was tucked nicely into the foam carton with no chance
of damage from movement, but the thing that really impressed me was the fact that literally
everything - even the "Double A" batteries for the transmitter.
The manual is very clear, concise, and easy to understand. It
guides you step-by-step through initial setup, assembly and
even some tips for flying.It is available on line HERE.
Assembly is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, slip the landing gear wire into its slot and secure it by
screwing the strut covers in place. Next, rubber band the wing in place and screw the struts in
place. Finally, slide the stab into the fuse, lock it in place with the fin and secure the assembly
with two more screws.
Ok, there's a forth step - Adding the tail wheel - Which is as easy as the rest of the assembly.
That's it! Charge the battery and you're ready to fly!
I can honestly say that this airplane not only flies well, it's also
quite easy to fly.
We started out with a couple test hops with the ACT off just to
make sure we had everything set up properly. I was
immediately impressed with the power available. A tad of
rudder to keep it straight down the runway and the next thing
I knew we were flying. The Super Cub is very docile and
controllable, even without ailerons. A couple of low slow
passes and I brought her in for a nice wheel landing.
With the first flight over with, it was time to try the ACT. I
discovered that while the airplane is on the ground with the
ACT turned ON, the motor would not come up to speed.
According to the manual, the airplane should have at least
200 feet of altitude to use the ACT. Sure enough I turned the
ACT OFF for the takeoff, then turned it on as soon as a
decent altitude was reached.
Next I made a climbing turn back toward the field and with the
Cub flying straight and level I fed in full DOWN elevator. After
the nose dropped I seemed to lose control of the airplane: the
motor cut off. After my initial panic I realized that the ACT had
taken command of the airplane. The nose brought itself back
up to the horizon, and as soon as the airplane was back into
a normal attitude the motor came back to life and all was well
again. The ACT program seems to do what you SHOULD do
with this airplane if it begins to get away from you: bring the
throttle to about one third power and release the stick.
The Positive stability that is built into this cub is what makes it
a great first airplane: it literally flies itself. I took the airplane
back up to 'Training Altitude' and tried to put it into every
unusual attitude I could think of. Each time I did simply
bringing the throttle back and letting go of the stick resulted in
the Cub returning to straight and level flight.
Hobby Zone
Super Cub RTF
Video (7.5meg)
Hobby Zone
Super Cub RTF
Deluxe Video (15.5meg)
If you're looking to go fly TODAY, this may well be the model for you. With its 'everything
included' mindset, HobbyZone has done exactly that. It's a great flying little Cub that's durable
and incredibly quick and easy to set up and fly. Perfect for the beginner!
Hobby Zone
2415 Annapolis Lane N, #D140
Plymouth, MN 55441
Phone: 763-268-0580 (local)
Phone: 888-953-9663
www.hobbyzone.com Comments on RCU Review: Hobby Zone Super Cub RTF
Posted by: djnsayne on 06/01/2008
Profile Posted by: Xpress on 06/19/2008
Nice review. Very detailed.
Profile Posted by: fredmcl2 on 06/20/2008
Profile I agree totally this is a great way to start. I did, and my Supercub crashed and was re-built so many times that
glue is now one of its main components. This is one tough plane, and it's still flying. After the Supercub
came a Nexstar, and now I have a Sig 4-Star 60 and a Goldberg Skylark 70. The Supercub got me started, and
now I'm hooked. Thanks for the great review. Fred, Maryland
Posted by: justlift on 07/25/2008
Profile great plain for a newbie that wont to get in the air without the trainer standing at his side and a real joy to fly
and after you have got the basic down turn off the ACT and you can get a great loop out off the plain and a
good stall turn. Great plain
Posted by: jopiedope on 10/31/2009
Profile I just bought it and it flies very well! I have the 11.1 V 1300 mAh version which has plenty of power. Right
after I bought it it was windy out 11 mph winds, but I was so excited I flew anyways, first time, perfect flight!
Even rolled on dirty wed grass. Did several stops and go. Very easy to fly! Posted by: nagata on 11/29/2012
Profile I learned to fly on an original HZ Super Cub and it was a great experience! Taught me the basics, the plane
was very forgiving, and when I did crash it (a number of times early on, mostly during poor landing attempts),
it was very easy to fix. I eventually upgraded it to a Spektrum 2.4 radio system & 11.1v 1300mAh LiPo power,
and this made it very powerful when compared to stock; it's still a lot of fun! Adding floats is another
very fun element! Even though I now own and fly half-a-dozen other ParkZone planes, including a hopped-up
T-28, a P-47, & a Habu, the HZ Super Cub still comes out when I want a nice, relaxing flight. I've
recommended this plane to anyone looking to start flying.
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