FM5 QRM Rev-1 2-17-11.indd

FM5 QRM Rev-1 2-17-11.indd
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performance of the equipment when so
• Always use the FilmMaker in a well
ventilated area. Allow enough room
around the platemaker for adequate
ventilation and easy access to the paper
trays. If you place the FilmMaker in an
enclosure, ensure it is properly ventilated.
Xanté Corporation
2800 Dauphin Street
Mobile, AL 36606-2400
Phone: 800-926-8393, 251-473-4920
Fax: 251-473-6503
• Do not use the FilmMaker near water. Do
not spill any type of liquid into it.
Xanté Europe
Marketing 1
6921 RE Duiven
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 26 3193 210
Fax: +31 26 3193 211
• Be certain that your power source
matches the rating listed on the back of
the FilmMaker. If you are unsure, contact
your dealer or local power company.
• Do not insert anything into the ventilation
slots on the FilmMaker. You could cause
an electrical shock or electrical arcing,
which could cause a fire.
• Aside from the routine maintenance
described in the documentation, do not
try to service the FilmMaker yourself.
Removing the cover may expose you to
shocks or other electrical hazards.
• For more information, please refer to the
Table of Contents
FilmMaker Set-up............................. 5
Removing the FilmMaker ............... 5
Installing the Imaging Unit .............. 5
Standard Cassette ......................... 7
Multipurpose Feeder ...................... 8
Media Types ................................... 9
Connecting the Power Cord ........... 9
Cable Connections ....................... 10
Configuring the IP Address........... 10
Windows Installation ..................... 11
Installing Windows Printer Driver . 11
Configuring PPD Defaults ............ 12
Macintosh OS X ............................. 14
Web Interface ................................. 18
Service and Support...................... 18
Utilities CD-ROM
FilmMaker Set-up
• Imaging Unit
Removing the FilmMaker
Note: If you do not receive your
full shipment or if anything is
damaged, call Xanté Customer
Support at
1-800-926-8393 (US and
Canada) or your Xanté dealer.
Installing the Imaging Unit
Removing the FilmMaker.
Note: Always use two people
to lift the FilmMaker. There
are recessed grips on the
FilmMaker’s sides.
Release Top Cover Latch.
Your package contains the following
• Your Xanté FilmMaker
• 500 sheet cassette
• Power cord
Open Top Cover and MP Feeder.
• Quick Reference Manual and
Note: If tape is not fully
removed, it may reduce print
quality and cause damage.
Shake Imaging Unit.
Note: Shake the unit enough
to free any compacted toner.
Failure to do so can cause
damage to the unit.
Insert Pins into Guide Channels.
Remove Sealing Tape.
to a stack height of 2.13” (54 mm). This
cassette can handle media weights
from 16 - 28 lb (60 to 105 g/m2).
Insert Imaging Unit.
Pull Out Paper Cassette.
Close Top Cover.
Remove Cassette Cover and load
Standard Cassette
The standard universal paper cassette
holds up to 500 sheets of 20 lb
bond/60 lb text weight (65 g/m2) paper
Note: To prevent paper jams,
make sure the paper fits
between the paper guides and
under the cassette’s retaining
Note: Pull out the output tray
extension and pull up the paper
stop for paper sizes larger than
letter/A4 sizes.
Adjust Width Guide.
Adjust Length Guide.
Adjust Output Tray Extension.
Multipurpose Feeder
The FilmMaker’s multipurpose feeder
holds up to 150 sheets of 20 lb bond/60
lb text weight (75 g/m2) paper.
Load paper tray.
The multipurpose feeder supports
nonstandard size media from 3.94”
x 5.83” (100 mm x 148 mm) to 13” x
35.5” (330 mm x 902 mm) and can
handle media weights from 16 - 36 lb
(60 - 135 g/m2).
Media Types
• Plain Paper
• Heavy Paper
• Cover Stock
• Labels and Transparencies
• Myriad Films
Connecting the Power Cord
Pull Out the Tray Extension.
Always use a properly
grounded, surge
protected AC power
outlet to prevent damage
to the FilmMaker.
1. Make sure the FilmMaker's power
switch is off.
2. Connect the power cable to the
back of the FilmMaker and to the
power outlet.
Load Media and Adjust the
Media Guides.
1. Turn off your FilmMaker.
2. Connect the desired cable to your
FilmMaker and to the appropriate
port on your network or computer (if
you are using a crossover cable).
Power Cord for the FilmMaker.
WARNING: Never use a damaged
power cord. Check it
monthly and replace
immediately if
damage is found.
Configuring the IP Address
Note:If you are using the DHCP
on your computer, turn off the
FilmMaker, then restart it for the
new IP address to take effect.
Cable Connections
Your FilmMaker has a 10/100BaseT Ethernet port.
To set the IP address, network class,
and net mask, do the following:
1. Turn on the FilmMaker then press
the MENU key until [Setup: Network] appears.
2. Press the ENTER key to enter the
Network menu.
Ethernet port
3. Set the IP address, network class,
and network mask settings.
a. Press the MENU key until the
appropriate menu appears.
Ethernet cable
b. Press the ENTER key to
access the selected menu.
Windows Installation
Installing Windows Printer Driver
Use the RESET, MENU,
NEXT, and ENTER keys to
change and accept the new
1. Insert Xante Utility CD-ROM.
2. The FilmMaker Setup window
appears, click the
4. Reboot your FilmMaker and go to
DOS (Command). Prompt to ping
the FilmMaker.
For example, if your IP address
is, type PING (at the DOS prompt).
Note: If you are using LPR
printing on OSX, use the
Network Utility to ping the
again and the
3. Select
Choose Destination Location
window appears. Select
5. The properties window will open.
6. Change the Output Protocol to
Binary and the Send CTRL-D After
Each Job to No
4. The window to enter the IP Address will appear. Enter the
Printer’s IP Address now and
. When the
Hardware Installation window
appears click
7. Select the Installable Options such
as the Resolution and RAM
8. Click
and then
Configuring PPD Defaults
1. Select [Start] - [Settings] - [Printers
and Faxes]
2. Select your FilmMaker's icon; select
[File] - [Properties]
3. Select available options; close
Printers and Faxes window.
4. Select the Device Settings tab and
configure the Installable Options at
this time.
Click [Device Options] tab
Macintosh OS X
This section takes you through the
installation process on a Macintosh
OS X. You should have the latest
OS X version to properly install this
Click [Continue].
You must type in your name and
password to begin, then click [OK].
Choose [OS X only] or click [Include
Classic] for the full installation.
Then click [Install].
Select the location for the installation
then click [Continue].
Printer List window.
Your installation was successful. Click
[Quit] to exit or [Continue] to add
Enter the IP address for the FilmMaker
and query the name. Select the FilmMaker
from the menu list and click [Add].
Click [Add] to add the FilmMaker
to your list of printers.
The FilmMaker is added
to your printer list.
When the Main Screen reappears, you
can register your FilmMaker (if online).
Complete the Registration Form.
Web Interface
Service and Support
•Tech Support
1-800-926-8393 (US and Canada)
Other areas, call your Xanté
Once your FilmMaker has been
installed onto your system, you can
check its status, rename it, align paper,
and much more by simply entering the
IP address in the address bar of your
web browser.
•Hours of Operation
7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mon. - Fri. CST
Note:The web browser window
and all links within it are the
same for both Macintosh and
PC environments.
Refer to the User’s Guide for more
information and specifics about the
features of the FilmMaker.
For more information about Xanté
products, please visit our website:
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