PDF with Images and Specifications

PDF with Images and Specifications
Optical Microscopy 11
TAAB Stereo Microscopes
Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Zoom
A Japanese made high quality stereo with LED illumination. Excellent value for money.
Binocular zoom body with precision optics giving high resolution and an
excellent image
Rugged all metal body designed for a lifetime of performance
Zoom range 0.7x to 4.5x = 7x to 45x with standard 10x eyepieces
Zoom ration 6.5:1
Ergonomically positioned bilateral zoom controls
Binocular eyetubes inclined at 45°for fatigue-free viewing
Dual dioptric adjustment (± 5 dioptres) allows specimen to remain in focus
throughout zoom range
Interpupillary adjustment from 54mm to 75mm
Binocular body can be rotated 360° and locked in any position
Standard working distance 93mm
PKL LED stand as shown above with incident and transmitted light giving bright
long life illumination
Incorporates voltage sensing power supply
EMZ-5 on pole stand
Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Zoom with LED illumination on pole stand
Meiji EMZ-5TR Stereo Zoom with Trinocular Head
Necessary accessories for M096
Camera attachment to fit 25mm Ø trinoc tube of M096. Consists of
camera tube and detachable clamp. Needs T2 adapter ring (available
for Canon, Contax/Yashica, Konica, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax,
Praktika (bayonet)
2.5x photoeyepiece - matches field of 10x eyepiece
Camera field framing graticule for focusing SWF 10x eyepiece
CCTV adapter to fit phototube of M096. Consists of a shortened
phototube to replace standard item and an adjustable ‘C’ mount
Digital cameras are available for this microscope
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