Configuring APN on Huawei E160 G

Configuring APN on Huawei E160 G
Configuring APN on Huawei E160 G
Click on Settings then click on Advanced Setting
Click on Profiles in advanced settings
Click on Connections
Click on ADD
Enter Profile name in Connection name box
Click on Properties to enter the APN name
Enter the APN name and click on OK at the bottom of the screen.
Click OK again
Once you click OK you will be back on connections screen Select “Add to Profile” tab
Highlight the Profile name shown in the box and click on properties.
Select The name in Available Connections & then click on ( < ) to transfer the new profile in the left
Once we have the new profile in the left pane click on “UP” and the profile will be set as default as shown
and click on OK.
Then select the profile name in the list & click on “SET ACTIVE” and click on OK.
click on OK again
You will be back on the advanced settings screen click on ( X ) on top right to close the screen
Now ask the cust to click on connect…
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