Quick Guide to Printing - University of Aberdeen

Quick Guide to Printing - University of Aberdeen
Quick Guide to Printing
About Campus Printing
Print files using:
MFDs (Multi Function Devices)
copy and scan, or print
SELECTED items from your print
queue. Some MFDs offer A3 and
colour printing.
Printers print ALL of the items
from your queue. Manage your
queue using the e-pay Print
Manage system online. Some
printers offer colour printing.
You can:
 Print single or double-sided sheets
 Print in black and white or colour
 Change paper size (A4, A3, letter, legal)
 Change page orientation (landscape/portrait)
 Print booklets, labels, headed paper etc.
Note: Some MFDs have more functionality than others.
To print on campus, send your output to a holding
queue. Print from this queue at any device, using
your ID card or username/password to login. There
are printers/MFDs in or near all PC classrooms,
clusters and in public areas, and also on each floor of
the library.
How to Print from a Campus PC
Send to print
(Holding Queue)
Select a print queue.
You can print in
black & white
(default) or colour.
Unprinted jobs are
deleted from your
queue after 4 days.
Login to printer or
Collect job and
MFD-PULL-BW on desk-print.uoa.abdn.ac.uk
MFD-PULL-COLOUR on desk-print.uoa.abdn.ac.uk (Staff)
BW-pull-pcl on class-print.uoa.abdn.ac.uk
COLOUR-pull-pcl on class-print.uoa.abdn.ac.uk (Classroom)
Press Pull Print.
Press Select All, or select an
Press blue Start button.
Press Menu, then Log Out.
All the jobs in your holding
queue will print (make
sure you want them all!)
By default, steps 1-3 above will print with the following settings:
 Black & White
 A4
 Double-sided
 Colour
 A4
 Double-sided
 Black & White
 A4
 Double-sided
 Colour
 A4
 Double-sided
You can edit the default settings via Printer Properties.
From the Print menu of your open application, select
Printer Properties. In the Properties dialog, click the
Layout tab.
For single-sided printing:
− Under Print Type, select 1-Sided for singlesided. Press OK, then Print.
To print multiple pages on one sheet:
− Click the checkbox for Combination. Select the
number of pages you want to combine, e.g. 2
in 1, 4 in 1.
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Printing onto Headed Paper, Labels etc.
To print onto compliment slips, headed paper, labels etc., use the bypass tray on the side of the MFD.
From the Print menu, select Printer Properties.
Click the Layout tab. Under Print Type,
select 1-Sided. Click the Basic tab. Under Paper
Tray, select Bypass Tray. Press OK, then Print.
At the side of the MFD, the bypass tray opens
downwards, providing a shelf for you to place your
input face down between the guides.
Login to the MFD and print your document.
Note: If using labels, only print onto each sheet once so the glue does not melt.
Printing Booklets
Note: Currently available for MFD-PULL-BW and MFD-PULL-COLOUR.
From the Print menu, select Printer Properties. Click the
Layout tab. Under Print Type, select Booklet. Press OK,
then Print. Fold your printout to create the booklet.
Booklet prints each page of the booklet at half size.
Cancelling a Print Job In Progress
Tap Close to close the printing window. Tap Job List at the top of the touch screen to view the list of jobs.
Tap the job you want to cancel. Press Delete and press Yes to confirm.
Printing Charges and Payment
Charges for Undergraduates, Taught Postgraduates and Count Down card users (as of 1st August 2016):
Black and White
A4 Single sided
A4 Double sided
A3 Single sided
A3 Double sided
Check Cost Before Printing
Single sided
Double sided
Single sided
Double sided
All MFDs display the cost in the job list
(at the start of the document name).
Note: You can also find information on
printing costs via PrintManage.
Undergraduates, Taught Postgraduates
Staff and Research Postgraduates
Top-up online via PrintManage utility
• Classroom PCs: via the Desktop shortcut, or at
• Personal laptops/PCs: go to
https://printmanage.abdn.ac.uk/ and switch
user to Use another account. Type
uoa\username (username is your login ID, e.g.
uoa\u01abc01). Type your password. Click OK.
Warning: Once paid for, print credits are nonrefundable. Students must not top-up more than is
needed as remaining amounts will not be refunded.
Temporary Staff and Visitors
Top-up your print budget in multiples of £1.
Minimum top-up is £5. If you run out of credit,
your items will not print.
Your department may pay for your printing costs.
Please check whether your department requires a
limit to be set on your printing.
Count Down cards are purchased in values of £10.
Printing costs are deducted automatically from the
card’s total value each time it is used.
Count Up cards (available from the IT Services
Office. www.abdn.ac.uk/staffnet/working-here/itprint )have no value associated with them. Printing
costs are charged to the budget code allocated to
the card each time it is used.
Further Information and Help
Students: www.abdn.ac.uk/it/student/print/guides Staff: www.abdn.ac.uk/staffnet/working-here/it-print
If you encounter any problems please contact the Service Desk servicedesk@abdn.ac.uk. Undergraduate
and Taught Postgraduate students with problems using their ID cards should contact Registry (Infohub).
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