Login instructions for Access Card

Login instructions for Access Card
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Login instructions
For your online services with
UBS KeyLink
High security through advanced
PIN change
The combination of the Access Card and card reader provides effective protection for
the access to UBS Online Services and therewith your personal data. Take a minute to
familiarize yourself with the functions of the card reader.
Set your own personal identification number (PIN)
You must change your initial PIN when first using your Access Card.
Your personal access tools
• UBS KeyLink User Identification
• Active Access Card
• Card reader
• Personal Identification Number (PIN) for
your active Access Card
• Backup Access Card
• PIN for your Backup Access Card
Your security benefits
UBS Online Services clients enjoy the benefit
of high security standards:
• Your access data is protected on your
Access Card and cannot be copied.
• Your data is transmitted in encrypted
Access Card
1. Activate the card reader by inserting the
Access Card.
2. Enter your initial PIN and press
OK .
3. Enter a new four to eleven-digit PIN and
press OK .
Card reader
Security note: The PIN should not be easy to guess and should not contain personal data such as your telephone number or birthdate.
4. Reenter your PIN and press
OK .
5. The new PIN is valid immediately.
With the help of the card reader you can
modify your PIN at any time by pressing
DEL / MENU after inserting the Access Card.
Important notes:
• The Access Card is blocked after three incorrect PIN entries.
Please call the UBS KeyLink Helpline for assistance.
Access to your online services with
UBS KeyLink
Usage of your Backup Access Card
Login (self-authorization)
To access the UBS KeyLink Login screen, please visit: www.ubs.com/keylink
Under “KeyLink Login with Access Card” select either
– the “Switzerland” option or
– the “International” option for all other regions
The Backup Access Card offers you an immediate solution to resume access to
UBS KeyLink should your active Access Card be blocked, damaged or lost.
1. Activate the card reader by inserting
the Access Card.
• If you have entered your PIN incorrectly three times in a row, your active Access Card
for UBS KeyLink will be blocked
• When your active Access Card is damaged or lost
2. Enter your PIN and press
OK .
3. Enter your UBS KeyLink “User Identification” on the Login page and click
4. Enter the six digit code displayed on the
Login page, into the card reader and
press OK .
The following incidents require the use and activation of your Backup Access
Card. To do this, please call your local KeyLink Helpline number:
Important to note
• With the activation of your Backup Access Card, this will in effect become your new
active Access Card. A replacement Backup Access Card and a corresponding PIN
will be sent to you automatically, ensuring that you always have a Backup Access Card
It is essential that you pair your Backup Access Card correctly with your PIN
for your Backup Access Card
• For security reasons, it is not possible to use both your active and Backup Access Cards
alternately or in tandem
• If both Access Cards are either blocked, damaged or lost, access to UBS KeyLink will be
interrupted and requires you to order a new Access Card by calling your local KeyLink
Helpline number
• The card reader is transferable and when required, a replacement card reader can be
ordered by contacting our UBS KeyLink support team
Security note: The login number
displayed by UBS always has six digits.
Should this number have fewer digits,
contact Support immediately.
5. Enter the eight-digit code from the card
reader on the Login page and click
Please exercise caution when entering
the letter “O” and the number zero
“Ø” into the “Code” field on the login
How to manage your Screen Unlock
password to unlock UBS KeyLink
Further information
To offer you a secure electronic banking service, UBS KeyLink will automatically lock the
application after a few minutes of idle time.
The UBS KeyLink support team will be
happy to answer any questions you may
have regarding the login procedure for
UBS KeyLink.
1. Define a new Screen Unlock Password
When you use the Access Card for UBS KeyLink for the
first time and your session remains idle for some time
a “Locked” window appears. You will need to define
and set a new password which you will be able to use
for future occurrences.
Waste disposal
Card readers that are no longer needed or
are defective may be handed in at any
UBS branch to ensure environment friendly
UBS KeyLink Helpline numbers
+65-6495 8740
When the “Unlock UBS KeyLink” window appears,
• Press “Reset Password”
• The Access Card login process will repeat itself in
order to complete the password reset process
• Enter your new password in the “New password”
field. Please ensure that your new password
complies with our password policy referenced in this
“Change unlock password” window
• Confirm the new password in the “Confirm new
password” field and press the “OK” tab
Europe, Middle East, Africa:
+41-44-239 06 07
2. Unlock screen
All subsequent idle sessions will trigger this “Unlock
UBS KeyLink” window.
• To unlock the screen, enter the “Password” which
you defined in the step above into the “section”
field and then select the “Unlock” tab
For optimal protection, it is important to
protect your own computer as well.
UBS advises following the security recommendations published on the Internet.
+1-203-719 3800
Security notes
For your protection, use the Access Card
exclusively in combination with the card
reader sent to you.
www.ubs.com/online  Security
 Behavior
3. Reset password
In the event that you have forgotten your password,
UBS KeyLink offers you easy access to simply reset your
password online at any time. There is no need to call
the UBS KeyLink Helpline.
• Select the “Reset Password” tab and follow the
instructions referenced in the “Define a new screen
unlock password” section
Please note, you are only able to reset your password from the “Unlock screen” window.
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