What`s in your Closet? Intellikeys USB and Overlay Maker Review

What`s in your Closet? Intellikeys USB and Overlay Maker Review
What’s In Your Closet:
IntelliKeys and Overlay Maker
Pat Satterfield, Center for AT Excellence/CREATE
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
3:00 PM EST
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Webinar Evaluation
At the end of today’s webinar, we ask that
you please take a moment to complete
our survey:
You found something in the closet
and it looks like this:
This is an Classic
IntelliKeys. It may not be
much help unless you
have older computers. It
can only be used with
operating systems prior to
Win 2000 or Mac pre-OS
10. It needs a serial,
parallel for Win and an
ADB cable for Mac.
If it looks like this:
You have a winner! This is a
USB IntelliKeys and works
with the following operating
systems - XP, Vista, Windows
7, Windows 8 and Mac OS 9.x,
OS 10.1 through 10.8
The change to a USB
connection made it work for
everyone – no problems
knowing what was needed to
connect it to your computer!
What is an IntelliKeys?
An IntelliKeys is an alternate keyboard.
It will send text to any application that can receive text.
It will perform other keyboard functions.
It will emulate mouse movement.
It is used with standard or custom overlays.
When used with Overlay Maker 3:
It will send letters, words, sentences, or paragraphs from one button.
It will send keyboard shortcuts from one button.
It will send text from a button with a picture.
Who might use an IntelliKeys?
Individuals with motor impairments
Individuals with visual impairments
Very young individuals
Individuals with cognitive disabilities
Elderly Individuals
Installing your IntelliKeys
Software first!!
Install the USB IntelliKeys Driver that
comes with your IntelliKeys.
If you cannot find the CD, you can
download the driver from the
IntelliTools website.
Then plug in your cable. Make sure
that it is all the way in.
IntelliKeys Control Panel
You should have an IntellKeys icon
on your system tray. If the
keyboard is on, the icon will be
blue; if off, the icon is red.
If you right click on the icon, you
can open the Control Panel. This is
where we can make custom
settings for individuals that will be
using the keyboard.
IntelliKeys Control Panel
On the Mode Tab, we can
choose to use overlays or
switches. There are two
switch jacks on the side of
the IntelliKeys.
Turning it on
The USB IntelliKeys
allows you to leave
the keyboard installed
but turned off.
You can also use the
IntelliKeys while
others are using a
touchscreen, mouse,
or the regular
Indicator Lights
When you turn your IntelliKeys on,
the indicator lights should flash to
let you know that it is working.
When you send an overlay to the
Intellikeys, the lights will also flash
to let you know that the new overlay
was received by the keyboard.
Standard Overlays
Standard Overlays have a
barcode on the side so that the
keyboard recognizes the setup
when you slide it in.
Alphabet USB
Basic Writing USB
Math Access USB
Mouse Access USB
Web Access Mac USB
Web Access WIN USB
Keyguards are available for all
of the standard overlays, as
seen in this picture.
You can also get sets of
keyguards for the custom
overlays that you may design
for the individuals with
whom you work.
Overlay Maker 3
We use OM to create or use custom overlays:
For Classroom Suite activities
For other commercial programs
From the IntelliKeys Activity Exchange
We can create overlays:
To simplify or scaffold learning
To make visual scenes with “invisible” buttons
To make “whole word” word processing environments
To write from pictures
To create custom environments for individuals to be able to
access websites (i.e. banking) or control iTunes
Was this manual useful for you? yes no
Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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