for HP Scitex FB500 and FB700 Industrial Printers

for HP Scitex FB500 and FB700 Industrial Printers
for HP Scitex FB500 and FB700 Industrial Printers
HP Scitex FB500/FB700 Roll-to-Roll Upgrade Kit
HP Scitex FB500/FB700 White Ink Upgrade Kit
Print on flexible media, increase your capacity, and improve consistency.
The HP Scitex Roll-to-Roll Upgrade Kit increases your capabilities, enabling
you to print on flexible—as well as rigid—substrates.
Easily impress clients with prints enriched with white ink.
Just combine the HP Scitex White Ink Upgrade Kit with your
printer purchase, or add it at a later date.
• Print entire campaigns with great consistency
Produce entire campaigns on flexible and rigid substrates with
one device and see great color consistency across different
HP Scitex FB700 Roll-to-Roll Upgrade Kit
• flexible media up to 250 cm (98.4 in) wide
• roll diameter of up to 23 cm (9 in)
• up to 81 kg (180 lb) in weight
HP Scitex FB500 Roll-to-Roll Upgrade Kit
• flexible media up to 163 cm (64 in) wide
• roll diameter of up to 23 cm (9 in)
• up to 81 kg (180 lb) in weight
• Impress clients with white-ink enriched prints
Enrich prints with white ink and “wow” your clients.
Use Original HP white Scitex ink and add underflood,
overflood, and spot color placement to produce
richly saturated color on clear or colored materials.
• Accommodate peak demands with increased capacity
The Roll-to-Roll Upgrade Kit enables increased capacity to help you meet peak demands.
• Let your printer do the work overnight
Experience unattended operation—even overnight! With roll-to-roll capabilities, you can print on flexible media—and find
the finished product rolled up upon completion.
HP Scitex FB500 White Ink Upgrade Kit
HP FB251 2-liter White Scitex Ink Cartridge
• Adding white ink is easier than ever
The HP Scitex White Ink Upgrade Kit makes it easier
than ever to add or remove white ink whenever
it’s required. A unique HP homogenizer maintains
the stability of the white ink, preventing pigment
HP Scitex FB500/FB700 Extension Tables
HP Scitex FB500/700/950 Printer Cleaning Kit
Meet customer demands for specialty rigid applications produced
on longer materials.
This kit contains the supplies required to maintain a printer
according to the recommended cleaning schedule. The kit
typically lasts 3 months based on average usage. Instructions for
performing the cleaning tasks can be found in the User Guide.
• Say yes to most requests—even for long materials
Impress your clients with high-impact specialty prints
produced on extra long, rigid materials. HP Scitex Extension
Tables provide the necessary support to print on extra-long
• Sturdy design supports extra-long materials
Rely on HP to deliver dependable extension tables that help
you get the job done. Rollers on the table surface align with
the printer and facilitate the smooth transition of media
from the table to the printer and out again.
• Save space—use fold-up tables only when needed
HP Scitex Extension Tables are ideal for work environments
where space is a concern. Pull out the tables when you need
to print on longer, heavier materials. They’re foldable and
can be stacked upright—and out of the way—when not in
HP Scitex FB700 Extension Tables
HP Scitex FB500 Extension Tables
Maximum supported sheet
HP Scitex FB500 Industrial Printer
HP Scitex FB700 Industrial Printer
Standard tables
122 cm long x 163 cm wide
(48 in long x 64 in wide)
122 cm long x 250 cm wide
(48 in long x 98.4 in wide)
1 set of extension tables
305 cm long x 163 cm wide (120 in long
x 64 in wide)
200 cm long x 250 cm wide (80 in long x
98.4 in wide)
2 sets of extension tables
305 cm long x 250 cm wide (120 in long
x 98.4 in wide)
Kit contents:
Service station wiper blade 1 ea
UV Lamp air filters 2 ea
Latex gloves 6 ea
Wiper rail grease packets 7 ea
HP Scitex FB500/700/950 Printer Cleaning Kit
Lint-free cleaning cloths 60 ea
Oiled cloth for rail lubrication 1 ea
General instructions sheet 1 ea
Cotton swabs for cleaning carriage wheels 12 ea
HP Scitex FB500/FB700 Primers*
Produce high-value applications and create new profit potential for
your business. With easy-to-use HP primers, versatile HP Scitex
FB500/FB700 Industrial Printers provide an ideal solution for
addressing the growing opportunity in the high-end fine art and
interior decoration market.
HP primers are designed for specialized fine art media:
• Improve ink adhesion on non-porous rigid media
• See stunning results on transparent media including glass and
• Achieve creative effects on metallic surfaces
• Produce bold prints on glass, ideal for commercial and hospitality lobby furniture
• Create unique room decoration with wall dividers and printed
glass panels
• Achieve high-quality results with easy-to-use HP primers
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HP Scitex FB500/FB700 PT40 Glass Primer
HP PT70 4-pack 1-liter Specialty Polycarbonate Scitex Solution
HP PT60 1-liter Specialty Acrylic Scitex Solution
*Check your HP representative for local availability
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