Teledyne Isco 2105 Interface Module

Teledyne Isco 2105 Interface Module
Teledyne Isco 2105 Interface Module
The 2105 Interface Module is a powerful solution for environmental monitoring professionals to
interface different monitoring and recording instruments.
The 2105 will monitor the recorded data and
take intelligent actions, such as sampler enabling,
pacing, and/or alarm generation, based on userspecified conditions.
Its unique flexibility allows connection to several devices at the same time. Isco 2100 Series Flow
Modules, Isco’s pulse Doppler Flow Meters, 6712
Samplers, 4200 Series Flow Meters, and Isco Rain
Gauges are directly compatible. It can also be used
with non-Isco instruments that have SDI-12 or Modbus output. Additional input options (4-20 mA, etc.)
are possible using readily-available aftermarket converters.
An optional built-in cell phone modem allows
remote access to data that has been stored within the
2105, or has been fed to a central server — or the
Isco’s modular design allows the 2105 to be
stacked with other 2100 Series flow, communication, interface, or display modules.
The 2105 system shown here interfaces with a rain
gauge, flow meters, automatic sampling, and a multiparameter sonde.
• Capacity assessments
• I&I, cMOM, SSO and other collection
system monitoring
• Permit compliance and enforcement
• Stormwater runoff monitoring
• Non-point source monitoring
• River and stream gauging
Standard Features
• Rugged, submersible enclosure meets
NEMA 4X, 6P and IP68 requirements.
• May be stacked together with up to three
other Teledyne Isco 2100 Modules
• A variety of factory-available cables
allows literally dozens of multiple instrument configuration possibilities
Software Features
Secure data storage.
All data are continuously stored in flash memory to
protect against loss in case of power failure.
Easy to upgrade. New operating software can be
downloaded into non-volatile flash memory, without
affecting stored program and data.
Records and stores input voltage and temperature
Variable rate data storage lets you change the data
storage interval when programmed conditions occur.
This feature assures maximum information about an
exceptional event - such as an overflow - while conserving power and data capacity during normal conditions.
38,400 bps communication via the serial connector
provides speedy setup and data retrieval.
Variable rate data storage
The 2105 module has the ability to automatically switch data
storage rates based on varying
In the example at left, the 5minute data storage rate automatically changed to 20 seconds when
the flow rose above a programmed
Typical stormwater channel
In the example at left, the single 2105 is recording multiple
It also triggered the sample at
user-defined conditions.
2105 Interface Options
Potential variations for interfacing different hardware and software to make up the comprehensive data system
you desire are virtually unlimited with the 2105. Input/output choices are shown below - and may be enhanced by
using available aftermarket converters.
Land Line Module
Cell Phone
Wireless Module
Flow Meter
Stack With:
4-20 mA
2150 AV Flow Module
6712 Sampler
4-20 mA
2110 Ultrasonic Module
Flowlink® Data Analysis
Isco Flowlink® software is a powerful tool for analyzing flow and water quality data. It provides site
setup, data retrieval, and comprehensive data analysis, as well as advanced reporting and graphing. See separate data sheets for details on Flowlink and Flowlink Pro software.
Typical Flowlink
Pro field data
Flowlink Pro Server
Microsoft SQL or Oracle
Flowlink Pro Clients
Administrator Manager
Organization’s Network
Off-Site user via web browser
Off-Site user (e.g. VPN)
Field Crew
Field Crew
With the cellular modem option using package-switched
communication, data can be made available on the remotely
located server or on the Internet.
Table 1: 2105 Interface Module Specificationsa
Dimensions (H x W x D):
2.9 x 11.3 x 7.5 in.
7.4 x 28.7 x 19.1 cm
2 lbs
0.9 Kg
High-impact molded polystyrene
NEMA 4X, 6P, IP68
Provided by Isco 2191 Battery Module
Typical Battery Life:
Using 15-Minute data storage interval, Energizer® Model 529 alkaline: 15 Months
Using Isco rechargeable lead-acid batteries: 254 Days.
Operating Temperature:
-4° to 140°F
(-20° to 60°C)
Storage Temperature:
-40° to 140°F
(-40° to 60°C)
— Data Handling and Communications —
Serial Port Communication
Speeds (not modem):
Cellular Communication:
Data Storage:
Data Types:
Storage Mode:
Up to 38,400 bps
Serial Over IP (SOIP): CDMA/1xRTT (2105Ci); GSM/GPRS (2105Gi)
Non-volatile flash; Retains stored data during program updates. Capacity 798,000 bytes (up to
158,000 readings, equal to over 270 days of rainfall, temperature, conductivity, and pH readings at 15minute intervals, plus input voltage readings stored at 12 hour intervals)
Flow rate, level, rainfall, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, percent, velocity, volume,
total dissolved solids, salinity, phosphate, ammonia, nitrate, TOC, COD, total suspended solids, sludge
index, sludge volume, SAC, turbidity, load, input voltage, wireless signal, rainfall intensity, specific
conductance, chloride, chlorophyll, O.R.P., ammonium
Rollover; 5 bytes per reading
Storage Interval:
15 or 30 seconds; 1, 2, 5, 15, or 30 minutes; or 1, 2, 4, 12, or 24 hours. Storage rate variable based on
level, velocity, flow rate, total flow, or input voltage
Data Retrieval:
Serial connection to PC or optional 2101 Field Wizard module; optional modules for spread spectrum
radio; land-line or cellular modem. Modbus and 4-20 mA analog available.
Isco Flowlink for setup, data retrieval, editing, analysis, and reporting
Multi-module Networking:
Up to four 2100 Series Flow Modules, stacked and/or remotely connected. Max distance between
modules 3300 ft (1000 m).
a. Teledyne Isco is continually improving its products and reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
Table 2: Ordering Information
2105 Interface Module
2105 Interface Module w/ 2191 Battery Module
2105Ci Interface Module w/ built-in CDMA cellular modem & 2191 Battery Module
2105Gi Interface Module w/ built-in GSM cellular modem & 2191 Battery Module
2105Ci Magnetic-Mount Antenna
2105Gi Magnetic-mount Antenna
In-Street Antenna
Manhole Lid Antenna
Flowlink 5.1 Software
Flowlink Pro Software
Note: The customer is responsible for confirming that local cellular service provides coverage where the cellular module will be
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Teledyne Isco reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
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