Water Boy Stage 3 v1.1 - ATS Diesel Performance

Water Boy Stage 3 v1.1 - ATS Diesel Performance
1000-102-930 - INST
Installation Manual v1.1:
ATS Water Boy Stage 3 Kit
Please read all instructions before installation.
Stage 3 Kit Includes:
Solenoid (3)
Solenoid mounting base
Solenoid mounting screws (6)
Nozzles (1- "A" and 3- "B")
1/4" PushLok - nozzle fitting
3/8" PushLok - 1/8" NPT fitting (3)
1/4" PushLok - 1/8" NPT fitting (3)
3-Way 3/8" PushLok® splitter
9. 3/8" line 20'
10. 1/4" line 10'
11. Electronic control box (pre-set)
12. Wire harness
13. Fuse holder (2)
14. 30A Fuse
15. 15A Fuse
16. Pyrometer Probe
17. Boost line
18. Boost line clamp (4)
19. Boost line fitting for manifold
20. Boost line "T"
21. Red 14 AWG wire for pump and
relay power supply 12'
22. Tank with bulkhead fitting
23. Relay (2)
24. Pump (Pre-adjusted)
25. 3/8" PushLok - 3/8" NPT fitting (2)
26. L.E.D. Sleeve
27. Power switch
28. Spade connectors for switch (3)
29. Wire for switch ground-Black 4'
30. Wire for 12V key-on wire-Pink 4'
31. Eye connectors for ground/power
wires (4)-different sizes
32. Self-tapping screw for grounding
pump to frame
33. Butt connectors (non-insulated)
34. Shrink wrap
35. Solder
1000-102-930 - INST
NOTE: You will need a 1/8" x 27 NPT (National Pipe Thread) tap and a 21/64"
drill bit to perform this installation.
Please read all instructions before starting. If installing this system for a
customer, pass this manual along to them. There is a troubleshooting section at
the end.
WARNING: The ATS Water Boy is designed for water injection to control
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT). It is not to be used for water/methanol
injection (mixtures of water with windshield washer fluid). Using
water/methanol, or any other mixture of water with combustible fluids, can
harm your vehicle's motor and the Water Boy components. Testing done by
ATS Diesel showed that injecting water/methanol causes a dangerous spike in
cylinder pressures. You can make more (and safer) power by adding fuel
through more aggressive E-Power Tuning and/or ATS Injectors/Fuel Systems
than you can by using water/methanol injection. The Water Boy can control the
increased EGT that would result from adding fuel.
How the Water Boy Works
This kit is designed to progressively inject three stages of water. When the
system is armed with the power switch, the LED will be green. The first stage
activates when the EGT probe senses a temperature above the setting chosen
on the electronics box. A smaller "A" nozzle should be used for stage one if you
are using more than one size nozzle. When stage one is active, the LED will be
yellow. The second stage will activate when the EGT probe senses a
temperature above the setting for level two, AND approximately 10 psi of boost
or more (or 25 psi if the pink wire is not connected-See section below on Boost
Level Setting). The LED will change to Orange when Stage 2 is active (during
stage 2, the stage 1 nozzle will also be active). The third stage will activate when
the EGT probe senses a temperature above the boxes setting AND the boost
sensor measures approximately 15 psi (or 30-see Boost Level Setting section) of
boost or more. During stage 3, all three nozzles will be active and the LED will
be Red.
Boost Level Setting
In the Water Boy wiring harness, you will notice a purple wire. If you connect this
wire to a good ground the boost settings will be approximately 10 psi for stage 2
and 15 psi for stage 3. If this wire is not connected the boost setting will be
approximately 25 psi for stage 2 and 30 psi for stage 3. The harness is
assembled at ATS with the purple wire connected to ground. If the higher boost
levels are desired, then cut the purple wire. Choose the boost settings to suit
1000-102-930 - INST
your vehicle’s performance. If the vehicle produces less than 35 psi of boost,
then use the lower settings.
Adjusting the Water Boy
The EGT settings at which each stage will activate can be adjusted to dial in the
Water Boy response to fit your needs and driving style. There are three small
Phillips head screws on the electronics board. Turning the screw counterclockwise will increase the temperature. Adjust the screws so that they will
activate progressively (stage one will be the lowest of the three temperatures).
Four nozzles are included with the kit, 1 "A" nozzle (smaller) and 3 "B" nozzles
(larger). ATS recommends that an "A" nozzle for Stage 1 and "B" nozzles for
Stages 2 and 3. If more cooling is required from Stage 1, replace the "A" nozzle
with a "B" nozzle. If more cooling is required after adding the “B” nozzle and
adjusting the 3 stages with the EGT settings, you can get "C" and "D" nozzles
from ATS, however these are used on highly modified vehicles and require
precise EGT settings. Using 3 "B" nozzles with proper EGT settings will
effectively cool most applications.
NOTE: Solder and shrink-wrap all electrical connections (especially for all
connections made outside of the cab) for the most reliable results.
NOTE: When making the PushLok® connections with the 3/8" and 1/4" plastic
line, push the line in firmly and make sure the plastic line is pushed in all of the
way (it will go in approximately 1/2" to 3/4" into the fitting).
1. Disconnect the (-) negative terminal from the battery(s).
2. Mount the Water Boy electronics box in a convenient location in the
engine compartment. Try mounting it such that the adjustment screws
can be accessed with a screwdriver.
3. Drill a 21/64" hole in your exhaust manifold and tap it to 1/8" x 27 NPT
(National Pipe Thread).
4. Install the 1/8" NPT fitting supplied with the pyrometer probe.
5. Install the pyrometer probe into the NPT fitting.
7. Connect the Pyrometer leads to the electronics box screw terminals as
labeled (“R” - Red, “W” – White, “Y” – Yellow)
8. Plug in the supplied wiring harness to the electronics box.
9. Find a suitable location for the L.E.D. such as the dash or a gauge pillar.
1000-102-930 - INST
10. Drill a hole just large enough to fit the plastic sleeve through and push the
LED through to secure it.
11. Find a suitable location for the supplied power switch and install it.
12. Feed the four-wire group (Red, Black, Yellow, Blue) extending from the
Water Boy harness through a rubber grommet in the firewall into the cab.
13. Connect the Red wire of the four-wire group to the center terminal of the
switch with a spade connector.
14. Connect the remaining three wires of the four-wire group to the L.E.D.
color for color.
15. Connect the supplied Black wire to the brass-colored terminal of the
switch with the spade connector. Connect the other end of the black wire
to a good ground under the dash.
16. Connect the supplied Pink wire to the remaining switch terminal and
attach it to a 12V source under the dash that is only energized when the
key is turned on. Use a voltmeter to find a suitable wire.
17. At a convenient location under the dash, cut the Pink wire from the switch
to 12V key-on power and install the supplied fuse connector in-line. Use
the supplied 15A fuse.
18. Find suitable locations for both the pump and tank. Depending on the size
of the tank and the vehicle make, a spot under the hood might be hard to
find; otherwise mount the tank in the bed and the pump on the frame rail.
Mount the tank above the pump so that gravity will feed the pump (this will
help eliminate "air-locking" of the pump). If the tank will be mounted in the
bed, mount it on the same side as the intake manifold (Cummins- Driver’s
side, Duramax-Passenger’s side). This will make it easier to route the
plastic line.
Figure 1: Tank mounted in the front-passenger side corner of the bed and
the pump mounted below on a support (Duramax)
1000-102-930 - INST
19. Attach the Black wire from the pump to a chassis ground.
20. Extending from the Water Boy harness, a blue wire and a white wire are
spliced into a Red wire. Connect this Red wire to the Red wire on the
21. Mount the solenoid and relay assembly as near as practical to the intake
22. Connect the Yellow wire of the top relay to the positive terminal on the
battery. Cut the Yellow wire and insert the supplied fuse holder in a
convenient location somewhere inline with the wire. Use the holder
provided and a 15A fuse.
23. Connect the Yellow wire of the bottom relay to the positive terminal on
the battery. Cut the Yellow wire and insert the supplied fuse holder in a
convenient location somewhere inline with the wire. Use the holder
provided and the 30A fuse.
24. Connect the group of Black wires to a good ground using the attached
connector ring. Note: If you have a Dodge with an ATS Arc-Flow, it is pretapped for these nozzles and boost line fitting. Skip steps that drill and tap
the manifold, but you must follow the step regarding the boost line.
25. Remove the Intake manifold from the vehicle.
26. Drill three (3) 21/64" holes in the manifold in positions that are properly
spaced. Keep in mind that the nozzles and the supply lines will extend out
from the manifold a good distance. Place the manifold on the engine to
"mock-up" the nozzles to make sure you have clearance in the
positions you choose before drilling.
Figure 2: A drilled and tapped intake manifold for an LLY Duramax
1000-102-930 - INST
Figure 3: Ford 6.0L manifold
27. Tap the holes to 1/8" x 27 NPT
28. Install 1/8" PushLok® fittings on the end of the water nozzles. Use thread
sealing tape, or equivalent.
29. Install the nozzles, make note of the size and position, if you are using
more than one size. Use thread sealing tape, or equivalent on the nozzle
30. The Water Boy electronics require a boost signal. If your truck already
has a boost line that uses a soft 1/8" line that is compatible with the
supplied 1/8" barbed connectors, then splice the existing line. Connect the
supplied tubing from the “T” to the boost port on the Water Boy
If your truck does not have a boost line that is of the same style, drill and
tap the manifold using the 21/64” drill bit and 1/8” NPT tap. Make sure
there is clearance for the fitting before drilling. Connect the supplied
tubing from the fitting to the electronics board.
31. Clean out all shavings and debris from the intake manifold. Reinstall the
manifold on to the engine (do not forget to remove all of the rags that were
inserted into the intercooler pipe and engine to keep debris out).
32. Using the supplied 1/4" plastic line, connect the solenoids to the nozzles
(make sure the stage one solenoid connects to a smaller nozzle if you are
using multiple sizes). The solenoids are labeled 1, 2, 3.
33. Run 3/8" line from the 3-way splitter to the pump.
34. Run 3/8" line from the pump to the tank.
35. Fill the tank, check for leaks.
36. Reconnect the battery(s).
1000-102-930 - INST
37. Test-drive it with the system armed. The LED will be green when armed,
yellow during stage 1, orange during stage 2, and red during stage 3.
38. In a safe place, drive the vehicle such that you go through all three Water
Boy stages. Check for leaks, and adjust the EGT settings on the
electronics box to dial in to your driving style and vehicle performance.
1000-102-930 - INST
Troubleshooting the Water Boy
The LED will not change from green and no stages are activating despite
the EGT reaching the setting for stage 1
The electronics box is not receiving the EGT signal. Make sure the pyrometer
wires are securely attached to the electronics board and that they are in the
proper ports. If the problem persists, double-check the wire connections that go
to the electronics board.
The LED goes through all stages, but it is not injecting water
Check the water level in the tank! The Water Boy will use a lot of water when
adjusted to aggressively control EGT. Make sure the tank is mounted above the
pump to help eliminate air-locking of the system. Check to make sure the pump
is properly grounded and that the wiring is correct. Check the fuse that is inline
with the relay's yellow wire.
The system goes to stage 1, but will not go to stage 2 or 3
Stages 2 and 3 are boost dependent. The electronics box must see
approximately 10 psi and the set EGT level to activate stage 2, and
approximately 15 psi and the set EGT level to activate stage 3. If your vehicle is
meeting both boost and EGT requirements and still not activating, check to make
sure both ends of the boost line are securely attached and that the line is not
The LED won't come on when the power is turned on
Check the black wire coming from the LED, is it properly grounded? Check the
fuse that is inline with the electronic box's red wire.
Have Any Questions?
Thank you for purchasing the Stage 3 Water Boy Kit. Please check our website at
http://www.atsdiesel.com for technical support and other performance products such as
the 5-Star™ torque converter, ATS High Performance Valve Body and ATS High
Performance Transmission along with our full line of power enhancers. Please call or email our Technical Service Department, 8:00am to 5:30pm Mountain Standard Time,
Monday through Friday.
Contact Information
Toll Free: 800-949-6002
Local: 303-431-7973
Fax: 303-431-01135
Website: www.ATSDiesel.com
Email: info@ATSDiesel.com
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