AlarmWorX64 Multimedia Callout using TAPI Protocol

AlarmWorX64 Multimedia Callout using TAPI Protocol
AlarmWorX64 Multimedia
Callout using TAPI Protocol
September 2013
Description: Guide to configuring AlarmWorX64 Multimedia to
call out alarm messages using the TAPI protocol.
OS Requirement: Vista x64/ Windows 7 x64/ Windows 8 x64/
Windows Server 2008 x64/ Windows Server 2008 R2 x64/
Windows Server 2012.
General Requirement: AlarmWorX64 Multimedia version 10.8
and a TAPI-compliant Voice Modem.
a Dialogic card is not available, but the Dialogic card is the
ICONICS preferred solution for call-out.
TAPI Agent Installation
During your AlarmWorX64 Multimedia installation, the software
tries to find drivers for a Dialogic card. If the software does not
find such hardware or driver installed for it, the installation will
install the TAPI phone agent instead.
AlarmWorX64 Multimedia allows you to send out alarms through
various agents such as a marquee, telephone, pager, etc. Once
configured, you can use any of the agents to send out alarms to
anyone using the chosen method. From version 10.6 onwards,
we have support for the Telephony agent using the TAPI
Configuring the Callout Agent
This document will go through all the necessary steps to setup
your phone agent to call out using the TAPI protocol.
For dial out with a TAPI modem, the following hardware has
been tested.
Note: this is not a recommendation or
endorsement of any product.
Before you begin, you should make sure that UAC (User Account
Control) is turned off on your computer.
Multi-Tech MT9234ZPX-PCIE TAPI Modem. For more
information about this modem, please go to:
Open Workbench and go to the AlarmWorX64 Multimedia
Expand Database  Configurations  Multimedia Agents
and double-click on Telephony.
The TAPI agent only supports outgoing calls, and only
supports one phone line. Configure the Phone Lines
reservation by checking either the “Outgoing” or “PA Calls”
line for your one phone line. No incoming lines should be
reserved when using a TAPI modem.
TAPI versus Dialogic
TAPI modems generally do not have onboard processors, unlike
a Dialogic card, so they require more processing power from the
PC to send messages than a Dialogic card. It’s recommended to
monitor your computer’s performance when using a TAPI
modem to ensure it has enough resources. You may want to
consider isolating the machine with the TAPI card from the rest
of your application to prevent it from starving other applications
of valuable CPU cycles during periods of heavy call-out volume.
TAPI support is limited to outgoing calls only, meaning the call-in
menu cannot be used with a TAPI modem. TAPI support is also
limited to only a single phone line. If the call-in menu or
multiple lines are required for your application you must use a
Dialogic card.
In general, ICONICS has found that the Intel Dialogic card
performs better than TAPI modems when it comes to
AlarmWorX64 Multimedia. TAPI is presented as an option when
Copyright 2013 ICONICS, Inc.
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Figure 1 - Phone Lines Reservation
NOTE: If you have more than 5 phone lines you can hit the “Advanced”
button to reserve one of those lines.
Click on the Advanced button +for further TAPI settings.
This will bring up the Advanced Phone Line Reservation
window as shown in Figure 2.
AlarmWorX64 Multimedia - Callout Using TAPI Protocol
AlarmWorX64 Multimedia
Callout using TAPI Protocol
September 2013
In the Workbench tree, expand Telephony, right-click on
Call-Out Agent and select Add  Multimedia Agent
Give your media item a name, select Default Telephone as
Media Template, and fill in the phone number you want to
call in the Phone Number to Call textbox.
Figure 3 - Callout Agent Settings
Click on the TEST button. The call-out agent should make a
call to the specified phone with a test message.
NOTE: The Test button is not supported from a remote instance of
Workbench. You must launch Workbench from the same machine
where AlarmWorX64 Multimedia is running in order for the test to work.
Figure 2 - Advanced Phone Line Reservation
The “TAPI Modem Name” field must be filled in. This name
can be found by going to your Windows Control Panel
under the Phone and Modem options. Click OK when done.
Copyright 2013 ICONICS, Inc.
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Your Call-Out agent is ready to use. You will now need to
create an action set that uses this agent. For more
information on how to create an action set, please refer to
the application note entitled AlarmWorX64 Multimedia –
Quick Start.
AlarmWorX64 Multimedia - Callout Using TAPI Protocol
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