Caddy™ Tig 2200i AC/DC, TA 33/34

Caddy™ Tig 2200i AC/DC, TA 33/34
Caddy™ Tig 2200i AC/DC
For the craftsmen and a wide range of repair and
maintenance applications
The Caddy™ is already a classic power source
in the mobile welding equipment field. With the
introduction of the Caddy™ Tig 2200i AC/DC
series (TA33 and TA34) and a full range of
accessories, you will find the optimal solution
for a wide range of TIG welding applications.
Designed for high quality TIG-welding
In both DC and AC mode this TIG welding machine
will give an excellent arc strike and consistent,
stable arc. All types of material and thickness up to
5 mm can be welded with the highest quality.
AC welding with QWave™
One of the most important tasks of an AC TIG
machine is to provide a stable arc. The Tig 2200i
has the QWave™ function which optimises the AC
wave form to give a smooth arc and at the same
time the lowest possible noise without compromising
the weld result.
This machine also has True AC rating where set
current is always equal to the true current.
Easy to use
Two alternative control panels are available.
Both have all the necessary functions for TIG DC,
AC/DC and MMA welding, all presented in an easy
to understand layout.
The control panel Caddy™ TA34 AC/DC is the
panel with the advanced functionality. AC Balance
is the setting to control arc cleaning and penetration
and AC Frequency setting is to control arc width.
It also has a setting to control Electrode preheating
with a possibility to have different shapes of the
electrode and at the same time provide better starts
with an extended life time of the electrode.
The control panel Caddy™ TA33 is the easy way to
weld AC TIG. You only need to set the plate
thickness, and the machine will control the rest,
allowing you to produce a quality AC TIG weld.
• Repair and maintenance
• General light fabrication and civil construction
• Process industry
• Shipbuilding and offshore
• Transport and mobile machinery
Voltage Reduction Device - VRD
In some areas a voltage reduction device, or VRD, is
required. VRD is a safety function for MMA that limits the
open circuit voltage from the machine to 24 V. Both
control panels are prepared for VRD and the function can
easily be activated inside the power source.
Designed to be portable
Working to tight deadlines in a tough industrial
environment, you can do without those extra kilos. So our
new Caddy™ has shed weight. Lighter, corrosion-free
and smoothly rounded (no sharp corners!), the new highdurability housing will lighten your task.
• Designed for quality TIG-welding in all types of
• Easy to use - all welding parameters presented in an
easy to understand layout.
• QWave™- enables AC welding with high arc stability
and low noise.
• AC frequency and balance control - optimises weld
• Electrode preheating – excellent start and extended
electrode life time
• ESAB 2-program function - possibility to preprogram and change program during actual welding.
• DC Pulsed TIG welding - easy control of heat input
and the weld pool.
• DC Micro Pulse – minimize heat effected zone
especially on thin sheets
• True MMA welding characteristics in AC and DC
mode - Hot start, Arc force, and polarity switch (DC)
Technical data
Tig 2200i AC/DC
230/1 50/60 Hz
3 x 1.5
54-64 V
IP 23
MMC panels :
Slope up, sec
Slope down, sec
Gas post-flow, sec
Pulse frequency DC, sec
Frequency AC, Hz
AC balance, %
Plate thickness ,mm
Caddy™ Tig 2200i AC/DC
For industrial use and for
advanced repair and
maintenance with water cooler
2.3 bar
Quality accessories for the quality welder
ESAB offers a wide range of accessories. The complete range,
along with product information, is available at our local web-sites,
look at or contact your local ESAB dealer.
Unrivalled service and support
Our commitment and ability to deliver the expected service and
support starts immediately after the order is confirmed. We
endeavour to offer our customers an After Sales service, which
is second to non. A strong and skilful service organisation is
prepared to offer service and maintenance, calibration,
validation and upgrading of equipment and software.
The service organisation will offer standardised solutions for
the reconditioning or modification of existing products.
Spare and wear parts are manufactured according to ESAB’s
quality plan. Exchange Printed Circuit Board (PCB), exchange
modules and components are available for all our products in
order to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. ESAB is
continuously upgrading authorised service partners for local
service support. Customers who have their own service and
maintenance personnel will always be offered a service-training
package as part of a total ESAB offering. However, product
and process training for end-users will form an additional part
of the ESAB offering. Always ask your ESAB sales
representative or distributor for a complete ESAB solution.
Ordering information
Caddy™ Tig 2200i AC/DC, TA33 AC/DC
TXH™ 200 Tig Torch 4m MMA Kit, package
0460 150 882
Caddy™ Tig 2200i AC/DC, TA34 AC/DC
TXH™ 200 Tig Torch 4m MMA Kit, package
0460 150 883
Caddy™ Tig 2200i AC/DC, TA33 AC/DC
TXH™ 200 Tig Torch 4m MMA Kit, *AUS package
0460 150 885
Caddy™ Tig 2200i AC/DC, TA34 AC/DC
TXH™ 200 Tig Torch 4m MMA Kit ,*AUS package
0460 150 886
Cooling unit, CoolMini
Trolley 2 wheel small gas bottle
Trolley 2 wheel, gas bottle beside of machine
0460 144 880
0459 366 885
0460 330 880
Remote control AT 1 CAN
Remote control AT 1 CoarseFine CAN
Remote control T1 Foot CAN
0459 491 883
0459 491 884
0460 315 880
Remote interconnection cables:
5 m CAN
10 m CAN
15 m CAN
25 m CAN
0459 554 880
0459 554 881
0459 554 882
0459 554 883
TIG torches:
TXH™ 200 4m
TXH™ 200 8m
TXH™ 250w 4m
TXH™ 250w 8m
TXH™ 200r 4m
TXH™ 250wr 4m
Remote adapter kit incl. holder for remote versions
0460 012 840
0460 012 880
0460 013 840
0460 013 880
0462 012 840
0462 013 840
0459 491 912
All delivery content: 3 m of mains cable, 2 m of gas hose with 2
hose clamps, Return cable 4.5 m
In most instances, a gas regulator is also required.
*AUS version is fitted with Australia mains Plug
ESAB Asia/Pacific Pte Ltd
38 Joo Koon Circle, Jurong
Singapore 620063
Phone: +65 6861 4322 Fax +65 6 861 3195
01-03-2009 / ESAB reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice
Setting range TIG AC/DC
Setting range MMA
Mains supply, V/Ph
Fuse (slow), A
Mains cable, Ø mm2
Maximum output
at 20% duty cycle, TIG , A/V
at 60% duty cycle, TIG, A/V
at 100% duty cycle, TIG, A/V
Open circuit voltage, V DC
Power factor at 100% , at TIG mode
Efficiency at 100%, at TIG mode, %
Enclosure class
External dimensions mm, lxwxh
Weight, kg
Water cooling unit CoolMini :
Coolant volume, l
Max flow, l/min
Max pressure, 50/60 Hz bar
Weight, kg
External dimension, mm l x w x h
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