CTCSS Operation on FT-290R MkII

CTCSS Operation on FT-290R MkII
CTCSS Operation on FT-290R MkII
To access repeaters using CTCSSPress MODE to select FM (as before).
Press RPT to set a − offset (as before).
Press F and then TONE (REV) to enable
the tone generator.
o ‘TONE’ will now be underlined in
the LCD. You will also hear a Morse
code ident relating to the current
tone selected.
Press PTT on microphone to access
To change the tone, press ‘CALL’ while CTCSS is
enabled. Each time CALL is pressed, the tone is
advanced through the list (see overleaf). To
make the currently selected tone the default,
press and hold CALL for several seconds until a
confirmatory beep is heard.
To disable CTCSS, press F and then TONE again.
The last tone generated 100Hz Tone S (...) is not
used in the UK.
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