Smokehouse • Grill • Pie Shoppe
990 Mt. Kemble Ave.
Morristown, NJ 07960
The Country Mile Breakfast
Family Restaurant • Pie Shoppe • Est. 1962
Family Restaurant • Pie Shopp
breakfast is available until 11:30 am weekdays and 12:30 pm on weekends
egg whites or poached eggs add $1.50
upgrade hash browns to french fries or veggies $2
Breakfast Specials
Three Egg Omelettes
Minuteman 8.99
fresh AA eggs served with hash browns and toast
two eggs fried any style served with hash browns and toast
includes your choice of breakfast meat
Paul Revere 11.99
a warm white or whole wheat tortilla filled with scrambled eggs,
mexican cheese, creama, salsa & guacamole served with hash browns
The Breakfast Brigade 13.99
two eggs any style, one pancake, one slice of french toast,
hash browns and your choice of breakfast meat
Lafayette 7.99
two eggs fried any style served with hash browns and toast
Breakfast Sandwiches
Patriot 5.99
one fried egg with bacon or pork roll served on a kaiser roll with your
choice of cheese (sausage $1, bagel or english muffin $.50)
Pork Roll Sandwich 5.99
5 slices of pork roll served on a kaiser roll (add standard cheese $1)
Tommy’s Jersey Bomb 8.99
two eggs over hard, taylor ham, american cheese & hash browns served
on a kaiser roll
Breakfast Sides
Fried Egg 1.50
Bacon or Pork Roll 3.99
Sausage Links 4.99
Hash Browns 3.99
Corned Beef Hash 4.50
Short Stack of Pancakes 5.99
add $2 for blueberry, chocolate chip or banana nut
Short Stack of French Toast 5.99
Seasonal Fruit (when available) 2.99
Toasted Bagel (butter / cream cheese) 2.25 / 2.99
English Muffin (w/ butter) 2.25
Toast (w/ butter) 1.50
Veggie Omelette 9.99
mushrooms, onions and tomatoes
Western Omelette 9.99
diced ham, peppers and onions
Country Mile Omelette 13.99
bacon, sausage, ham and pork roll
Salsa Fresca Omelette 10.99
mexican cheese topped with house-made salsa and crema
Spinach & Feta Omelette 10.99
fresh baby spinach and crumbled feta cheese
Build Your Own Omelette 7.99
Meat: bacon, pork roll, ham, turkey, sausage or pulled pork (2 ea)
Cheese standard: american, cheddar, swiss (1 ea)
Cheese premium: fresh mozzarella, goat, port wine, pepper-jack,
crumbled bleu, muenster or feta (2 ea)
Veggies: onion, mushroom, tomato, spinach, broccoli, roasted peppers
or hot peppers (1 ea) advocado (2)
Buttermilk Pancakes & French Toast
Sweeten it up with warmed maple syrup or add a breakfast
meat for $2 each
George Washington 7.50
three fluffy buttermilk pancakes
Martha Washington 7.50
three slices of thin style french toast dusted with powered sugar
Alexander Hamilton 9.50
three buttermilk pancakes with your choice of blueberry, chocolate chip
or banana nut
Juice (small or large) 2.25 / 3.25
orange, apple or cranberry
Juice (can) 2.25
grapefruit or tomato
Fountain Sodas (free refill) 2.25
pepsi, diet pepsi, root beer, sierra mist or seltzer
Cold Drinks 2.25
lemonade, milk or chocolate milk
Coffee or Tea (hot or iced w/ refill) 2.25
Hot Chocolate 2.25
Espresso / Cappuccino 2.50 / 3.99
Old Fashioned Milk Shake 4.99
Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or coffee
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