Where To Buy Authentic Tractor Decals Air Filter “Blaster” Pays For

Where To Buy Authentic Tractor Decals Air Filter “Blaster” Pays For
Money-Saving Repairs & Maintenance Shortcuts
slams. I’m sure it also causes premature wear
in the gearbox. I’m told this is a common
problem on Deere Gators.
“To solve the problem, Barry made a brake
that stops the gearbox belt from turning while
shifting gears. The brake consists of a metal
bracket with a brake lever on it. The lever
bolts on under the Gator’s front seat and is
connected to a cable that goes back to a brake
pedal off a bike. Pulling on the lever causes
the brake pedal to push up against the belt
drive and stop it as I shift into gear.
“When I’m done shifting gears I let up on
the lever and away I go. Very simple.”
Pete Captein, Ontario, Ore.: “I was never
able to justify the cost of a big shop press
so I built my own. It’s about 14 ft. high, 10
ft. wide and is made from 10-in. H-beams.
It sets on a 6-ft. wide base. The 8-in. dia.
cylinder is off an old Michigan payloader
and is made so I can roll back and forth on
the table, anywhere I want. It can handle very
big jobs.
“The payloader’s other cylinder is mounted
off to the side where I use it to pull things
apart. It hangs from a steel beam near the
shop’s ceiling. I’ve used it to pull a pto apart,
to straighten out a silage truck’s door, and
to straighten a bent T-ring on snap-on dual
“Both cylinders are powered by a 10 hp
electric hydraulic power unit with two control
valves, one for the main pressing cylinder and
one for the pulling cylinder.
“A commercial shop press of comparable
capacity sells for $20,000 or more. I spent
less than $1,000.”
Mike Marshall, Orchard Park, N.Y.: “I
injured my shoulder while lifting a full-size
battery overhead to install in a Thermo King
reefer unit on a semi trailer. I made up this lift
jack using piping and an old car bumper jack.
It works well and is easy on my shoulder.
I put it on wheels so I can roll it under a
Thermo King Super II reefer unit.”
Derrick Caisse, Chaplin, Conn.: “I coat
plow blades and discs with non-stick cooking
spray for winter storage. It costs less than
grease and is far less messy.
“I always seem to have problems with
bent watering wands. I’ve found that by
fitting a piece of 1/2-in. I.D. pvc pipe over
the aluminum shaft the wand will no longer
Myron Finch, 315 S. High St., Baxter,
Iowa 50028: “My 3-wheeled bicycle had
been outside for too long, which caused the
bike’s chrome wheel rims and fenders to
become rusty. Steel wool worked to clean
the rust but it was a slow process.
“To speed things up, I cut the point and
head off a 3 1/2-in. deck screw and placed it
into a 3/8-in. electric drill. Then I wound up
some steel wool around the screw. Using the
drill to clean the rust off this way works great,
especially around the wheel spokes. When I
got done I waxed the chrome with chrome
sealer that I bought at a hardware store.”
CrystaLenz, P.O. Box 159, Clarksburg,
Tenn. 38324 (ph 731 431-5278; www.
crystalenz.com): The headlight cleaning
kit produced by CrystaLenz is designed to
restore faded, yellowed headlights. It doesn’t
use power tools, therefore eliminating the risk
of burning and scratching the headlights.
Application is a 3-step process that
removes deep-set dirt and grime, and polishes
away scratches. Sells for $29.95 plus $5
Ken Hall, Purdy, Mo.: “The hand crank
to raise and lower the head on my milling
machine was difficult to move and to reach,
so I replaced it with a garage door opener
which I bought at a surplus store for $10.
I welded a 1-in., no. 40 chain sprocket to
the opener and a 4-in. sprocket to the mill.
The opener is reversible and is operated by
a 2-way switch. Now the head moves easily
both up and down.”
C.F. Marley, Nokomis, Ill.: “Recently we
had to dig a trench and install a new hydrant
in our yard. We
were concerned
that freezing and
thawing could
lift the hydrant,
causing the plastic
pipe that connects
to the base of the
hydrant to break.
So instead of
connecting plastic
pipe to the hydrant,
we substituted
a 3-ft. length
of galvanized
pipe, and then
connected the
plastic pipe to that.
The galvanized
pipe serves as an
anchor to prevent
the hydrant from
Air Filter “Blaster” Pays For Itself
This new air filter cleaner uses a blast of
air to instantly clean dirty canister-type
“The Air Filter Blaster is designed
to clean dirt from any canister-type air
filter,” says Dennis Grieve, Salmon
River Innovations, Salmon, Idaho. “It
lets you use your air compressor to blow
dust out of the filter. It’s not intended
to permanently replace the purchase of
new air filters. It’ll just make them last
as much as 20 times longer.”
The unit comes with a cone-shaped,
centrifugal force air induction chamber
that pressurizes the filter from the inside
out. To clean a filter, you hook up a
compressor to a fitting on the induction
chamber. The pressurized air creates a
vortex that causes a poly shaft with slots
in it to rotate. As the shaft rotates inside
the filter element, the pressurized air
coming out of the slots dislodges dirt and
dust from the filter.
“It has just one moving part and should
last a lifetime,” says Grieve. “The cone
on top of the unit fits filters of various
sizes and seals tight onto all of them.
The air filter can be cleaned several times
without applying more than 40 psi to the
filter element. It works a lot better than
damaging the filter by banging it on the
ground, or holding an air nozzle 1/4 in.
away from the filter, which can tear the
filter element.”
The Air Filter Blaster comes with a
duffel bag to store the unit, as well as
a 3-lb. portable air tank and additional
attachments. It sells for $249 plus S&H.
The company also sells a shop model for
$499 plus S&H.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup,
Salmon River Innovations, LLC,
Industrial Park – Airport Plaza no. 2,
Salmon, Idaho 83467 (ph 208 7568085; dgblasterman@gmail.com; www.
Air filter cleaner lets you use an air
compressor to blow dust out of any
canister-type filter.
Unit comes with a cone-shaped, centrifugal force air induction chamber that
pressurizes filter from the inside out.
Need a decal for your tractor? The Decal Store has more than 10,000 authentic
decals in stock.
Where To Buy Authentic Tractor Decals
If you’re looking for a decal for a gearshift
on an old “H” or the logo for a Rumely
steam engine, check out the Decal Store.
You can order on the internet or call the
store and talk to the owner, Karen Kackmeister, who says there are more than
10,000 decals in stock.
“We carry individual decals and sets,”
says Kackmeister. “You can order a set or
just the one you need. If we don’t have it
in stock, our suppliers probably have it.”
Pricing for decals varies by the set.
Kackmeister says having the model number, as well as the make and year, makes it
easier to locate a specific decal. However,
she is glad to help people find what they
need, even if it means extra research.
In addition to the standard current
and past tractor brands, Kackmeister
also carries lawn and garden decal sets,
including lesser-known brands like Shaw
Du-All, Mustang and Speedex. She also
carries decals for a range of gas engines
and implements.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The
Decal Store, 121 East 2nd St., Ainsworth,
Neb. 69210 (ph 402 382-3290; toll free
800 286-2171; jonsal@threeriverwb.net;
1-800-834-9665 • editor@farmshow.com • www.farmshow.com• vol. 34, no. 5 • FARM SHOW • 37
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