Twilight™ II
Twilight II
Indoor/Outdoor Gas Fireplace
Is it an indoor fireplace with a window to the world outside? Or an outdoor fireplace with
an inside view? Twilight™ II is both. It’s the first-ever indoor/outdoor see-through fireplace
that adds the warmth and beauty of a clean-burning fireplace to two spaces at once. Living
room and patio, focal point and gathering place, friends and family. Why not have it all?
• Unique see-through design simultaneously
functions inside and out. There’s no need to invest
in two separate fireplaces.
• Innovative engineering meets both gas fireplace
and window standards, including air leakage
and wind load tests. The result: worry-free
performance in even the harshest conditions.
• The outside face acts as a vent, so there’s no need
for additional venting. Installation is easier—with
more possibilities to choose from.
Twilight II
The best of both worlds.
Exterior Front
An exterior front is required to finish Twilight II. It’s designed to withstand the elements, even
hurricanes, and it comes in six different exterior-friendly colors. Choose a color to match your home.
Basic Front in black
Dark Brick
Light Brick
Inside comfort
so good
feels so warm.
A. Enjoy this beautiful fireplace from both inside and outside
your home.
B. 38,000 Btu/Hour input delivers generous heat and flames.
Five rich finishes. High on style,
long on durability. Available on select fronts.
Options, options
more options
Interior Fronts
Twilight™ II
Basic Front
Firescreen Front
In black only. DF-6000
In black, bronze or pewter. Accepts
interchangeable decorative panels
and Firescreen Companions. DF-6-FS
An interior front is required to
finish Twilight II. Purchase one of
these stylish options, each available
in various finishes as indicated. Two
even accept interchangeable panels.
Arched Front
Craftsman Door
Also available,
matching Craftsman
tool set in black,
bronze or pewter.
In black only. DF-6-CARCH
In black, bronze or pewter.
Comes with matching black
DF36-CRAFT, requires DF36-AP frame
Essence Doors
Spire Door
Also available,
matching Spire tool
set in black, bronze or
Available in all five finishes.
Accept interchangeable
decorative companions.
In black, bronze or pewter.
Accepts interchangeable
decorative panels and
Firescreen Companions.
DF-6-FS, requires DF36-RP frame
With multiple fronts and finishes, plus
interchangeable panels and companions,
you can define and design your own style.
Interchangeable Decorative Panels Firescreen fronts and Essence doors for
Twilight™ II accept these six interchangeable panels. Buy one or several; they’re easy to change. Think of
them as decorating accessories for different seasons or events. Each is available in five finishes to match
or contrast with fronts: black, bronze, brushed nickel, pewter, polished brass.
North Woods
Floral Interchangeable panel shown attached
to Essence Door.
Firescreen Companions
The Firescreen front can be enjoyed unadorned, or you can
purchase one of these three Firescreen companions to attach to the front’s exterior, adding a distinctive touch
of corner detail. Each is available in black, bronze or pewter to match or contrast with the front.
Arbor Creek Companions set
Carriage Hill Companions set
Prairie Ridge Companions set
Twilight™ II Specifications
Twilight™ II
36 x 21-1/2
NG: 38,000
LP: 37,000
Side View
Outdoor Front View
Top View
Side View
Indoor Front View
Dimensions above are in inches; technical drawings are in inches and millimeters. Reference dimensions only. We recommend measuring individual units at installation. Assumes the
use of 1/2" drywall. NOTE: Non-combustible material is allowed over this dimension. Make sure you do NOT cover the decorative door opening.
Refer to installation manual for detailed specifications on installing this product. Heat & Glo reserves the right to update units periodically. The flame and ember appearance may
vary based on the type of fuel burned and the venting configuration used. Pictures in this brochure are not true representation of the fireplace, flames and/or finishes.
Twilight™ II Standard Features
Healthy Hearth
Our direct vent fireplaces will not alter the quality of indoor room air in
any way. They utilize a sealed combustion chamber that draws in fresh air
from outdoors and discards all combustion by-products back outside.
38,000 BTU input/hour (NG)
Sealed combustion chamber
No additional venting required
Black exterior front (ships with fireplace)
Twilight™ II Optional Features
Limited Lifetime Warranty
The strongest in the industry, Heat & Glo guarantees protection for all
gas units, including a lifetime warranty on the most important aspects:
fiber logs, stainless steel burner, firebox and heat exchanger.
• Interior fronts in various finishes (required)
• Exterior fronts in Rust, Light Brick, Linden Green,
Dark Brick and Copper color options (optional, to
replace black standard exterior front)
• Mantels and surrounds
• Remote control
• Fan kit
• Wall switch kit
For complete information and valuable assistance on this
model, please contact us at:
20802 Kensington Boulevard, Lakeville, MN 55044
888-427-3973 952-985-6000
A brand of Hearth & Home Technologies Inc.
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