HiFiMAN RE-600 Owner`s Guide
HiFiMAN RE-600 Owner’s Guide
Thank you for purchasing the HiFiMAN RE-600, a high performance, in-ear
headphone designed to provide excellent sound quality and comfort while on
the go. Years of painstaking research went into the design and engineering of
your RE-600s to provide you with many hours of trouble-free enjoyment.
HiFiMAN is one of the leading brands of high quality headphones, amplifiers
and portable music players in the world.
Product Overview
The RE-600 can be used with most portable music devices (such as a
smartphone) by using the standard mini-stereo plug. It can also be used in hifi
systems by using the supplied adapter which quickly converts the plug into a
standard ¼ ” headphone jack. The multiple flanges supplied help provide
exceptional comfort even when listening for extended periods.
Please note that the earphone comes with a 4-pin balanced output jack
(designed for HM-901). Use the supplied adapter to listening to the earphone
on normal output music devices, such as a smartphone.
Care and Maintenance
Following a few simple tips can add to your listening enjoyment and lifespan of
your earphones.
We recommend always keeping your earphones in the supplied pouch
Never remove the earphones by pulling on the cable. This may cause
damage to the cable and is not covered by warranty
Avoid hard impacts to your earphones or extreme temperatures.
Key Features & Specifications
Titanium coated 8.5mm drivers custom designed by HiFiMAN
Compact size utilizing powerful Neodymium magnets
Composite cable (Patent pending)
Advanced ergonomics for comfort and extended listening
Stylish design and light weight
3.5mm mini plug
Mini adapter for regular earphone jack
Frequency Response: 15Hz-22KHz
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW
Weight: 0.48Oz (13.7g)
Package Contents
(1) 4-pin Balanced to 3-pin Normal Adapter
(2) Pair Bi-flange (small)
(2) Pair Bi-flange (large)
(2) Pair Mono-flange (small)
(1) Pair Comply Tips(Medium)
(1) Pair Comply Tips(Large)
(10) Filters
(1) Cable Management System
(1) Earphone Carry Pouch
How to wear
Before using your earphones, make sure the volume is down on your device. There will be
a small (R) and (L) on the black stress relief of the earphones denoting the right and left.
Place earphone in your canal and using a gentle twisting motion push into your ear canal
until you get a secure fit. The cable should exit straight down (fig. 1). You may have to try
different size ear tips to get the correct fit and level of comfort.
If you desire to wear the cable in the “over the ear” style (fig. 2), follow the steps above,
but the cable should exit to the top at a slight angle. You may need to adjust the angle to
get the right level of comfort and secure fit.
1. Please do not wear earphones while operating any type of vehicle.
2. Use caution when using headphones while walking, jogging, cycling, etc.
3. Listening at sustained high volumes may cause permanent damage to your
hearing. Always listen at a lower volume.
HiFiMAN warrants this product to be free of defects in material or workmanship
for a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase. If your
product is found to be defective during the warranty period, HiFiMAN will, at its
sole option, either repair the product or replace the product with a new or
factory reconditioned or substantially equivalent model. This limited warranty
does not apply to any defects attributable to damage beyond the reasonable
control of HiFiMAN including damage caused by abuse, misuse, misapplication
or modifications performed by anyone other than HiFiMAN.
Warranty repairs
If it is necessary to return your product to HiFiMAN for warranty or
post-warranty service, please contact our customer service team to obtain an
RA#. Return shipping to HiFiMAN or an authorized service facility is at the
responsibility of the owener.
Please make sure to include a detailed description of the problem, the address
we need to return your product to, your full name, phone number, email
address and a copy of your purchase receipt.
For any further information or questions, please contact your authorized
Web: hifiman.com
Phone: 1-201-HIFIMAN(443-4626)
email: service@hifiman.cn
shipping: 143 Rickey Blvd ATTN 485, Bear, DE 19701 USA
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