digital copier systems dp1250/dp1450

digital copier systems dp1250/dp1450
Isn’t It Time The Copier Came To You?
The compact Toshiba DP1250 and DP1450 bring powerful
performance to your desktop. Simply lay your originals on
the platen for copying, or print (optional) with a command
from your PC. Either way, you get 12 or 14 reproductions
per minute at high resolution and an abundance of userfriendly features. With the new Toshiba DP1250 and DP1450,
quality copying and printing are only an arm’s length away.
Quality copies and flexible features without
any hassles.
The DP1250 and DP1450 are fast and reliable, with user-friendly
features that help you create copies of professional quality every time.
•12/14 CPM and less than 6-second first copy time for quick results.
•High resolution and 256 halftones, for clear and accurate images.
•Compact and user-friendly design with easy inner access for quick copy
cartridge replacement and resolving of misfeeds.
•Maximum 800-sheet paper capacity on the DP1450 (standard 500sheet tray, standard 50-sheet bypass, optional 250-sheet tray).
•300-sheet paper capacity on the DP1250 (standard 250-sheet tray,
standard 50-sheet bypass).
•50-sheet bypass lets you bypass the tray and use paper of a different
size or color.
•4 copying modes (Mixed, Photo, Text and Toner Saver) match
reproduction settings to the characteristics of your originals.
•Manual exposure control is available in five steps.
•Job Recovery lets you return to where you left off after a misfeed or
other interruption.
•Helpful indicators warn you if there is a misfeed, when the tray runs
out of paper, or when toner is running low. You can also check the
approximate percentage of toner remaining.
•The Interrupt feature lets you interrupt a long copy run, perform a
higher priority copy job, and then return to where you left off.
•50-200% zoom is selectable in one percent increments. Six zoom
presets include 100% and a setting decided by the user.
•Energy efficient design meets strict standards of the International
Energy Star Program. Power Off and Power Saver modes are
Optional printing from your Windows PC.
Simply install the optional printer board in the DP1250 or DP1450 and
connect it with your PC as you would any ordinary printer for
excellent performance with convenient copier features.
•12/14 PPM for quick results.
•600 × 600 dpi print resolution for clear and accurate images.
•Select the print command from within any application as with
conventional printers.
•Windows compatibility allows the DP1250 and DP1450 to be used as
printers for any IBM PC/AT compatible computer with Microsoft®
Windows® for Workgroups 3.11, Microsoft® Windows®95, Microsoft®
Windows®98 or Microsoft® Windows NT®4.0 operating system
•Standard 4MB printer memory can be upgraded up to 20MB.
Options let you upgrade as your needs
•Optional SDF (Set Document Feeder) feeds your documents
automatically — up to 35 sheets — while maintaining maximum copy
speed (available on DP1450 only).
•The optional Printer Kit allows the copier to be used as a high-quality
printer. Status Monitor feature lets you check copier status (status
codes, printing, ready, copying, warming-up, etc.) on a connected PC
•Optional 250-sheet tray (DP1450 only).
It is recommended that only
supplies made or designated
by TOSHIBA be used for this
machine in order to get
optimum results.
Copying process Indirect electrostatic photographic method
Type Desktop
Resolution Printer: 600dpi × 600dpi
Gradations 256
Original platen type Fixed hard platen (DP1450: optional SDF)
Available original size Maximum 10'' × 14-1/4''
Available copy paper size Maximum Legal, Minimum Statement-R
Paper supply Tray: 250 sheets (DP1250)/500 sheets (DP1450)
Bypass: 50 sheets
Available paper copy weight Tray: Legal/Statement-R, 16 — 24 lbs
Bypass: Legal/Statement-R, 16 — 32 lbs
Copying Speed 12 copies per minute (LT size) (DP1250)
14 copies per minute (LT size) (DP1450)
Multiple copying 1 — 100
Reproduction ratio 50%, 78%, 100%, 129%, 200% + 1 user settable
Warm-up time 40 seconds
First copy time Less than 6 seconds
Exposure control Manual (5 steps)
Counter Mechanical 6-digit counter, electronic counter
Power supply & consumption Max. 990W (120V)
Dimensions (W × H × D)
DP1250: Approx. 625mm × 275mm × 500mm (24-5/8'' × 10-13/16'' × 19-11/16'')
DP1450: Approx. 625mm × 320mm × 500mm (24-5/8'' × 12-5/8'' × 19-11/16'')
Weight DP1250: Approx. 19.5kg (43 lbs), DP1450: Approx. 21.3kg (47 lbs)
Printer functions (optional):
Printer engine resolution 600 dpi
Printing speed 12ppm (DP1250), 14ppm (DP1450)
Printer memory 4MB (Expandable up to 20MB)
Compatibility Microsoft® Windows® for Workgroups 3.11, Microsoft® Windows®95,
Microsoft® Windows®98, Microsoft® Windows NT®4.0
Interface IEEE 1284 bi-directional parallel
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Environmental Compliances
The DP1250 and
DP1450 are designed to
minimize environmental
impact. They meet
guidelines for energy
efficiency and conform to
all applicable
Environmental Choice
EcoLogo requirements.
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