quick setup guide

quick setup guide
Dual-Band AC1200 Gigabit Router
1. Log in to the XWR-1200
From a web browser, enter the default IP address of, then the default username
and password.
Default IP:
Username: admin
Password: admin
Browser Login Dialog
This login will take you directly to the Quick Setup page.
n NOTE: If another device on your network shares the address, you’ll need
to reassign that device a different IP address to configure the XWR-1200.
2. Configure the Connection Type.
The connection type is automatically set to DHCP, the most common setting for most
Internet providers. The other options are PPPoE and Static. PPPoE is used mostly for DSL
services but is also used by some fiber providers. Static is typically only used if you have
purchased a static IP address from your Internet service provider (ISP). The ISP will provide
you with the necessary static IP address configuration parameters.
Configure Internet/WAN
3. Configure the LAN IP address of your router.
You can leave the LAN IP address as-is or change it. Generally the LAN IP address will end in a
.1 or a .254. Examples are or Search “private network” on Wikipedia to
learn more about various private IP address schemes.
Configure LAN IP Address
Once the router is configured with an IP address, you need to configure your wireless
network. In the Quick Setup page, scroll to the Wireless Settings 2.4GHz Frequency and
Wireless Settings 5GHz Frequency sections.
1. Configure the 2.4GHz network.
Change Network Name (SSID) to something simple. Best practice is one word with
no spaces or special characters. This will be most compatible with all devices.
Change your Security Mode to secure your network. WPA2 is recommended.
Leave Encryption set to AES.
Enter the Passphrase. This is the password clients will use to join the Wi-Fi network.
The passphrase must be at least 8 characters in length and the following characters are
not allowed: # & / \ | ’ ” `
Select a Channel or leave it at the default value of 6. See note below.
Configure 2.4GHz Frequency
n NOTE: The 2.4GHz network defaults to channel 6. You can leave it there,
or if you have completed a wireless scan and know that channel 6 is crowded with
other networks, change the channel to 1 or 11. Use only channels 1, 6, or 11
whenever possible.
2. Configure the 5GHz network.
To configure the 5Ghz network, follow the same steps as the 2.4Ghz network configuration.
You can name the 5GHz network a different name or you can make it simple and leave it the
same as the 2.4GHz network. Ask your customer what they would prefer.
Configure 5GHz Frequency
n NOTE: The default channel for 5GHz is 153. You can leave this as-is but if you notice
slowing or interference, try channel 40.
3. Select Save, then when prompted select Reboot.
The Internet will be inaccessible and the web user interface will be unresponsive while the
XWR-1200 reboots.
Quick Setup Save and Reboot Buttons
Adding a Wireless Access Point
Adding a wireless access point to the XWR-1200 to enable seamless roaming is easy and
should only take a few minutes. Manually configuring the access points is not necessary.
1. Select Wireless Controller from the navigation menu.
2. Select AP Settings.
3. Verify that the Wireless Controller is Enabled.
Wireless Controller AP Settings Page
c CAUTION: If you have a separate XWC-1000 that you are using in this network then
you must disable the controller on the XWR-1200.
4. Apply power to the wireless access point you are adding.
5. If you are adding a wireless access point that was previously set up manually, it
will first need to be restored to factory defaults. Any new wireless access point you
intend to manage with the XWR-1200 will need to be in its factory default state.
6. Select AP Assignment.
7. The wireless access point should appear in the Unassigned APs box. If the new AP
doesn’t appear, wait one to two minutes and select Refresh. If the AP still doesn’t
appear, recheck power and network connections on the access point and try again.
8. Select the Select all box (or select the box next to the wireless access point).
9. Select the Add > button. The interface will read, “Configuring Controller.”
Wireless Controller AP Assignment “Select all” and “Add” Buttons
10. After a small delay, the AP Summary page will load and the new wireless
access point will be listed there with a green check mark indicating it is on line.
AP Summary Page Showing Managed Access Points
You have successfully added a wireless access point to the XWR-1200 Controller. You can
add one more (for a total of two–plus the XWR-1200). You may add APs to the controller
one at a time or at the same time.
n NOTE: Compatible Wireless Access Points are the XAP-310, XAP-1210, XAP-1230,
XAP-1240, XAP-1410, and XAP-1510.
n NOTE: The XAP-1500 is not compatible with the controller on this router, however it
is compatible with the XWC-1000 Wireless Controller.
For added security, you should change the admin password.
1. Select Administration, then Admin Password from the navigation menu.
2. Enter your desired password in Password field, then
enter it again in the Confirm Password field.
3. Select Save to save the changes. Select Reboot to login with the new password.
Admin Password Page
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Technical Support
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E: support@luxul.com
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