IFB Systemsfor Sideline Reporters
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IFB Systems for Sideline Reporters
Foldback System (IFB)
This high-quality Lectrosonics interruptible
foldback system was designed for use
in broadcast applications where extended
operating range and high-quality audio are
essential. You’ll get line-of-sight range of roughly
one mile…much more than any other IFB system. The
IFBT4 transmitter has 256 UHF frequencies in 100 kHz steps that provide exceptional
flexibility in coordinating frequencies in multi-channel wireless systems. Features: 250
mW transmitter output; microprocessor-controlled operation eliminates transients
at turn-on and turn-off; multi-use XLR input jack; built in microphone preamp;
compact size for use anywhere. Note: specify frequency block 23 (588 - 614 MHz) or
24 (614 - 639 MHz) when ordering these Lectrosonics systems. The IRBR1A receiver
is housed in a rugged machined aluminum package. Features: preset frequency can
be set without power or transmitter signal; scan mode stores up to five additional
frequencies; up to 20 hours battery life on lithium battery (8 hours on alkaline). Note:
user to provide own earbuds.
Transmitter List $1,140.00
List $668.00
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Shure PSM200 In-Ear
Wireless Monitoring System
Shure’s PSM 200 system (P2TRE2) makes in-ear monitoring
affordable, delivering a transmitter that is also a two-channel
mixer, high-fidelity earphones, and a wired/wireless bodypack receiver. Range of up
to 300 ft. Transmitter features: eight channels per system; volume controls for mic/
line inputs; integrated mix control with two mic/line XLR-1/4" combo input channels;
XLR split outputs that connect signals to a mixing console. The P2R Hybrid Receiver
bodypack accepts either a direct line feed from your mixer or wireless transmission via
the P2T TransMixer. Receiver features: non-defeatable, built-in limiter to aid in hearing
protection; LED indicators for power, signal strength, frequency, limiter and battery;
volume control; 1/4" line input jack.
P2TRE2 Transmitter/receiver/earpiece pkg List $798.00 $59900
Receiver/ear pieces pkg
List $468.00 $32900
Receiver List $378.00 $28900
List $418.00 $29900
SCL2-CL Ear Pieces
List $119.00 $9900
from $599!
Shure PSM400
In-Ear Wireless
Monitoring System
The Shure PSM 400 offers
hands-on control and wireless
freedom. The P4TRE3 system consists of a P4T wireless
transmitter, P4R wireless bodypack receiver, and high-quality SCL3 in-ear monitors.
The transmitter features remotable/combinable antennas in a 1/2-rack unit, earphone
volume control, LED indicators for input level and transmission frequency, two
balanced 1/4" TRS line level inputs, two balanced 1/4" TRS loop outputs and external
power supply. Range up to 300 ft.
The P4R Receiver provides a frequency locator and select, three operating modes
(Stereo, Mono and MixMode), volume and balance control, defeatable limiter,
high-frequency boost and backlit LCD indicators for RF reception, battery life,
operating mode and frequency. Runs up to 8 hours on 9V battery.
List $1,102.07
LowestPrice only $799!
Listen Technologies
IFB Package
This Listen IFB system
(LISTENPKG) makes it easy
for the broadcast booth to
communicate with on-field reporters. The system is made up
of an interruptible foldback (IFB) transmitter and a receiver (plus
LA-164 ear piece and LA-122 antenna). The stationary transmitter
is available in either the 72 MHz and 216 MHz frequency range, with 57 channels in
each frequency range, and works equally well indoors or outdoors (please specify
frequency when ordering). This means you are sure to find a clear signal, and you can
use up to six transmitters in the same area. The receiver is a beltworn model and has a
visual display of channel selection, battery level and RF signal strength. The ear piece
is placed over the ear and is ideal for users who don’t want anything inside their ear.
The operating range for the 72 MHz system is roughly 1,500 ft. Range for 216 MHz
system is roughly 3,000 ft..
This Listen IFB system can also be expanded with additional receivers or wireless
speakers. Speaker Features: woofer/tweeter with 10 watt power amplifier; adjust
volume and select from 57 channels; operates on power supply, 12V AC or batteries.
Transmitter, receiver, earpiece package
Transmitter, 72 MHz
Transmitter, 216 MHz
Receiver, 72 MHz
Receiver, 216 MHz
Universal antenna kit
Telescoping antenna for 216 MHz
Rechargeable batteries (2)
Battery charger
Four receiver carry case w/ battery charger
Speaker, 72 MHz, 1500 ft. Speaker, 216 MHz, 3000 ft. List$689.00
List $14.00
List $89.00
List $15.00
List $9.99
List $18.00
List $439.00
Individual Items and Accessories:
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Shure High-End,
In-Ear Wireless
Monitoring System
The Shure PSM600 system
delivers professional personal
in-ear monitoring. It features
crystal-controlled analog
operation for superior sound
quality and delivers a full
frequency range and great stereo separation. Even the deepest bass notes come
through loud and clear. The system consists of a P6T wireless transmitter and a
P6R wireless bodypack receiver. Also included are high-quality SCL3 in-ear monitors
with extended frequency response. The top-end PSM700 system adds Channel and
Group selector switches on both the transmitter and receiver, making it easy to
quickly locate and lock in the clearest frequency, prevent distortion and minimize the
number of antennas required to send mixes.
Transmitter Features:
• Built-in audio limiter; removable/combinable antennas range up to 300 ft.
• Input knob; operating mode knob (Stereo, Mono, MixMode)
• Earphone volume control; frequency select switch; local earphone monitor out
• LED indicators: 8-segment input level, frequency
• Two line level balanced XLR-1/4" combo inputs; two 1/4" TRS loop outputs
Receiver features:
• Operating mode control (Stereo, Mono, MixMode); volume knob; balance knob
• Defeatable limiter; high-frequency boost; frequency select
• LED indicators: power, RF reception, low battery
P6TRE3 PSM600 system List $1,686.67
P7TRE3 PSM700 system List $2,747.48 Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
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Tour Quality In-Ear
Wireless Monitoring
Sennheiser EW300 In-Ear
Wireless Monitoring System
Shure Earbuds
Sennheiser offers high-quality wireless
in-ear communication with longer range
from its high-power 30 mW transmitter.
The EW300IEM in-ear package gives
you the switchable preset frequencies
so you won’t be talking on top of
each other, custom volume levels and
high-quality sound . This easy-to-use
system consists of three components:
the SR300 IEM rackmount transmitter, EK300
bodypack receiver and Sennheiser IE4 earphones.
• 30 mW power for long transmission range
• 8 switchable preset frequencies for easier set up when operating several
channel simultaneously
• 1 440 frequencies for greater tuning flexibility
• Choice of stereo or dual mono transmission
• Safety mode protects against level peaks
• Stereo in-ear phones with ear molds
• Headphone monitoring output on the transmitter
List $1,458.00
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Sennheiser IE4 In-Ear Monitors
Now you can buy the same Sennheiser IE4 earphones used in their
high-end in-ear monitoring systems, for your own personal use. They
provide outstanding audio quality. 4 ft. cable with 1/8" connector.
Impedance 16 ohms. Great for iPods.
These professional in-ear, soundisolating earphones from Shure deliver uncompromising
high-quality audio. By blocking ambient noise, they let
you listen at safe decibel levels while enjoying big, full
sound. The budget-friendly SCL2-CL (CL stands for clear
color) features single Dynamic Microdrivers for full sonic
range (22 Hz–17.5 kHz) and resonant bass with a 16 Ohms
impedance. The SCL3-W (W stands for white color) is great
for live performance, boasting WideBand Microdrivers (26
Ohms impedance) with incredible isolation for detailed
tone across the frequency range (25 Hz–18.5 kHz). The
SCL4-W is an ideal choice for performers and audiophiles
alike, featuring a High Definition Driver for brilliant highs
and a tuned port for extended bass. It boasts a 22 Hz–19
kHz frequency range and 29 Ohms impedance. The top
of the line SCL5-CL features dedicated high-definition
drivers, including a tweeter and a woofer, coupled with
an inline crossover to deliver precision highs, natural mids
and full-bodied bass. It frequency range is 20 Hz–18.5 kHz
with a 110 ohms impedance. Each model comes with an
approximately 5-foot long cable (with a 3.5mm plug) and
a zippered carrying pouch. Black and gray also available for
some models.
SCL2-CL List $119.00
SCL3-W List $179.00
SCL4-W List $299.00
SCL5-CL List $479.00
from $99!
List $129.00
only $89!
Dual Reporter
IFB Monitoring
M-Audio Earbuds
Galaxy Audio AS-1000
In-Ear Wireless Monitoring System
This affordable wireless in-ear monitor will let you move
freely around the arena and still hear what you need to
hear from the booth while eliminating feedback and
extraneous noise. Its transmitter has 64 selectable UHF frequencies to help you locate
the best and clearest frequency to transmit the signal. Its true diversity receiver sports
two antennas which individually seek the transmitter signal, ensuring far fewer dropouts.
Features: RCA, XLR, & 1/4" inputs; independent input volume controls; peak LED indicator;
headphone jack, with independent volume control ; typical coverage radius roughly
200 feet (great for basketball, etc., not recommended for football); two 1/4-wave antennas
for true diversity reception; two stereo 1/8" outputs for earbuds and interfacing with
recording equipment. BSW has a great value pack featuring two receivers/ear pieces,
plus a Gator carry case.
Package with transmitter/two receivers/two earbuds/hard carry case Basic system with transmitter/one receiver/one earbuds Receiver/earbuds
Gator carry case
package only $549!
List $814.97 $54900
List $549.99 $39999
List $249.99 $19999
List $72.99
These earphones offer superior audio quality in a
durable compact package. Use them with your IFB
monitoring system or with your MP3 player and enjoy
superb frequency response and comprehensive noise
isolation. Each includes universal fit kit with silicone and
foam tips, detachable 46" cable and gold-plated 1/8"
connector. The IE-10 provides lightweight single-driver
earphones; 26dB outside noise isolation and
20 Hz–13kHz frequency response. The IE-20XB offers
dual-driver earphones designed for bass-enhanced
music with 16 dB outside noise isolation. Its dual-bore
design delivers highs and lows via separate canals for
maximum sound field and boasts an attenuator/limiter
for overload protection, 20Hz–16kHz frequency response
and 1⁄4" adaptor. The IE-30 has dual-driver earphones
for critical listening across the full spectrum with 26 dB
outside noise isolation. The new top-end IE-40 reference
earphones boast triple-driver architecture with a dual-bore
design for superb sound. By splitting the frequency range
across three drivers, they reproduce highs, mids and lows
with pristine accuracy and excellent balance. They also
offer 26 dB sound isolation to transform any location into
an ideal monitoring environment.
List $129.95
IE-20XB List $249.95
List $299.95
List $499.95
from $99!
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The Number One
Name In Intercom.
Now at BSW!
Clear-Com Encore Intercom System
RS-601 1-Channel Standard Beltpack
Single channel with 3-pin female and male XLR, 4-pin
male XLR headset connector, 2.5mm AUX headset
connector and an RS-232 data connector. Allows use on
a TW line (Audio on Channel B) without loading down
channel A.
List $270.00
RS-602 2-Channel Standard Dual Listen
Monaural Beltpack
Dual channel with 6-pin female and male XLR, 4-pin
male XLR headset connector, 2.5 mm AUX headset
connector and a RS-232 connector. Allows audio
program connected through pins 5 and 6 of the
intercom line connector to be looped through to other
RS-602/622’s in a daisy chain. A separate volume control
sets program level. AC and DC Call signaling on both
List $370.00
RS-603 2-Channel 3-Pin Dual Listen
Monaural Beltpack
Dual channel with 3-pin female and male XLR, 4-pin
male XLR headset connector, 2.5 mm AUX headset
connector and an RS-232 connector. Onboard switch
selects loop through connector as audio program in.
Separate volume control sets program levels. RTS line
compatible. AC call signaling on both channels; DC call
signaling on Channel B (reversible). Channel exclusive
allows use as a single channel beltpack. Requires a TWC701 (sold separately) for two-channel operation.
List $415.00
Clear-Com Encore™ is the standard for production environments. It delivers
improved audio performance and offers a streamlined, contemporary and
user-intuitive design. All components are constructed and proven to withstand
rugged usage in fast-paced, demanding and high intensity applications. Even
under the most challenging conditions, the noise attenuating headsets and
noise-canceling microphones, combined with anti-sidetone circuitry, minimize
acoustic noise and feedback to provide superior sound quality.
CS-702 2-Channel Portable Headset Main Station
The CS-702 is a portable main station with a power
supply and a versatile intercom monitoring system.
It supports up to 40 beltpacks or 7 speaker stations
on 2 channels. CS-702 accepts mic or line-level audio
program input, assignable to either or both channels,
with interrupt switch to override program.
List $935.00
MS-702 2-Channel Portable Headset/
Speaker Main Station
Compact, feature-laden, single rack-space intercom
main station supports up to 40 RS-601 beltpacks, 10
speaker stations or 12 headset stations on two channels.
Other features include: Channel A-B linking; program
input with individual channel level controls; Remote
Mic Kill switch, and external relay circuit.
List $1,085.00
RM-702 2-Channel Headset/Speaker Station
Single rack-space, two-channel station is powered
by the intercom line. Operator can talk and/or listen
on either or both channels. Accepts line-level audio
program input, with both channels programmable for
interrupt. Microphone limiting and speaker “dipping”
circuit for greater output before feedback.
List $840.00
RM-704 4-Channel Headset/Speaker Station
Remote station provides four independent intercom
channels, with programmable front-panel buttons for
versatility. Separate volume controls for each channel
and four separate audio program inputs. Three IFB
channels for talent cuing and announce button/relay
for paging. Powered by the intercom line.
Single-Ear Light Headset
List $180.00
Wrap Around Light Headset List $130.00
Single-ear Economy Headset List $140.00
Double-ear Monaural Headset List $170.00
Single-ear Headset
List $235.00
CC-260 Double-ear Headset
List $290.00
2-Channel power supply
9" gooseneck mic
GM-18 18" gooseneck mic
Intercom Line Splitter
Call Signal Flasher
“Y” Adapter
TWC-701 Two-wire Cable Adapter
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Clear-Com Que-Com Economical Intercom System
Que-Com is a high-performance, economical party-line communications system. This system features a wide frequency
response and high audio output. Rugged, all-metal diecast beltpack with belt clip. The intercom provides an individual volume
control and mic on/off switch for each station with a permanently attached, rugged, noise-isolating headset. Interconnects
with standard mic cable. Que-Com is compatible with all Clear-Com systems. Available with single and double-ear headsets.
SMQ-1 Single-ear headset intercom station
List $220.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
DMQ-2 Double-ear headset intercom station List $255.00
PK-7 Lightweight power supply. Supports up to 30 Que-Com headset stations. List $255.00
SP-3 Intercom Line Splitter
List $65.00
JK Audio Beltpack Headphone Amps
These two headphone amps offer professional audio electronics in a rugged, innovative belt-pack design. Both feature an XLR line
level input that accepts either a balanced mono signal, or a party-line intercom feed (listen-only). Both offer a vigorous 1/2-watt
power per channel, a 1/4" stereo headphone jack and the ability to connect an IFB earpiece to a 3.5 mm jack for mono operation. The
wireless RemoteAmp Blue provides IFB monitoring through a Bluetooth equipped cell phone, delivering a listen-only connection
for voice IFB or full bandwidth stereo music. It also pairs to Bluetooth equipped music players in full bandwidth A2DP stereo mode.
The RemoteAmp Two (incoming wired connection only) also provides a listen-only connection for mono IFB or full bandwidth stereo
music listening. Separate volume controls for the XLR and 3.5 mm line input jacks allow a simple mix of mono and stereo sources.
REMOTEAMPBLUE List $395.00 $35900
REMOTEAMPTWO List $245.00 $21900
from $219!
List $1,250.00
List $255.00
List $170.00
List $180.00
List $65.00
List $325.00
List $85.00
List $235.00
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The Choice of Broadcasters
Sennheiser HMD280 Headset
BeyerDynamic DT290 Headset
The HMD280 is perfect for broadcasting in high-noise
environments. The headphone pads are tightly
sealed around the ear and the noise-compensating
supercardioid microphone rejects external noise.
BSW special-ordered these headsets hardwired
with XLR and 1/4" connectors to save you time
and money. Features: single-sided cable; very
good attenuation of background noise; mic can
be worn on either the left- or right-hand side.
Headphone frequency response is 8 Hz–25 kHz;
impedance is 300 ohms. Microphone
frequency response 50 Hz–13.5
kHz; impedance is 200 ohms. The
HMD281XQ is a single-ear headset.
List $479.00 $25800
List $450.00 $25800
A low profile, lightweight design makes the
BeyerDynamic DT290 comfortable for even
marathon use, and the quality dynamic mic offers
excellent isolation from ambient noise. We’ve also
special ordered it with hard-wired 1/4" headphone
and XLR mic connectors (no bare wires!).
Headphone frequency response is 10 Hz–30 kHz;
impedance is 250 ohms. Mic response is
40 Hz–12 kHz; impedance is 200 ohms.
List $716.94
25512 Windscreen
5-pack Calrad windscreens
only $258 each!
BeyerDynamic DT190 Headset
BeyerDynamic is a world leader in broadcast and
communications headsets. The DT190 combines
their best sounding hypercardioid mic and
studio-quality headphone elements. We’ve
special ordered the DT190 with factory hardwired 1/4" headphone and XLR mic connectors, so
it’s ready to wear when you receive it. Headphone
frequency response is 10 Hz–30 kHz; impedance is
250 ohms. Microphone frequency response is
40 Hz–12 kHz; impedance is 200 ohms.
The HMD25 is a trusted industry-standard headset,
great for sports broadcasts. A lightweight,
padded, split headband with dynamic, closed
headphones is combined with a quality
supercardioid close-contact dynamic
mic. The HMD25 can’t be beat in noisy
environments. BSW has special-ordered
it with a hardwired 6 ft. cable with 1/4"
headphone and XLR mic connectors.
Headphone frequency response
is 20 Hz–16 kHz; impedance 600
ohms. Microphone frequency
response is 100 Hz-16 kHz, 1 mV/
Pa sensitivity. Right or left-side
positioning of mic.
only $239!
Sennheiser HMD25 Headset
List $289.00
only $329!
The Stanton DJ PRO 500 MCMKII is a lightweight, singlesided headphone with 10 ft. detachable cord with
miniplug and 1/4" adapter, and 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency
response. Impedance 100 ohms. It also features a mic for DJ
or announcer use. 1/4" mic plug.
AKG Broadcast Headsets
Designed for optimum comfort, and with a
closed-ear design to eliminate unwanted sound,
these headsets deliver crystalline sound quality. The
flexible microphone arm swivels through a 270-degree
arc, and mutes the condenser microphone automatically
as you move it up. The microphone can be placed to
the left or the right. These headsets come in sealedear HSC171 and completely-around-the-ear HSC271
designs. The latter also feature a headphone auto-mute
function. Other features for both include a switchable
bass cut filter and detachable cable.
HSC171 headphone response
18 Hz-26 kHz; impedance 55 ohms.
Mic 20 Hz-20 kHz; 200 ohms. HSC271
headphones are 16 Hz-28 kHz.
HSC171 List $549.00 $39900
HSC271 List $649.00 $44900 LowestPrice from $399!
5-pack Calrad windscreens 1000
Stanton DJ PRO Headset
only $399!
List $389.00
DJPRO500MCMKII List $99.00
only $5999!
Beyerdynamic MMX2
USB Headset
The closed-ear MMX 2 headset features a noise-canceling cardioid
condenser mic for clear and precise voice transmission even in
noisy surroundings. The mic can be muted and the volume can
easily be controlled via the supplied USB converter. The converter
simply connects to the USB port of a Mac/PC computer or laptop.
It also provides mini jack plugs to connect to a PC without using
the USB converter. 32 ohm impedance.
MMX2 List $139.00
only $99!
Pro Co Headset Microphone Mutes
Pro Co Sound has new models of their legendary Cough Drop mic mute. The Short Stop is a passive momentary mic-muting
switch. If you have to clear your throat, you step on the Short Stop’s momentary switch. The Sign Off is a passive latching
microphone-muting switch (press to mute, press again to unmute), rather than holding it down like the Short Stop.
CDSS Short Stop List $115.99 $6900
CDSO Sign Off List $ 115.99 $6900
LowestPrice only $69 ea!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Sony Headphones
Sony MDR-7500 Series
Sony makes some of the most popular headphones in the world, and at these low prices
now is the time to replace your old, battered set. All models include a miniplug connector
with 1/4" screw-on adapter and low 24 ohm impedance. The Sony 7506 headphone is a
best-seller at BSW. It delivers a wide frequency response of 10 Hz–20 kHz in a comfortable,
sealed-ear format that provides excellent isolation. The 7502 is a favorite economy
headphone with surprisingly rich sound. Frequency response is 60 Hz–16 kHz. The 7505
features swivel ear cups that allow for single-sided monitoring and a frequency response
of 16 Hz–22 kHz. Order today at BSW.
List $130.00
List $65.00
List $115.00
8400 LowestPrice
from $49!
AKG Studio Headphones
These professional headphones from AKG
feature innovative Varimotion speakers for
absolutely realistic sound and offer extra wide
frequency ranges, 55 ohm impedance and
maximum input power of 200 mW. The
K 171 MK II combines the benefits of a closedback design with the lightness and comfort of
supra-aural headphones. It offers a very wide
frequency range of 18 Hz - 26 kHz and high
ambient noise attenuation. The K 240 MK II is a
dynamic, around-ear, semi-open headphone that
delivers great sensitivity, wide dynamic range (15
Hz to 25 kHz) and high SPL. Its detachable OFC
cable features gold-plated plugs for optimum
audio quality. The comfortable, circumaural K 271
MK II dynamic headphone boasts a closed-back
design for maximum isolation from ambient noise
and delivers a clean, smooth and very rich sound.
It sports a switch in the headband that mutes the audio just as soon
as the headphones are taken off, keeping sonic bleed completely at bay.
List $269.00
List $269.00
List $299.00
26900 LowestPrice
from $199!
Everyday Cans
This dynamic, closed-back headphone from AKG offers
great performance, wide frequency range, maximum
input power of 200 mW and a rated impedance of
032 ohms, making it ideal for applications that requires
minimal audio leakeage from the headphone, or for
isolation in a loud listening environment. Features
leatherette earpads for extended wearing comfort. The
closed-back K 77 gives you solid bass response with clean
highs and a frequency range of 18 Hz to 20 kHz.
List $59.99
only $4999!
A dynamic, semi-open back headphone, the
K99 offers great performance, wide frequency range,
maximum input power of 200 mW and a rated impedance
of 32 ohms, making it perfect for any kind of use from
confidence monitoring to use with computers. It features
leatherette earpads for extended wearing comfort.
Features a self-adjusting headband and large, highperformance 1.6-inch speakers that deliver a natural,
uncolored sound. It offers a freq.range of 18 Hz to 22 kHz. K99
List $89.99
only $7999!
Sony 7509HD HighDefinition Headphone
This premium stereo headphone sports newly
developed HD drivers to give you remarkable High
Definition sound in a wide range from 5 Hz to 80 kHz.
High power neodymium magnets ensure clear midrange reproduction, and voice coils made of premium
oxygen-free copper let it handle very high power
levels. Its driver units are designed to match the angle
of the ear for extra comfortable wear.
• Circumaural design for maximum isolation
• 80 kHz reproduction using 50 mm HD driver units
• High power handling capacity 3,000 mW
• Impedance: 24 Ohms (at 1kHz)
• 10 ft. coiled cord with mini-plug and screw-on 1/4" connector
• Folding design with supplied soft case
List $265.00
only $219!
Wide Open
AKG K601/K701
Audiophile Headphones
The K601 delivers an incredibly full, yet crisp
sound. The secret is AKG’s revolutionary new
Varimotion two-layer diaphragm, which ensures
optimum diaphragm motion for extremely
accurate high frequency response and a powerful
low end. Frequency range: 12 Hz to 39.5 kHz;
impedance 120 ohms. Single-sided 10 ft. cable
with 1/4" plug.
The first headphones to utilize revolutionary
flat-wire technology, the AKG K701 gives a truly
dramatic sound that places every musician
at his or her correct location with pinpoint
accuracy. This kind of agility and spaciousness,
with brilliant highs, and velvety, punchy bass,
sets a new standard for all other headphones to
aspire to. These open-back dynamic headphones
provide an outstandingly accurate sound and
excellent imaging. If you insist on the best, insist
on the K701. Frequency range: 10 Hz to 39.8 kHz;
impedance 62 ohms. Single-sided 10 ft. cable with
1/4" plug.
K601 $34900
K701 $44900
LowestPrice from $349!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Top Seller!
The HD280 Pro is Sennheiser’s
closed-ear professional
headphone for live and studio
recording. The swiveling ear
cups offer maximum flexibility
in any application and the
audio quality is superb.
The HD25SP is
a lightweight
and comfortable
headphone for
announcers and
engineers who
spend a great deal
of time wearing
headphones and
need maximum
isolation. They
are extremely
rugged, with a low impedance of 85 ohms and
high sensitivity drivers for unparalleled efficiency.
Frequency response is 30 Hz–16 kHz. Miniplug with
1/4" adapter.
The Sennheiser
HD650 is an
audiophile referenceclass headphone
with truly unique,
amazing natural
sound. Specially
developed acoustic
silk drivers and
aluminum voice coils
deliver excellence
transient response and the finest imaging. Hear detail
you’ve never noticed before with these outstanding
audiophile headphones. Freq. response 10 Hz–39.5 kHz,
Impedance 300 ohms.
• Dynamic stereo headphone
• Accurate, linear sound reproduction
• 64 ohms impedance
• Wide 8 Hz–25 kHz frequency response
• Up to 32 dB of ambient noise attenuation
• Single-sided, coiled cable with miniplug and
locking 1/4" adapter.
List $199.95
only $99 !
List $192.00
only $129!
Audio-Technica ATH-M Series
These headphones from Audio-Technica offer sonic
accuracy and long-term comfort while appealing to any
budget. The economical ATHM20 provides large 40 mm
drivers, each with a neodymium magnet structure, an
adjustable cushioned headband and an 1/8" (plus 1/4"
adaptor) connector on 10 ft. coiled cable. The closed-ear
ATHM30 boasts excellent isolation, a 1/4" adapter and
a 20 Hz–20 kHz frequency response with a 65 ohms
impedance. The sealed-ear ATHM40fs has rotating ear
pads for one-ear monitoring, a flat frequency response
with a vast 5 Hz–28 kHz range, a hard-wired 1/4"
connector and 60 ohms impedance. See them at
List $69.00
List $119.00
ATHM40FS List $150.00
List $179.97
LowestPrice 3 for only $99!
The top-of-the-line,
circumaural ATHM50
delivers extremely
accurate response,
one-ear monitoring,
a 15 Hz–28 kHz
frequency range and
38 ohms impedance
in an efficient,
collapsible design.
Five Sennheiser HD202 headphones
for $89? We’re not kidding! These
sealed-ear headphones provide
crisp bass response and good
isolation. Powerful neodymium
magnets offer high sound levels
with 18 Hz–18 kHz response. Order today from BSW!!
(single) List $39.95 $1995
HD202PKG (pack of 5)
LowestPrice 5 for only $89!
2-Pack of Audio-Technica
The Audio-Technica ATHM3X features
high-performance drivers and low-mass
diaphragms, maximized power handling
capability, excellent isolation and powerful
bass. Frequency response is 20 Hz–21 kHz and
impedance is 32 ohms. The cable is 9.8 ft. and
terminated with a miniplug (1/4" adapter included).
List $49.95 $1995
ATHM3X-PKG (pack of 3) Get two Audio-Technica professional
studio headphones at big savings!
The ATH-M40 offers an amazing wide
frequency response of 5 Hz–28 kHz with
large 40 mm drivers with neodymium
magnets for maximum sound.
Comfortable rotating earpads and
hard-wired 1/4" connector.
only $14450!
5-Pack of Sennheiser
HD202 Headphones
3-Pack of Audio-Technica
ATH-M3X Headphones
LowestPrice 3 for only $4995!
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
List $199.00
from $3995!
Get three, count'em three K77 dynamic closedback headphones for the incredible price of
$99! The dynamic, circumaural, closed-back K77
gives you solid bass response with clean highs.
It features comfortable leatherette earpads and
18 Hz-20 kHz.
List Price $599.95
3-Pack of AKG K77 Headphones
List $300.00
LowestPrice 2 for only $119!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Sennheiser HD202
The HD202’s sealed-ear design and neodymium magnets
provide 18 Hz-18 kHz frequency range and high sound
levels. Minimal sound leakage also make the HD202 perfect
for on-air use. These headphones are very comfortable
even for prolonged use due to their ultra-lightweight
design. 1/8" mini connector with 1/4" adaptor included.
10 feet cord, 32 ohms impedance.
List $39.95
only $1995!
Sennheiser HD212
The Sennheiser HD212 closed-ear headphone is ideal for DJs, providing crisp bass
response and good insulation against ambient noise. Features: frequency range of 12 Hz19 kHz; powerful neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms for high sound levels;
10 ft. cable; cord take-up, removable earcups. Impedance 32 ohms.
List $89.95
only $5999!
Fostex T20RPMKII/T50RP
The Fostex T20RPMKII semi-open headphone can handle high SPL without
distortion. It offers sturdy construction and comfortable fit. Freq. response is
20 Hz-30 kHz and it comes with a 10 ft. detachable cable with 1/4" connector.
Impedance 50 ohms.
The T50RP (not shown) is the flagship model of the Fostex RP line and achieves
high level input peaks of up to 3000 mW. It has a neodymium magnet for higher
sensitivity, a damped semi-open design, and a wide 15 Hz-35 kHz response.
Impedance 50 ohms.
T20RPMKII List $119.00
List $199.00
7400 LowestPrice from $59!
The Koss PRO4AA is the original high-end headphone. It’s the way an
entire generation heard Sergeant Pepper for the first time. Its comfortable,
gel-filled ear cushions provide a complete seal, resulting in excellent
isolation from ambient sound. Single-sided 10 ft. cable and hard-wired
1/4" connector. Freq. response 10 Hz-25 kHz; impedance 250 ohms.
List $99.99
only $7499!
The Koss PRO4AAT headphone is rugged enough for radio jockeys, but priced
for any budget. The closed-ear design delivers maximum bass and isolation.
Features: wide frequency response of 10 Hz-25 kHz; titanium-coated high
polymer diaphragms for accurate sound; coiled, single-entry 8 ft. cable;
3.5 mm miniplug with 1/4" adapter; impedance 250 ohms.
List $99.99
only $6999!
The Koss PRO3AA headphone offers an exceptional listening experience at a great
price. It has a collapsible, closed-ear design for maximum bass and isolation,
15 Hz-20 kHz frequency response, and titanium-coated high-polymer diaphragms
for accurate sound. Features: single-entry 8 ft. cable; 3.5 mm miniplug with 1/4"
adapter; impedance 60 ohms.
List $69.95
only $4999!
Koss UR29
The Koss UR29 headphone offers a closed-ear design for maximum bass and
isolation, collapsible construction for maximum portability, and a wide frequency
response of 18 Hz-20 kHz. Features: accurate sound, with deep bass and clear,
precise treble response; single-entry 8 ft. cable; 3.5 mm miniplug (no 1/4" adapter);
volume control on cable; impedance 100 ohms.
List $29.99
only $19 !
DT 770 Series
The DT 770 PRO studio headphone provides 18 dB
ambient noise isolation, “Bass Reflex” technology for
improved bass response, and a robust spring-steel
cushioned headband and cushioned earpieces for
maximum comfort. Impedance is 250 ohms. Cable is
5 ft. and single-sided for ease of use, and terminates
in a miniplug with an included 1/4" adapter. Frequency
response 5 Hz–35 kHz.
The BeyerDynamic DT 770 M is a closed dynamic stereo
headphone with impressive 35 dB of noise isolation,
making it ideal for drummers, monitoring of PA systems
(FOH), on-stage setup or any use near loud external sound
sources. The single-sided 10 ft. cable is equipped with an
in-line volume control for optimum set-up. The rugged
headband construction has been strengthened to give
the headphone a very secure fit. The DT 770 M delivers
superb audio quality with high sound pressure level
(105 dB!) and a wide frequency response of 5 Hz–30 kHz.
DT770M $28900
DT770PRO $24900 LowestPrice from $249!
Concentrated Audio
Studiophile Q40
The M-Audio Studiophile
Q40 headphones boast
professional-grade dynamic
40mm drivers and a circumaural design to deliver
superb audio and deep
base with excellent
isolation from outside
noise. Lightweight,
with comfortable
ear pads, it’s ideal for
long studio sessions or
hours of listening. It’s
collapsible for easy travel
and include a detachable/
replaceable 10-ft. cable.
Frequency response: 10 Hz to
20 kHz. 64 ohm impedance.
List $179.95
only $149!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Behringer Headphones
Behringer’s super affordable HPM1000 gives you a basic headphone
at the lowest price around. Oval earcups, 6 ft. cord with 1/4" connector
and 32 ohms impedance. The HPX2000 is a professional DJ headphone.
Its high-efficiency cobalt capsule and single-sided cord promise
excellent performance. Features: 40 mm capsule; frequency response
20 Hz-20 kHz; maximum power handling 100 mW; ear cups flip out for
single ear use; 6 ft. cord with 1/4" connector; impedance 64 ohms. The
HPS3000 headphone offers the same audio quality with fixed ovalshaped ear cups. The HPS5000 bring out pure listening performance by
providing well defined bass and super-transparent highs. Single-sided
3 ft. cord extendable to 8 ft. with 1/8" connector and 1/4" adaptor. Ovalshaped ear cups. 32 ohms.
HPM1000 List $19.99 $1499
HPX2000 List $29.99 $1999
HPS3000 List $29.99 $1999
HPS5000 List $49.99 $3499
LowestPrice from $1499!
Stanton DJ PRO Series
The Stanton DJ PRO 2000S is a high-quality stereo headphone designed
for the professional DJ. Rotating ear cups allow for flexible positioning and
wearing styles. Features: 90° (elbow) 1/4" connector; integrated mono or
stereo monitoring; wide frequency response of 20 Hz-30 kHz; closed earcup
design for sound isolation. Impedance 64 ohms. The DJ PRO 300
is a lightweight, single-sided headphone with 10 ft. detachable cord
with miniplug and 1/4" adapter, and 20 Hz-20 kHz
frequency response. Impedance 100 ohms.
List $149.00 $8999
List $69.00 $3999
LowestPrice from $3999!
Ultrasone HFI-580
The closed-back HFI-580
offers tight powerful
Get it First at BSW!
bass, precise
and detailed
with an
The HFI-580
is made for
high power
input with
very efficient
50 mm heavy
duty drivers and
a persuasive sound
intensity. It is ideal for bass players and drummers.
ULE-technology reduces bass radiation by up to 98%
compared to current headphones. Features S-Logic Plus
and BIG S-Logic. 10-22,000 Hz, 32 Ohm, Transportation
bag, Demo CD.
HFI580 List $219.00
only $189!
Don’t Forget
Extension Cables
Get Extension Cables!
HPE225 is a 25 ft. coiled 1/4"-to -1/4" cable. HPE325 is a 25
ft. straight cable. We also have minijack extension cables.
$ 99
HPE-325C 25' coiled 1/4"–1/4" (F)
$ 99
HPE325 25' straight 1/4"–1/4" (F)
$ 36
MHE-310 10' straight 1/4"–1/8" (F)
$ 99
MHE125 25' straight 1/8"–1/8" (F)
from $6 ea!
RS140 Features:
• Switchable compression ensures excellent speech
• Intelligent auto-tuning with memory function
• Self-learning automatic level control provides
optimum signal reception
• Very lightweight headphones, extremely
comfortable to wear
• Rechargeable NiMH batteries run
approximately 22 hours
Ultrasone HFI-450
Ultrasone does it again
with their HFI-450.
With powerful and
clear sound, the
closed-back HFI-450
really performs.
Great for DJs and
live monitoring live
recordings. Features
Ultrasone’s S-Logic
Natural Surround
Sound Technology.
20-20,000 Hz, 32 Ohm
Straight 10' cord .
HFI450 List $119.00
Go wireless! With
its switchable
system, balance
control for right/left
volume adjustment,
and an adjustable
high output level,
the RS140 gives you
as much freedom of
sound as it does freedom
of movement. Frequency
response 18 Hz-21 kHz. Range
up to 500 ft.
only $99!
Ultrasone Surround
Sound Headphones
The Ultrasone DJ1 is a
closed DJ headphone with
S-Logic™ Natural Surround
Sound Technology and
reduced magnetic field
emissions for safer use.
Through the incredible
S-Logic the sound is moved
out of the head into the room
around you. Directions and
distances can be heard and
perceived – it’s just like being
in a live concert!! The DJ1
reduces magnetic radiation by
50%. Freq. 10 Hz–22 kHz;
imp. 64 ohms.
The HFI-15G is a lightweight,
semi-open headphone with
S-Logic Surround Sound. Frequency range
20 Hz-20 kHz; impedance 32 ohm; 3 ft. cord
with miniplug and 1/4" adaptor.
HFI15G $8900
LowestPrice from $89!
The RS 130 wireless RF headphone system delivers
switchable surround sound, up to 500-foot range and
an18 Hz - 21 kHz frequency response with convenient
automatic recharging. The economical RS120
eliminates high-end functions such as switchable
surround sound, but delivers warm, detailed sound
with a 22 Hz–19.5 kHz frequency response and a range
up to 300 feet.
RS140 List $239.95
RS130 List $179.95 RS120 List $119.95
from $9999!
The Joy Of
Less Noise
These lightweight, compact,
closed-back headphones
effectively reduce
distracting background
noise by up to 85% while
offering fantastic audio
quality. Ideal for use with
MP3, CD, DVD & in-flight
entertainment systems,
they feature large-aperture
40 mm drivers with
neodymium magnet
systems for deeper bass,
extended treble and
higher fidelity. Noise-cancelling electronics, powered
by a single AAA battery, are fully integrated in each
earpiece, with no need for external modules. They
also work great in passive mode without the battery.
Frequency Response: 10 Hz–25 kHz ; Sensitivity: 109
dB; Impedance: 260 ohms. Comes with detachable 5 ft.
cable with 1/8" stereo mini-plug; 1/4" stereo adaptor;
airline adaptor; AAA battery; and carrying case with
attached accessory pouch.
ATH-ANC7 List $219.95
only $19995!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
PreSonus HP60 – 6-Channel Headphone Amp
Rolls Headphone Amplifiers
In these powerful and reliable headphone amps, Rolls offers portable and
rackmount solutions for large production rooms or your smaller home setup.
The RA62C features 6 stereo channels (both 1/4" and 3.5 mm) with independent
output controls and puts out up to 600 mW per jack. The 1/4" and 3.5 mm outputs
can be used simultaneously. 1/4", RCA and XLR inputs are included, as well as 6 stereo
insert jacks for separate use of each channel. A stereo/mono switch allows mixing two
mono signals. Front and rear input jacks allow flexible use, and in addition the RA62C
can be used as a 6-channel distribution amp.
The RA53B gives you five 1/4" TRS and five 3.5 mm TRS outputs with individual level
controls and plenty of gain. Features: inserts on 3 channels; link I/O for connecting
two units together; 1/4", RCA and XLR right and left inputs; 1/4" TRS stereo input;
1/4" mono input.
The compact 4-channel HA43PRO is perfect for any application where space is
limited. Mini-slide faders adjust individual volumes. Stereo 1/4" and dual RCA inputs.
6-channel List $220.00 $16900
5-channel List $125.00 $9900
HA43PRO 4-channel List $100.00 $4900 LowestPrice from $49!
Furman 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier
Furman’s HA6AB powers up to 6 pairs of headphones with a very generous 20 watts
per channel. It can also power one or two sets of small monitor speakers, often saving
the cost of an additional power amp. The front panel provides six stereo headphone
jacks with independent volume controls and two speaker switches. The HA6AB offers
balanced inputs with XLR connectors in addition to standard 1/4" phone inputs.
List $465.00
The HMX56 headphone matrix
amplifier creates six unique,
independent headphone
mixes at once.
Its six low-noise, high-fidelity/
high power headphone
amplifiers deliver crystalclear audio at unusually
high output levels. Each
output channel can be fed its own mix of the main stereo inputs and the
4 additional mono inputs. It boasts 1/4" balanced inputs, an effects loop with
independent level control on each channel and a sturdy metal chassis.
List $379.95
only $29995!
ART HEADAMP6 Pro 6-Channel
Headphone Amp w/ Auxiliary Mixer
The ART HeadAmp6 Pro is a six-channel 1RU stereo headphone amplifier with an
auxiliary mixer that can deliver six custom headphone mixes. Each channel features
level, balance, and separate bass and treble cut and boost rotary controls, with the
balance control also acting as a "more me" level control when a signal is routed back
into the auxiliary inputs. It sports XLR and 1/4" TRS balanced inputs with matching
"Thru" jacks for bridging multiple HeadAmp6 Pro units, and also offers an additional
front panel stereo 1/4" jack for quick insertion of any stereo source. Outputs include
both front and rear panel stereo 1/4" TRS jacks for ease of installation and quick
patching capability. Input and individual channel levels are shown on 8-segment,
multi-colored LED meter arrays.
List $249.00
only $199 !
only $39995!
Mackie Headphone
Matrix Amplifier
HMX56 List $199.99
The PreSonus HP60 is a flexible and advanced headphone amplifier system, delivering
loud and clear headphone mixes for a variety of applications. It’s perfect for studio or
live sound in-ear monitoring systems. Loaded with six independent headphone amps
(150mW per channel), it features dual stereo inputs on balanced 1/4" TRS connectors
as well as external input for each channel to let you mix between three stereo audio
streams (mix A, mix B, and external input) and create customized mixes for every band
member. Every channel boasts stereo output (for sending line level headphone channel
mixes to additional headphone amplifiers or monitor systems), and also features
headphone level, mix control between A and B inputs, external input volume, mute and
mono. The HP60 also offers talkback via an external XLR microphone input.
only $14999!
Rane Headphone Amplifiers
The HC 6S, 6-channel headphone amp provides master stereo 1/4" TRS inputs which
can drive any or all of the six stereo headphone amps. A mono switch is provided
on the front panel to drive both channels of all six amplifiers from a common mono
source. In addition, six individual unbalanced stereo inputs are available to drive
any individual amplifier from a separate stereo source. Front and rear outputs allow
maximum flexibility in use or even allow two pairs of headphones to be driven from
each channel.
The HC 4S is a simple 4-channel headphone amp with L/R master inputs, stereo 1/4"
outs and volume for each of the 4 channels. The new HC 4S improves upon the original
HC 4 model with the addition of 1/8" headphone jacks.
HC6S 6 channels List $529.00 $41900
HC4S 4 channels List $319.00 $24900 LowestPrice from $249!
Save Your Knees
Headphone Control Box
This compact, passive headphone control box mounts
under a counter and provides headphone volume control
for broadcast applications. It sports two 1/4" inputs for
input/thru connections, and boasts a rounded edge
design that’s gentle on the knees.
HBUC List $103.89 LowestPrice only $9999!
Galaxy Audio
Headphone/Monitor Splitter
Symetrix Headphone Amplifier
The 1/2-rack size Symetrix 304S is a well-known stereo
input/4-output headphone amp. Features: individual
volume controls for each channel plus a master input
volume control; pass-thru jacks to permit daisy-chaining
of multiple units. Optional rackmount kit.
List $379.00
RM3SYMETRIX rackmount kit
only $309!
Galaxy’s Jacksin-the-Box
Splitter is a
4-way audio
splitter. It
splits a single
feed to as
many as four
monitors, or splits a single headphone feed to multiple
headphones. Balanced 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs
provide maximum isolation.
List $39.99
only $2999!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Behringer 4- and 8-Channel Headphone Amplifiers
Behringer’s HA8000 delivers eight completely independent channels of headphone amplification. It includes two
separate two-channel 1/4" main inputs, two 1/4" head-phone outputs per channel (one front, one rear), with LED
meters and dedicated direct 1/4" TRS inputs for each channel. The Behringer HA4700 offers four stereo amps, each
with a stereo aux input, mono/stereo and left/right mute switches, balance and volume controls, plus numerous
master features. Additionally, it has XLR and 1/4" line inputs.
List $219.99
List $159.99
LowestPrice from $10999!
Rolls HA204
Presonus HP4 – 4-Channel
Headphone Amplifier
The HP4 from PreSonus answers the need for a
headphone distribution amplifier with professional
specifications in a small package – at an affordable
price. The HP4 features four discrete headphone
outputs on the front panel each with its own volume
potentiometer and 150mW of amplification per
channel. The HP4 also features adjustment over
control room monitors with a separate volume control,
monitor mute switch and mono switch giving you
an extremely powerful monitoring solution at an
amazingly low price. Mono or stereo operation.
List $159.95
only $129 !
HA204 List $50.00
The compact Aphex HeadPod (454) offers professional
monitoring for all types of headphones, and features
four independent stereo power amplifiers, individual
volume controls, high headroom, a wide frequency
response with ultra-low distortion, very low crosstalk
and a master volume to match source level. It works
from any analog source.
AC adapter
only $39!
$ 99
only $199!
Behringer 4-Channel
Headphone Amp
Set separate volume
levels for up to four
headphones with
this super-compact
headphone amplifier.
Four high-power stereo
amplifiers maintain the highest sonic quality even at
maximum volume levels. Ultra low-noise amplifiers are
included for outstanding audio performance. AC and
DC 12-volt adaptors included.
HA400 List $44.99
only $2999!
ART Headphone Amplifiers
These ART headphone amps offer a wealth of features to meet most any need. The 4-channel HeadAMP 4 boasts
1/8" and 1/4" I/O as well as lower noise, lower distortion and more output in a stackable metal case. The 5-channel
HeadAMP V features a level control and a 1/4" stereo out jack on each channel. It sports 1/4" TRS insert jacks on
channels 1 and 2, left and right RCA and multipurpose 1/4” inputs as well as a 1/4" TRS Link jack. The 6-channel
1U rack mountable HeadAmp6 Pro boasts an auxiliary mixer with rotary controls that delivers up to 6 custom
headphone mixes. It sports XLR and 1/4" TRS balanced inputs with matching "Thru" jacks for bridging multiple units
and a front panel stereo 1/4" jack for quick insertion of any stereo source. Outputs include both front and rear panel
stereo 1/4" TRS jacks.
4-channel amplifier
List $80.00 $6500
5-channel amplifier
List $150.00 $11900
HEADAMP6PRO 6-channel rackmount amp List $249.00 $19900
LowestPrice from $65!
RDL Headphone
List $151.35
List $188.54
PS24A 24-volt power supply required
from $109!
The Whirlwind PA-1 is a high-quality,
portable stereo headphone amp. It accepts both
balanced and unbalanced stereo line level signals
through paralleled XLR and 1/4 TRS inputs. A mono/
stereo switch allows selection of either stereo or mono
operation. In mono mode, two separate inputs can be
mixed in conjunction with the balance control. A pad
switch attenuates the input -20 dB. It operates on two
9-volt batteries or AC power.
These stereo amplifiers
from Radio Design Labs
can drive headphones of
any impedance and offer
inputs. The ST‑SH2 boasts exceptional low noise (better than 100 dB below operating level), low distortion, audio
clarity and excellent crosstalk performance, making it ideal for a wide variety of demanding audio applications. The
rackmountable RU‑SH1 is a dual-channel headphone amplifier with balanced/unbalanced left and right inputs.
Each input accepts operating levels between ‑20 dBV and +20 dBu. Two recessed slide switches located on the top
of the rear enclosure are set prior to mounting the module. One switch is provided for setting the input sensitivity.
The mode switch selects between stereo and mono operation.
Aphex Headpod Headphone Amp
454 List $249.00
The Rolls HA204
is the easy way to
get sound to four
headphones with
plenty of volume, at a
great price! Powered by a
standard 9V battery or the optional
PS27 AC adapter, the HA204 accepts 1/8"
minijack audio input and puts out full-fidelity
20 Hz-20 kHz sound and 20 dB of gain per channel
thru four stereo minijacks with independent volume
controls. It comes complete with one 1/8"-to-1/8" cable
and one stereo RCA-to-1/8" cable. PS27 AC adapter.
Get it First at BSW!
List $217.25
JK Audio Remote Amp
Personal Headphone
The JK Audio Remote Amp is a
simple battery-powered personal
belt clip headphone amplifier. It
accepts an XLR input from a mixer,
distribution amplifier or phone line
hybrid and offers a volume control.
Its 1-watt amplifier cuts through
crowd or amp noise with clear,
clean, distortion-free sound.
REMOTEAMP List $215.00
only $199!
only $18999!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
6-Channel Headphone
Distribution with Talkback
Broadcast Tools Flexphones
The Flexphones 6-channel distributed headphone system with
independent talkback capabilities promises to be a vital hub in any
Broadcast/Studio setup. Each of its channels provides stereo program
monitoring and selective talkback to multiple Active Headphone Remotes
(AHR1PLUSs sold separately). Its six talkback switches allow independent
communication with each AHR1PLUS listener and can be configured to insert
talkback audio into only the left or both ears and dim either or both program
channels. Featuring talkback trimmers with pre-set maximum input levels,
microphone/line level talkback input and much more, the FlexPhones Master has
what it takes to deliver synchronized performance. You can even get an optional
mounting plate that adds an XLR connector so that headphone level control,
cough button and mic input can be situation and wired in one location.
• Flexphones with XLR connector facilitates the use of a user-provided
gooseneck mic or headset
• Level control for local headphones with both 1/4" and 1/8" stereo jacks
• Talkback switches for independent communication with listeners;
six RJ45 jacks
• Front-panel power and talkback LED indicators
• Half-rack profile allows the unit to be set on a desktop or mounted on a wall
FLEXPHONES List $349.00
only $299!
AHR1PLUS List $139.00 $12900
Mounting plate for AHR1 for under counter or turret $1900
HR1-MPXLR Mounting plate for AHR1 with XLR mic connector hole $1900
With the optional HR1MPXLR mounting plate,
you can wire your guests
microphone and cough
button right at their desk
along side their headphone
level control. Very ingenious.
Note: Photo shows HR1-MPXLR
mounting plate with AHR1PLUS.
The HR1-MPXLR provides XLR hole
(XLR connector not included).
Put an end to bad monitor mixes once and for all, whether in the studio or on stage! Aviom’s
Personal Monitor Mixing System uses a proprietary technology called A-Net, which allows the system to transmit
sixteen channels of audio with virtually no latency over a single Cat-5/Ethernet cable of up to 500 feet. Sixteen
channels of analog audio enter the AN16I transmitter and are output through a single Cat-5 cable in highdefinition, 24-bit uncompressed digital sound. The A16II personal mixer receives the digital signal and gives each
end user complete control over all 16 channels, allowing them to make personal mixes, adjust panning, volume,
and save 16 preset mixes. Audio output can drive headphones, in-ear monitors, floor wedges, studio monitors or
any device you need.
The A16D distributor allows you to run 8 personal mixers in parallel, simplifying setup and wiring. In addition, any
number of the A16D’s outputs can be used to drive additional A16D distribution units. The A16-R rackmount mixer
adds balanced XLR and 1/4" outputs, stereo balanced insert points, and more. User presets can be stored and
recalled via MIDI. The optional A16CS control surface attaches to the A16-R and is identical in appearance to the
A16, allowing the same control of your audio.
The AN16OV4 converts 16 channels of uncompressed, 24-bit digital data transmitted via A-Net into sixteen
discrete mic- or line-level analog audio output channels. It can be used both on stage and at front of house to
provide outputs to consoles, as well as to amplifiers and speaker processors.
16-channel transmitter
List $1,210.00
Personal mixer
List $675.00
8-hub distribution system
List $475.00
Rackmount mixer
List $1,050.00
Control surface for A16-R
List $525.00
A16 or A16CS mic stand mount
List $33.95
16 channel output module with DB25 connector List $1,350.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
The HPA4 with talkback/cue powers
up to four sets of headphones. Each
output is supplied with a hefty stereo amplifier and
may be configured to accept talkback/cue audio on
the left headphone with a simple contact closure to
ground. Front and rear 1/4" TRS jacks are provided with
each output, along with a front-panel level control. The
stereo balanced input is adjustable with the front-panel
master level control. The balanced talkback/cue input
is equipped with a rear-panel trimmer. The optional
HR-1 headphone remote pod provides 1/8" and 1/4"
headphone jacks with level control, momentary push
button (cough, dump, etc.) and mic-ON led.
Guest Module
with Cough Button
and Optional
Microphone Input
Aviom 16-Channel Audio
Monitoring Distribution System
Broadcast Tools
Amp w/ Talkback
4-channel headphone amp List $299.00
only $229!
Headphone remote control HPA4 rack shelf
Henry Engineering
System with
Zoned Talkback
MultiPhones II, consisting
of a Master unit and up to
12 satellite GuestPods or
MiniPod via Cat5 cabling,
offers independent stereo
headphone listening facilities with
Zoned Talkback for up to 12 users. Its Master unit
distributes Program audio to all GuestPods or MiniPods
via three outputs, with each output working as an
isolated Talkback zone. You can connect GuestPods
to the three outputs in any combination, allowing a
producer or call screener to communicate with listeners
in each zone, overriding normal Program audio with
Talkback mic audio.
The Master unit has inputs for stereo Program audio,
Talkback audio, and remote Talkback control, along with
Master Level trimmers for Program and Talkback so you
can preset maximum levels. There are three RJ45 jacks to
distribute audio and power to the GuestPods or MiniPod.
Each GuestPod contains a stereo headphone amplifier,
volume control and 1/4" and 1/8" headphone jacks, as
well as a cough button and mic-on LED that you can
wire to the audio console or other equipment.
The new MiniPod includes a headphone amplifier with
level control, and both 1/4" and 1/8" headphone jacks.
The MiniPod is built to go on the road as a portable
personal headphone amp as well. Cool.
MULTIPHONESII List $250.00 $19900
List $100.00 7900
List $135.00 $11999
system from $278!
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