Multipurpose CounterTop ovens

Multipurpose CounterTop ovens
CounterTop ovens
PizzaMaster® 350, 400 and 450 series
Multipurpose CounterTop ovens
COMPACT, versatile and high efficient – stone hearth ovens
fronts in
Classic Silver
Royal Gold
Phantom Black
CounterTop Standard width
Model shown: PM 402ED-1
CounterTop Double width
Model shown: PM 401ED
Model shown: PM 402ED-1DW
Model shown: PM 401ED-DW
PizzaMaster® 350 series, PM 400 series, PM 450 series
CounterTop ovens
Standard equipment
PizzaMaster® 350 series:
Multi-purpose and for any size pizza up to Ø35 cm
PizzaMaster® 400 series:
Multi-purpose and for any size pizza up to Ø41cm
PizzaMaster® 450 series:
Multi-purpose and for any size pizza up to Ø46 cm
Electronic control panel
Turbo-start function
Stepless top and bottom heat controls
Timer with manual shut-off alarm
Automatic timer with alarm
Strong, well-borne door with ergonomic handle and big window
Brushed stainless-steel exterior
Double halogen lighting per chamber
Indicators for thermostat, turbo-start and service
Extra hearthstone
CounterTop ovens
Distinctive standard features
Worktop convenience with extraordinary capacity
PizzaMaster® multi-purpose countertop ovens combine convenience
and flexibility with performance and capacity like no other oven.
Designed to bake and roast a wide variety of foods, they are built to
last and capable of continuous duty 24 hours a day. This, together
with their user-friendliness and very smart appearance, makes them
the ideal solution for restaurants and front-of-shop applications where
safe, efficient, unobtrusive equipment is needed.
When space is limited but the demand for quality is high
To bake quality pizza easily, you need an oven with a proper hearthstone, high temperature, uniform heat distribution, responsive heat
controls, easy loading, quick recovery and good visibility. That means
you need a modern oven built with traditional pizza in mind. And if your
menu is varied, your oven must be flexible, able to roast meat, potatoes
and lasagne, and bake quality bread, cakes and cookies. PizzaMaster®
CounterTop ovens meet all these demands in a unique and superior
way. Available in 3 different sizes, they can be supplied with 1 or 2 independent oven chambers. For added flexibility, one or both chambers
can be divided into 2 genuine decks simply by fitting an extra hearthstone and heating element. It is easy to do this, even after purchase.
This is just one of many unique features of our countertop ovens.
The stepless electronic controls, turbo-start function and digital display are
logical and easy to use.
Special clay hearthstone with crisping function
All good chefs know that pizza is special; that the crust must be baked
light and crispy while the toppings are roasted to give full colour and
flavour. That is what makes pizza perfect. One of the secrets is to
have a traditional hearthstone, but we take it a step further. Our stones
are made of a special, natural clay that is textured finely (to induce a
small airflow underneath the pizza) and fired carefully to give optimum
strength and porosity. The results speak for themselves. And if an
oven can bake good pizza, it can bake anything else to perfection as
well. It is simply a matter of controllability, one of the best features of
PizzaMaster® CounterTop ovens.
A big strong door with ergonomic handle and large window enables easy loading,
inspection and unloading. Halogen lights complete the picture.
Optimum power and total controllability
With PizzaMaster® CounterTop ovens, you have all the power you need
and total control, thanks to stepless, independent electronic controls
for oven temperature, top heat and bottom heat. This lets you set the
oven to give exactly the results you want. There is also a turbo-start
function to heat up the oven quickly and a double alarm-clock-timer
that lets you set the time either manually per bake or automatically for
all bakes, at the press of a button.
Each oven chamber can be divided easily into two decks by fitting an intermediate
hearthstone and element, which doubles the oven capacity.
Ergonomics, good looks and high performance
PizzaMaster® CounterTop ovens have a strong, easy-to-open door,
ergonomic handle, big window and halogen lighting. They have sleek,
brushed stainless-steel surfaces, very close-fitting joints and not a
screw or a rivet in sight. This beauty also has function. It conceals a
unique and effective spatial insulation concept, improves the environment, interfaces perfectly with the user and makes it very easy to
clean the oven. It reflects the quality that runs right to the heart of
every PizzaMaster® oven, where performance is what matters. In
this respect, the oven is engineered to do exactly what we promise,
enabling you to deliver professional results in every situation where
convenience is essential and quality is paramount.
Sleek, brushed stainless-steel surfaces, virtually seamless joints and no visible
screws or rivets make the oven very smart and easy to clean.
CounterTop ovens
Practical accessories
Royal Gold or Phantom Black polished stainless steel
Today many restaurants have an open kitchen and many times the oven
is at focus. Our designers and engineers has worked together to create
a unique option that will change the way we look at professional ovens.
Royal Gold or Phantom Black is an exterior optional that is a designers
dream. A PizzaMaster® with this exclusive and unique design will be the
jewel and centre piece in any restaurant.
Marine Application
All PizzaMaster® CounterTop ovens can be adjusted for installation and
operation in a marine environment. We can also supply the ovens in any
preferred voltage.
PM 351ED-1 made in Phantom Black
High temperature version
Special 500° C / 932° F version makes it possible to bake special type off
pizza like Napoli style, high temperature breads or other products that
need a very high baking temperature.
Stainless steel Support
Very practical support all made in stainless steel make the placement for
each CounterTop oven very easy. The support come as standard with two
shelves and lockable castors. It has smooth surfaces and is very easy to
clean. As an optional extra the support can be fitted with a shelf support
system. We have made for each support a shelf support package that
will fit most applications, see table page 7. If further storage space is
necessary it is possible to add more shelf support, contact your nearest
PizzaMaster® representative.
PM 351ED-1 made in Royal Gold
Support PM 451-S equipped with Shelf support package SP-1
CounterTop ovens
Capacities and technical data
PizzaMaster® CounterTop series - Standard width
Dimensions in millimetres
Width x Depth x Height
Dimensions in inches
Width x Depth x Height
Internal (per hearthstone)
Internal (per hearthstone)
per oven
per oven
per oven
per oven
PizzaMaster® CounterTop series - Double width
Dimensions in millimetres
Width x Depth x Height
Dimensions in inches
Width x Depth x Height
Internal (per hearthstone)
Internal (per hearthstone)
1) These models has one chamber with 2 hearthstones and one chamber with 1 hearthstone, the chamber with 2 hearthstones can be either the lower or upper chamber.
Preferred chamber with 2 hearthstones must be indicated with order.
PizzaMaster® CounterTop series - Support
Dimensions in millimetres
Width x Depth x Height
Dimensions in inches
Width x Depth x Height
Shelf support
package (option)
No of shelf possible
to stack per package
As a standard the support
is delivered without shelf
Shelf support package
includes: shelf supports,
brackets and deviders.
Suitable for most applications.
It is possible to increase
storage space by adding
more shelf supports and
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