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Garage door automation by Somfy
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Safe, secure and built to last!
Let your Somfy Dexxo garage door operator do the work for you.
Comfort & convenience at your fingertips
It’s the end of a hard day at work. It’s dark, raining and you don’t
want to get out of the car to open your garage door...
With a Dexxo garage door operator, you can automatically open
and close your garage door at the press of a button. Don’t forget
the integral courtesy light that will illuminate your garage as soon
as you operate your door.
Guaranteed peace of mind
We use our garages more and more in a variety of different ways to park our vehicles, use them as workshops, store our possessions...
That’s why safety is a prime concern when choosing to automate your
garage door. Whether it’s the kids playing in the drive or a garden tool
left under the door, your garage door operator must ensure that the
movement of the door is completely safe.
Dexxo from Somfy is safe*. The intelligent safety system continually
monitors the door travel movement and stops if an obstacle is detected.
Tested for 90,000 cycles
The Dexxo garage door operator has been built to last - our test
results prove it!
Stylish looks and great control features mean nothing without the
quality to back it up. That’s why our Dexxo operators have been
tested for 90,000 cycles - that’s the equivalent of 50 operations
a day for 5 years! Our confidence in the Dexxo build quality is
reinforced with a 5 year warranty for total peace of mind.
* The Dexxo garage door operator conforms to all European safety standards.
0800 525 442
0800 525 442
Garage door automation
The advantages of garage door automation with Dexxo
A click on the remote control and your garage door opens in seconds: It’s quick, easy and Somfy’s RTS
rolling code radio technology ensures that it is also very secure.
Your automatic door is now more secure. Dexxo reacts to any attempt at trying to force the door open
and exerts counter force to resist the potential break-in.
The intelligent obstacle detection system ensures that the door will immediately stop once an obstacle
is detected during door travel.
Power cut! Use the manual release system to operate your door manually or choose the battery
back-up pack for continued automatic operation.
What type of garage door is suitable for automation?
Dexxo is compatible with the majority of garage door types, however certain doors will require additional
mechanical adapters to make automation possible. Providing your door is in good condition, is well balanced and
operates smoothly through it’s open and close cycle, it should be suitable for automation*.
Porte enroulable
Canopy door
Retractable door
Porte basculante
Porte semi basculante
Sectional door
Porte basculante
Porte basculante
Porte non
Porte semi b
Porte enroulable
semi basculante Porte basculante
Porte non basculant
Porte semi basculante
Porte basculante
Porte enroulable
Porte sectionnelle
Porte semi
Side opening door
Side hinged door
Portes battantes
Portes battantes
Porte sectionnelle
Portes battantes
* Your
Somfy garage door specialist
be required to inspect your garage doorPorte
to confirm
whether it is suitable for automation.
0800 525 442
Porte sectionnelle
0800 525 442
you decide...
Your automatic garage door can be controlled using a wall mounted switch, or, better still,
using a pocket sized keyring remote control - the choice is yours.
Keyring remote control
Keyfob remote control
Keyfob remote control
Keygo 4 RTS
Keytis 2 RTS
Keytis 4 RTS
4 channel remote control to
2 channel compact remote
4 channel remote control
pair with your keys and slip in
with lock function to prevent
your pocket.
unauthorised use.
Wall switch control
Secure access control
Additional safety device
Radio wall switch RTS
Radio keypad RTS
Photobeam set
Battery powered 2 channel
Battery powered 2 channel
Sends a beam across the path
wall switch.
keypad access control unit.
of the garage opening to
detect obstacles.
Emergency power
Wall switch control
Remote control
Battery back-up pack
Situo RTS Pure
Telis 1 RTS Lounge
The battery back-up pack
Battery powered single
Single channel remote control
channel wall switch in white
in black gloss finish.
simply plugs into the
control unit of the
gloss finish.
Dexxo and once fully
charged will provide up
to 10 garage door operations
over a 24hr period following a
Lighting control
Auxiliary control
power cut.
Lighting receiver RTS
Standard receiver RTS
Radio receiver to control
Radio receiver providing a
lighting with power rating
signal to control an existing
up to 500W.
automation application e.g.
electric gates.
0800 525 442
0800 525 442
Why choose Dexxo?
A quality product from a quality company.
Somfy is a global company present in 51 countries, via a network of 52 subsidiaries
and 26 offices on all five continents. Our growth and success has been achieved by
delivering high quality products that are easy to use and last for a long time. We pride
ourselves on offering unrivalled service and support to both our professional partners
and users of our products.
We test the endurance of our motors under the harshest climatic conditions. Before being
installed in your home, each Somfy motor is inspected in the factory, so that you can benefit
from a long-term guarantee. Our motors, and all Somfy’s products, naturally comply with
safety standards.
Not all garage door operators are the same, nor are they complemented with the
impressive controls and accessory range Dexxo has to offer. Take the battery backup pack as an example, no other garage door operator offers this type of accessory.
From keyring remote to battery powered keypad access control units - Somfy have the
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