step by step instructions for updating cryptoterm software

step by step instructions for updating cryptoterm software
Your software (version 1.9) will probably cease to function after Jan 2, 2016. This terminal emulation
software allows you to connect to ACIS and VCAP if you have user access.
If you see the screenshot below when you try to connect, it is time to update.
With access to the internet, go to and you should see the webpage below:
Click on the blue DOWNLOAD button and the next webpage will have a link to download Version 2.0 like
Click on CryptoTerm version: 2.0 (in blue) and download the file. When it finishes downloading, open
the file and run it. Depending on your browser type, this might vary. If you are asked if you will allow
changes, answer yes so the install will begin. You may also get a security warning like below. Here we
would click the RUN button to continue.
You should see a WELCOME TO CRYPTOTERM SETUP WIZARD screen where you should click NEXT.
Select ENGLISH and click OK.
Next you will have to ACCEPT the licensing agreement before clicking NEXT.
Then make sure you select FREEWARE for Installation Type.
At the Select Installation Location screen, leave the default that appears and click NEXT.
The Select Components screen appears and may have 3 boxes checked. You only need the top box
checked. UNCHECK the FTP Client & Batch FTP Client boxes.
Select Start Menu Folder appears, just click NEXT.
Select Additional Tasks appears, check Desktop Shortcut if it’s not already checked and click NEXT.
If you get a popup that has something to do with FILE TYPES, check the box to continue.
At Ready to Install, click INSTALL.
You may get a popup warning you that a Desktop Shortcut already exists. When asked if you want to
overwrite, click YES.
The installation will complete and ask if you want to RUN the program. Check RUN and then EXIT.
Then the program will load and come up to a Connection Profile screen. If you have AOC highlighted in
blue, you should be able to CONNECT from your previous configuration file and you are DONE! If not
you will have to dial in a few settings. So continue if your screen does NOT have AOC listed like the one
We have to create a new profile to connect to AOC, so click the NEW button and you will get a new line
in blue to type in AOC like below:
Once you have typed in AOC, click the OPEN button and you will get a popup like below where we have
to fill in some settings:
At Connection type click the dropdown arrow and choose SSL/TLS like below:
Then in PORT type in 2023 instead of what may be in that space. On the second line at Default Server
type in:
and that is all we have to do. No user, etc. Then don’t connect
yet but hit the OK button.
You should have all the popups gone and be back at the large black screen. Along the top click
TERMINAL, then EMULATION, and then select the bottom choice TN3270 as pictured below:
Then again at the top, click FILE and then click SET AS DEFAULT.
Finally we have to acquire 4 rows of buttons at the bottom of the screen instead of the one that
appears. Hover your mouse over the line that divides the gray button from the black screen and when
you are in just the right spot, your mouse will change from a normal mouse arrow to and double up-anddown arrow like below. While keeping the mouse in this position, CLICK AND HOLD the left mouse
button down, and drag upward. When you see 4 rows of buttons appear you can release the mouse
You should see 4 rows of buttons now like below:
You have setup Cryptoterm now to connect properly and you can exit the program. Go back to your
computer desktop and you should have an icon to run Cryptoterm like this one. Click on it and start the
program. A blue startup screen for version 2.0 will appear for a couple of seconds.
If everything is correct, your screen should have the large black screen, with a popup listing profiles. The
AOC one should be highlighted in blue.
After clicking the CONNECT button while AOC is highlighted, you should be able to connect to the state
servers. You will know you are, by the familiar ‘map’ screen. At this point you can sign on the same as
you have been.
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