Sew Young, Sew Fun Kid`s Club at Ragtime

Sew Young, Sew Fun Kid`s Club at Ragtime
Sew Young, Sew Fun Kid’s Club at Ragtime
Project - Doll Bed Comforter and Pillow
Fee - $15 plus supplies
Day and Time
1 – 3:30 pm
- Saturday, April 13
Supplies Needed:
Fabric A: One 10” x 20” for center panel AND Two 2.5” x 5” pieces for pillow ends
Fabric B: Two 1.25” x 30” for contrast strip AND One 6.5” x 5” piece for pillow front
Two 4.5” x 10” pieces for pillow back
(These back pieces could also be a third coordinating fabric)
Fabric C: One 24” x 5” for bed skirt end
Two 21” x 5” for bed skirt sides
Coordinating thread
TWO 5” x 10” pieces for pillow insert
***We will provide these pieces and the fiberfill for the pillow.
To Do Ahead of Class:
General Notions
Straight Pins and cushion or box
Seam ripper
Measuring tape
Tote bag or basket
Sharp scissors
Pencil and notebook
Marking pen
*When purchasing fabrics, no stripes, plaids, or obvious diagonal prints should be purchased. Avoid purchasing silky
material (ex. satin, silk, taffeta, etc.) or stretch material (ex. Lycra, Spandex, etc.). These fabrics require advanced skill in
matching and sewing technique and are not suitable for beginning sewers. Cottons, cotton blends, denim, woven blends &
flannel are the easiest fabrics on which to learn to sew.
*Most fabric should be pre-shrunk and pressed before bringing to class. If you plan to wash the finished project after it is
made, wash the fabric before it is made.
*Students may use only new thread. Please purchase good quality threads. Generic thread and old thread are not allowed
in class, as they tend to be fuzzy, break easily and may cause damage to the sewing machines.
Please pay for class in person at Ragtime Fabrics. Class will be held unless the teacher must cancel due
to unexpected event. If a teacher must cancel a class, we will fully refund your prepaid fee. If you must
cancel, a full refund will be made in a store gift certificate. No refunds once the lesson has begun.
60 West Market Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
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