Quick Clean Kit - Mitsubishi Electric

Quick Clean Kit - Mitsubishi Electric
Quick Clean Kit
Cleaning your heat pump regularly
ensures optimum operation efficiency
and reduces unnecessary power
consumption. We recommend cleaning
your heat pump as often as every
two weeks in order to utilise its full
performance. To ensure your heat pump
works as efficiently as possible use this
easy to follow guide along with your
Quick Clean Kit. For more tips on using
your heat pump visit us online.
About cleaning
your heat pump
• Before cleaning your heat
pump, switch it off to
ensure safety. See back
page for further information.
• Once inside, be careful not
to touch the metal coil/fins
with your hands.
• Use only diluted mild
• Do not use benzene,
thinner, polishing powder,
or insecticide.
• Do not expose parts to
direct sunlight, heat, or fire.
Cleaning the
front panel
Connecting the
quick clean kit
• Lift the front panel until a
“click” is heard.
• Insert the end of the
connection hose into
one of the special-made
brushes. Use the large
brush connection for overall
cleaning and use the small
brush connection to access
narrow spaces.
• Hold the hinges and pull to
remove as shown above.
»» Wipe with a soft dry cloth
or rinse it with water.
»» Do not soak it in water for
more than two hours.
»» Do not use water over 50°C
»» Dry with a soft dry cloth.
• When finished cleaning, refit the front panel into hinges.
»» A click will be heard
when pushing front panel
back down into place.
• While twisting the
connection hose, insert it
securely into the vacuum
cleaner tube. Use the
universal adapter
if necessary.
Large Brush
Universal Adapter
Small Brush
Connection Hose
Cleaning the
air filter
Cleaning the
heat exchanger
• If the heat pump has been
cooling, it may be wet from
condensation. This will
make it difficult to vacuum.
For best results, clean only
after the unit has been off
for at least 5 hours.
• With the front panel open,
remove the air filter to
expose the heat exchanger
(as shown above).
• Remove air cleaning filters
• Remove dirt from air filters
with the small brush, or
rinse with water (no hotter
than 50°C).
• Use a soft dry cloth or place
in shade to dry.
• Do not touch the heat
exchanger with your bare
hands; injury may result.
Wear a pair of gloves.
• With the air filters removed,
clean the heat exchanger
vertically, moving the large
brush up and down the
fins of the heat exchanger.
The heat exchanger may
be damaged if it is cleaned
• Use the small brush
connection to clean the hard
to reach, narrow spaces
such as the top and bottom
of the heat exchanger.
Our Heat Pump
Quick Clean Kit
is an effective
tool, with brush
attachments to
fit your vacuum
cleaner so the
‘hard to get’
places can easily
be reached.
Cleaning the air
cleaning filter
• Remove dirt with a
vacuum cleaner.
• When dirt cannot be
removed by vacuuming,
soak the filter and its
frame in lukewarm water
before gently washing and
rinsing it.
• After washing, dry the air
cleaning filter well with a soft
dry cloth or in the shade.
• Click the air cleaning filter
back into place.
Replace the air cleaning filter
for best performance. Refer to your product manual for
further information.
Cleaning the fan
• The following instructions
relate to Mitsubishi Electric
models fitted with a Quick
Clean Body, which allows
the fan to be easily accessed
(e.g. the MSZ-GE series).
For specific instructions
on how to clean your heat
pump’s fan, please consult
your instruction manual.
• Turn the horizontal
vanes downward.
To remove, unlock
by sliding both tabs
to the right.
• Swing out the two
vertical vanes one
by one, as shown.
Clean the air outlet with
a soft dry cloth.
• Using the quick clean kit,
clean the fan horizontally,
moving the brush along the
blades of the fan.
• Put the vertical vanes back
to their original positions
correctly one by one, into
their respective guides, until
they click into place
• Install the horizontal vane
by following the removal
procedure in reverse.
(If the horizontal vane is not
installed correctly, all LED
lamps blink when power is
turned on)
NOTE: Do not apply
excessive force to the fan
or fan guard.
• Before cleaning your heat pump, switch it off to ensure safety. The main power isolation switch is generally found at the
outdoor unit, if you are having trouble locating this switch please call your local heat pump service company for instructions.
• Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with overload protection devices, which might activate if the airflow through the
vacuum cleaner hose is restricted. In that case, use the lowest power setting available.
• If the special-made brushes become dirty, wash them with water and let them dry completely out of direct sunlight.
• When cleaning the heat pump, do not stand on an unstable bench or chair. This may cause an injury if you fall down.
• Please refer to the operating instructions of your heat pump for more information.
• Under no circumstances should you apply water to any of the inner workings of a heat pump.
To purchase additional parts such as filters for your Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps
please visit our online store: www.mitsubishi-electric.co.nz/shop
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